Is My Home Job Search Legit? Steer Clear of This One!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is My Home Job Search legit? That’s the question we all want the answers to. I understand why you would want to know the answers to that.

Nowadays, there are a lot of opportunities available for you when it comes to jobs.

During the good old days, we are all restricted to work for 8 to 5 jobs we don’t even like.

However, now, you can work within your comfortable and humble abode. Sounds great, right?

No more hassle commutes and time consuming lunch box preparations. Who doesn’t want a life like that?

However, with the expansion of opportunities also come people who take advantage of people chasing those opportunities. Sadly, this is the reality we live in.

My Home Job Search claims to give you the chance to work at home through their work at home for jobs listing site. But how can you be so sure that My Home Job Search isn’t one of those websites that will just take advantage of you and leave you with nothing in the end?

That’s just what we are going to find out here today.

In this My Home Job Search review, we are going to know what this is all about, how it works, and find out the answer to the question ‘Is My Home Job Search legit?’.


My Home Job Search Review

Product Name: My Home Job Search
Founder: Michael Anderson
Logo: my home job search logo
Product Description: Online Jobs Listing Site
Best For: NO ONE
Recommended: NO

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What is My Home Job Search?


my home job search website


My Home Job Search is an online jobs listing site that claims you can find legit work at home jobs within your area.

It is relatively new since it was founded in 2016 by Michael Anderson. Ever since this time, the company has been making bold claims that they are different from other online jobs listing site.

Apparently, what makes them so different and better than other online jobs listing site is that they only provide you approved jobs. This means that their job posts are only from legitimate companies and employers that have a record of actually paying their employees.

Sounds great, right? Who wouldn’t a legitimate job?

Say goodbye to fake and scammy companies!


How Does My Home Job Search Work?


To answer the question ‘Is My Home Job Search legit?’, we first have to understand how it works.

There really is nothing much special with it. It is just like your standard and average online jobs listing website.

You are presented with a list of online jobs you can apply for.

But before you can reach the database of online jobs, there’s this feature My Home Job Search has that makes it unique from its competitors.

You first begin by entering your zip code on the home page of their website.

After that, you are then asked questions like how much you are aiming to earn and how many hours you are willing to work.

Before you can access your dashboard, you would have to be a member of My Home Jobs Search.

You can be a member for free or purchase their Premium membership. I will discuss the full details of this in the next section.

Once you have done that, you will be taken to your dashboard and you will be presented with an array of online jobs that are near your location.


My Home Job Search Subscription Plans


Just like how everything works in this world, the more money you have, the more privileges you are eligible for.

My Home Job Search provides you different membership options to choose from. You are the one to decide the level of your access to the features of the website.

Here you will see the list of membership options to choose from.

I will also present to you the details on what are the features available to you depending on what you like.

Basic Membership

This basic membership is accessible to everyone since it is free. Yeah, just like how grandma likes it.

You don’t have to worry about any unnecessary sign up fees and annoying recurring fees.

However, the job listings are limited. You will only be allowed to search in certain categories like paid surveys and writing jobs. That’s just it.

On the other hand, availing this membership gives you the privilege to gain access to additional resources for finding jobs.

For me, I think this membership is just useless. It’s because of the opportunities that are presented to you.

Let’s try to take a look at it. You are only given the chance to search for jobs in two different categories: paid surveys and writing jobs.

You have access to other categories like customer service, personal assistant, sales, and many more, but take note these aren’t work-from-home online jobs.

This doesn’t make sense at all because they are supposed to offer you work at home opportunities, but we don’t see that happening anytime soon.

If you are familiar with paid surveys, you know that it is not really a reliable source of income. Nobody can really consider it a job. It is more likely just a source of extra minimal cash.

Taking paid surveys only take up a lot of your time for just a few cents, or if you’re lucky, for a dollar. You can answer surveys all you want but the money you will receive will just be enough for a pint of ice cream.

I don’t get how this is an online job.


my home job search review


As for the writing jobs, I have no problem with it. However, you are only left with that option and nothing else. So if you are not really the type who likes to write, take my advice and look elsewhere or upgrade to the premium membership.


Premium Membership

Here, you will have to pay a one time fee of $99. If you are lucky, this fee is reduced to only $29 when it is on sale. Unlike the basic membership which is just limited to paid surveys and writing jobs, here you have access to all the features of the website.

