Is Mary Kay a Pyramid Scheme? The Unbiased Review!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Welcome to my Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme review. Maybe you are looking for an option to earn money online that is why you end up checking this page and find out more about Mary Kay products. Joining an MLM company like Mary Kay is one of the known options for you to earn extra cash nowadays. But there are a lot of questions that may cross your mind prior to joining them. Like, is Mary Kay a scam? Is Mary Kay worth it?

With this eye-opening review, I will let you see the real thing happening behind the company Mary Kay. All of your questions will be answered and all the secrets will be revealed. I will not let you wait for that long and now let’s get into details about this review.

Product Name: Mary Kay
Founder: Mary Kay Ash
Logo: is mary kay a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company that sells and manufactures cosmetic products.
Best For: People who are good at sales and looking for extra income. Someone who has knowledge in cosmetics and has good sales skills.

Mary Kay is a cosmetic product manufacturer and an MLM company. It was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963 and launched with an initial $5,000 investment. It was founded in a small shop in Dallas with only nine products for sale and Mary Kay Ash starts with nine beauty advisors so that the newly endorsed items can be easily disseminated. They are now well-established MLM companies for cosmetics with more than 3 million sale consultant.

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What is Mary Kay?

Mary Kay is an MLM company that sells cosmetic products. It was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963 and started with an initial investment of $5000. The amazing fact about this company is it started in a small store in Dallas with just nine products to sell. But what Mary Kay Ash did is she also starts with nine beauty consultant so they can easily spread the newly endorsed products.

With all the help of the nine beauty consultants, Mary Kay easily knows by many people. They got a lot of feedback in their first year and were able to reach almost 900 beauty consultants and in their 3rd year in the business, they passed the $1 million sales mark. It was really a good start for Mary Kay, they know from the start what their goal and how they will convince the people to trust them.

is mary kay a pyramid scheme

Mary Kay is one of the pioneers when it comes to direct selling, and nowadays they used to call it to peer selling. Kay teaches her beauty consultant to do peer to peer selling to home parties or through friends and relatives. And that is when peer selling seems to be interesting to some women especially those who are plain housewives wherein they can work at their own time and could totally do the work at home.

Right now, Mary Kay has an estimated at around 3 million numbers of beauty consultants. The Company organizes Mary Kay workshops and conferences for its marketing consultants all over the world, while the Mary Kay In touch Website provides beauty consultants educational tools that they can use for selling Mary Kay products.

How Does Mary Kay Work?

In order for you to earn with Mary Kay, you need to be their official beauty consultant. You need to pay a membership fee of $200 and you will have the chance to purchase their products at a discounted price which is at 50% off on every product. However, based on my research that perk will only last for 3 months, so technically after 3 months you need to resign up again and pay another $200 for you to get the discount on the products again.

It seems that you will need to invest more in doing business with Mary Kay. If you are going to compute that in a year, you need to invest $800 in order for you to maintain to have that discounts that only an official beauty consultant can avail.

is mary kay a pyramid scheme

Since making money with Mary Kay is through direct selling, expect that you will be the one to take in charge of delivering the products to your customers, which may be a bit hassle to some of us though shipping through courier is now another option, you just need to ask your customers or buyer to shoulder the shipping fee.

You need to invest a lot of money and time in order for you to maintain this Mary Kay business. And if you are someone that is good at recruiting people to join the company, it can be another option for you. Like the usual MLM company, they will give you a referral bonus for recruiting and aside from that you will have a percentage of what your downline total sales are.

How Much Can You Make With Mary Kay?

And now let’s go to the exciting part of this review. Is Mary Kay worth it? Are you going to earn from joining them? There are many ways that you can try to earn extra cash from Mary Kay. And one of them is as mentioned earlier, through direct sales. If you are someone who has good skills in doing sales, maybe you can handle this business using that skill. You can have a 50% discount as a member and that will be an instant 50% sale if you can have someone purchase it.

Another way is through recruiting and creating your downlines. You must have more than one active downline and must be promoted as a Senior Consultant in order to be qualified for a team bonus or commissions. You can earn as much as 4% for each of your downline sales but this also changes as you rank your level of membership, which is higher than Senior Consultant. And if you are someone who really dedicated to doing this business you might be one of their Director which will give you a 13% additional commission and other cash bonuses.

What I Don’t Like About Mary Kay.

There are also things that you need to consider and will let you think if joining them is really a thing that you can do in order to earn money. Here are the things that I think you need to check first before getting into business with them.

The $200 payment every 3 months.

I believe this is too much, paying $200 every 3 months is not easy. What if you are just starting the business and only have a specific amount of budget to start right? Instead of having that $200 as your extra income, it will turn out that you need to use it as another payment to retain your 50% discount on the Mary Kay products. This very usual for MLM companies, that is why it is better to consider other ways to earn money instead of investing in something that will not guarantee your total earning.

is mary kay a pyramid scheme

The way you will sell the products.

Direct sale is the common way to sell Mary Kay products, and as they say, it may be a peer to peer sell. And as a part of it, you will be the one to take care of the shipping or delivering of the purchased items. This is not convenient in our generation today, this might consume a lot of time for delivering or buyers may be hesitant to do shipping because there are a lot of scams right now. For this reason, it may be hard for you to sell Mary Kay products even if you have that 50% discount.

What I Like About Mary Kay.

But of course, there are things that made me wow by Mary Kay. And what I like about them is their products. Some of my relatives have tried using Mary Kay products and the only comment I can hear from them is it is expensive but worth it. And that is the most important, even if you will purchase it for a higher price as long as it is worth it. In short, Mary Kay products is the thing that I will look forward to them maybe in the future.

is mary kay a pyramid scheme

Is Mary Kay a Pyramid Scheme? Let’s see.

As I have this review about Mary Kay, I discover things that I think people will really think that they are a scam. But I can say they are not. There are things that people will not like about them and there are things to look forward to Mary Kay as well.

However, to be honest as of the moment I cannot really recommend this to anyone, especially if you are someone who is just about to start and have a doubt of investing $200 every 3 months. MLM company is not a stable source of income, you will take so much time before you will find out the techniques of doing this business.

Maybe you can discover more ways to earn money online, ways that you will be more comfortable doing and will not require you to invest so much money. Feel free to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, where you can see other ways to do a legit and effective way to earn money online.

I do believe that I was able to give justice to this review. If you have any comments or suggestions or you would like to add anything about this “Is Mary Kay a Pyramid Scheme” review, feel free to write it on our comment box below.


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