I want to quit my job but I have no money

I know how it's like to wake up every morning knowing that the minute we get on the road to work, we get that twist in the stomach consuming us from the inside. You know why? I had that same thought not too long ago... I want to quit my job but I have no money.

Even though money is not all, we need it to pay our bills, obligations and, above all, especially if we have children, put food on the table.

I can talk about this in the first person because I know how frustrating it can be. I’ve been there.

And on this post, I will tell you what I did to overcome this.

It’s a true story, and this ONE step will put you on the launchpad to a new life.

Be Willing To Push Your Efforts Even Further, Temporarily.

In the beginning, it will take an extra effort to prepare the ground for life we so long.

We can’t just slam the door overnight unless you have a good couple of hundred dollars on the side.

So at first, we will need to come from a long day at work and be willing to put in even more work. 

What I did, knowing that nothing worthwhile in life is easy, was looking for a way to make legitimate money online.

Don’t look for easy money, as the most likely thing is to fall into schemes and lose what little money you have left.

I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to get it done.

make money online selling on ebay

The EBay Experience

I started selling used stuff on eBay to make some quick cash. Then, and as I saw many people on eBay selling new things, I thought to do the same.

Of course, without any experience in dropshipping, things went wrong…

And I ended up having more loss than profit and some problems with returns and malicious people complaining and opening fraudulent disputes.

After a while, I realized that dropshipping on eBay was not the business I was looking for. I wanted something that would take my worries away, not the other way around.

I thought to myself, I still have the same problem, I want to quit my job but I have no money… Should I resign myself?

No way!

I deprived myself of seeing my eldest daughter grow up at the expense of work.

And I didn’t want to make the same mistake with the second one.

I was sure that working 12 hours a day away from home was not the way to go if I wanted to keep my family.

Find The right Type Of Online Business For You

Finding The Correct Type Of Business For You

There’s so much you can do online to make money, at least in theory…

From selling homemade products on a Facebook group or page to creating an online dropshipping store to freelancing gigs… you name it!

One night, I was alone in my living room and, while browsing the web, I found a veteran American soldier website, his name was John.

I immediately resonate with what I was reading. The problems he reported were precisely the same as I had.

  • He spent Way too long away from his family
  • When he was present, he tried to make up for the absence 
  • Loosing unique moments of life that one can't get back

For a moment, I feIt like I was reading myself... until I came across the solution.

A type of business where I didn’t need to invest money to get started.

  • I didn’t need to buy first and then sell at a profit.
  • I didn’t need a physical space, nor to be there permanently to make it run!
  • I just needed to follow some kind of course, time, and dedication.

Sounded like exactly what I needed!

This same type of business allowed that veteran soldier to live a life near his family, earning 5 digit monthly income working from home.

» » Click here If you want to read John Cruz full bio/story!

I confess that I was intrigued, but I had nothing to lose. 

I just had to create a free account on the wealthy affiliate platform; they didn’t even ask me for my credit card information, just asked for a name and email.

My Make Money Online Journey

The Beginning Of My Online Journey

Before I knew it, I was immersed in this new world of the affiliate market.

So much to learn and so little time to devote.

I had to divide myself between my (real-life) work, family “duties,” and this new project, hoping that soon I could quit my job and go full-time online.

Those were tough times, long and tiring days.

The perseverance and willingness to want a lifestyle without hours and that would allow me to work from anywhere in the world was what kept me going.

The distrust of my wife and close family, who thought I was wasting time with this work model, was tough to deal with.

But I continued to study a little more day after day, write another post, make another video, and publish another post on social networks…

One day, it happened! I received my first commission online.

It was just a tiny commission from Amazon, $3.40, but it was proof that my work was working and that all my effort in its time would pay off.

For the first time, I felt that I was one step closer to quitting my job and go full-time as an online marketer.

Took me around 3 years, because like I said before in this post, I had a time-consuming job plus two litle girls growing, so I couldn’t dedicate myself the time I wanted to…

? After 4 different websites, 400+ blog posts, I finally made it. 

Like that US Army Vet, I now earn a full-time online income that allows me to live life with the ones I love instead of just “survive it” ?

The trick to getting this rolling faster is to focus on just one project and stay consistent!

I am now where I want to be, I don’t aspire to be a millionaire, and I prefer lifestyle over luxuries every time!

If I had to do it again to get where I am now, I would…

After all, all I have to do daily is write a piece of content and make a video about what I am passionate about! 

It doesn’t even feel like I’m working!

So if you sick and tired of your job and want to quit, but you have no money, here’s my advice;

Hold on to it while you can build a source of income to pay for your expenses while you develop your online business.

Even if it’s side hustles! There are plenty of places on the web where you can change your expertise for money.

Try sites like Upwork or Fiver to see what type of “gigs” suit you best. 

You mustn’t bite off more than one can chew… so be cautious.

Not to mention that it is easier to make money with little money than no money at all.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how it can help you quit your job, make sure to read my affiliate marketing free guide.

I’ve learned everything I know about affiliate marketing on this online community called wealthy affiliate. If you want, I wrote an extensive wealthy affiliate review that you can check right here.

I Want To Quit My Job But I Have No Money

We should be able to earn money doing what we are passionate about! Exchange our most precious asset, time, in exchange for cash is wrong, but it happens more than it should!
If you don’t have the monetary means to live, however much it costs, be rational and live to fight it another day.
Unemployment is a bad thing, which most often ends up bringing out the worst in us.

If you hate your job, don’t leave it for tomorrow; start today looking for something you can do as an alternative.

Sometimes opportunities are lurking, and we don’t even realize it. Remember, life goes by so fast that we must celebrate it daily.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you are passionate about and what you would love to do as your full-time job!


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Last Updated on May 3, 2022