You are now allowed to take a look at the companies for yourself. Plus, you won’t be alone since you will be given dedicated customer support.

Is My Home Job Search legit? If you want to decipher the answer yourself, read the next section. You’ll be shocked!


Reasons Why My Home Job Search is Not That Great


My Home Job Search is not as great as what they claim to be. From what I have just stated above, you would think that My Home Job Search isn’t that bad. Well, I am about to change your mind.


Not so Free at All

The free membership is useless. Let’s get that out of the way.

Why would you even sign up for the basic membership when you are only given few to little options? Since it is useless, of course you would be forced to upgrade to the premium membership to actually get what you want – job listings.

However, is that really necessary? You don’t even need to spend money and upgrade.

My Home Job Search gives their stand why you would have to spend a hundred dollars to get job listings. Their claim is because these are from legitimate companies. Sure, that is reasonable.

But there are other online jobs listing sites out there that have legit job posts, as well. I’ll give you one better, you can gain access to these for free.

There are no limitations for you to worry about too, because you are given the whole database of online jobs.

Take my advice and look elsewhere.


Non-Existent Owner

The so called founder named Michael Anderson does not exist. The real owner of the website exists, just off grid from the internet and hiding somewhere else.

Apparently, the picture with the face of Mr. Michael Anderson is just a stock photo. Yep, you can find this image on Shutterstock.


my home job search michael anderson is fake

Source: Michael Anderson


my home job search michael anderson shutterstock

Source: Michael Anderson is Fake


Fake Testimonials

They have the guts to make fake testimonials, too. Of course, if you would like to check if a product or service would work for you, you are going to check other’s reviews and testimonials. My Home Job Search knows that it is what exactly you would do.

To take advantage of that, they took stock photos from Shutterstock and wrote crappy testimonies that never came out of anyone’s mouth.


my home job search candy fake testimonial


my home job search candy shutterstock

Source: Candy is Fake


my home job search scott fake testimonial


my home job search scott shutterstock

Source: Scott is Fake

False Claims

Wouldn’t it be great if high authority news companies say that My Home Job Search is a legitimate online jobs listing site? Of course, this gives you a sense of reliability and legitimacy.

In your dreams.

The truth is, they just put the logos of legit companies like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times to give people the impression that these companies have some sort of association with My Home Job Search. This is just pure deception. Don’t believe this at all.

Later on, they admitted this to the public. At least, they know how to clean up their mess.


my home job search fake claims


Programming Fail

I am actually disappointed with My Home Job Search on this one.

They claim so boldly that they can find you job posts near your location. This is a really nice feature considering that internet users are diverse, coming from different countries. In reality, there is no such thing.

Apparently, My Home Job Search will always tell you that there are job posts near your area regardless of your ZIP code.

You can be from Hong Kong, but the job listings to be presented to you are only available for those who reside within the US.

This is all just BS.


Social Media Gone Wrong

When you see the home page, you will see a very well built website, and at the bottom,  you will see logos with links to their respective social media accounts.

This is just plain crap because clicking on those logos don’t actually bring you anywhere. They just take you back to the top of the page. Like, what’s that for?

Is that an attempt to make people stay on the home page as long as possible so that you will be convinced to register? I mean, come on!


my home job search misleading links


Reasons Why My Home Job Search Don’t Suck


After I have stated reasons why My Home Job Search is crap, I don’t feel like giving positive comments on this one. But there might be one reason for the salvation of this website, and that is because of the cheap premium membership fee.

This is actually a fair price, and if you are lucky, you could get it for less than $30.

However, there are other websites that will offer you an unlimited database of legit online jobs for free. So, I don’t think it is worth it to spend a few dollars on this one.


Verdict: Is My Home Job Search Legit?


No, My Home Job Search is not legit. It is an outright scam!

Everything is a lie, from Michael Anderson, misleading social media links, to all the fake testimonials. How can you trust a liar? Here’s how, NEVER!

Plus, they will just force you to upgrade to the premium membership just to obtain money from your wallet. Also, the job listings you will pay for can be found elsewhere for free, so what’s the point of spending a hundred dollars?

Just don’t waste your time and money on this one, you’ve been warned.

If you are looking for a real make money online opportunity, check out my number 1 recommendation!

Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!







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