Kannaway MLM Review – Scam or Legit?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

First of all, I would like to say thank you for spending time to check my Kannaway MLM Review. There are a lot of multi-level marketing companies out there and offering almost the same line of products. However, for today we have a different type of MLM company to review. I already reviewed a lot of companies and websites and this is something unique, I am talking about Kannaway.

I know some of you are curious why this multi-level marketing company is unique with others, and you will find out the answers through this review. And for sure, you already have the idea that maybe came from your friends and relatives.

Is Kannaway a scam? What makes Kannaway company different from others? These are some of the questions that we will answer through this review. Kannaway can be a scam and may not, so I don’t want you to wait any longer, without further ado let’s dig into details!

Product Name: Kannaway
Founders: Christopher Hussey and Jeff Rogers
Logo: kannaway mlm review
Product Description: Kannaway is a multi-level marketing company that offers different varieties of hemp-infused products. They give business opportunities to its members.
Best For: Those people who are good at selling and promoting products. Those who have experience in MLM company especially in recruiting more people to join the company.

Kannaway is a Christopher Hussye and Jeff Rogers company founded in 2004. Was it an MLM in Kannaway? Indeed, for more than 10 years now, they have been in this market. All designers have agreed to sell their customers exclusive goods. This is why Hemp is combined with their goods. Indeed, Hemp is used to producing paper, fabric, and fuel as well.

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What is Kannaway?

Kannaway is a company that was founded by Christopher Hussye and Jeff Rogers in 2004. Is Kannaway an MLM? Yes, they are, they have been in this business for more than 10 years now. Both of the founders decided to have unique products that they can offer to their customers. That is why their products are infused by Hemp. Yes, you read it right, Hemp is used as well in making wax, cloth, and fuel.

kannaway mlm review

However, the conflict concerning Hemp is related to its connection to cannabis. A lot of people are thinking that cannabis and Hemp are just the same, but the fact is they are not similar. If you are going to have a bit of research about why people get high by smoking cannabis, you will find out that cannabis does have THC or what they called Tetrahydrocannabinol and Hemp does not have any THC but it does have CBD or Cannabidiol.

And I know you will ask what is the difference between THC and CBD, and it is simply as CBD has no intoxicating effects and THC does have intoxicating effects. So basically, CBD will not make you high even if you will take it and it legal to use and own in the United States but the thinking of other people that it is still similar to cannabis is still there.

One of their main product is called the Kannaway CBD Oil and Hemp Oil, these products are classified as dietary supplements, and the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration does not control the supplements on how safe they are, this is just a reminder.

They also have other products like:

  • Chocolate Energy Chews,
  • Premium Full Spectrum Caps,
  • Premium Hemp Oil Caps,
  • Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator,
  • Pure CBD Premium Capsules,
  • Kannaway Pure CBD,
  • Kannaway Salve,
  • Kannaway Salve Travel,

And more information can be seen on their official website if you want to learn and see more of their products.

How Does Kannaway Work?

Even if Kannaway does have a unique set of products, it works just like the same as the other multi-level marketing of the company. There are two ways that you can do in order to earn money with Kannaway, either you will do direct selling of their products or recruiting new members to join Kannaway. These two ways are very familiar with the MLM industry, that is why a lot of people will judge right away that a company is a scam the moment they knew that it is an MLM company.

kannaway mlm review

And the first thing that you need to do is to sign up as their new member or should I say, new Brand Ambassador, this is how they used to call their distributors. However, they don’t have any membership fee and what they have is a monthly recurring fee of $29.99 plus minimum monthly spending on their products, and once you were not able to maintain having the fee monthly and the quota you will not be eligible to get their bonuses and commissions.

Once you are an official Brand Ambassador of Kannaway, you will have the following support from the company as soon as you purchase their Starter Pack worth $262.50:

  • Promotional Material
  • Kannaway Marketing Website
  • Kway University Training
  • Marketing System
  • Manual and Quick Start Guide

Plus this also includes some products of Kannaway. For sure not all of you are into this kind of business especially if you are just starting building your own strategies in doing MLM business. Don’t worry, there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online you can try.

Can You Make Money With Kannaway?

If you are going to ask me if you can really earn money with Kannaway, I can say that yes you can. As long as you are dedicated and hardworking I think that you can make money with Kannaway. They implement a uni-level compensation system which means the higher your rank as a member, the higher commission or bonus you will get.

kannaway mlm review

I may not able to give you full details on how much exactly you can earn by joining Kannaway but I can give you brief information about their compensation plan. If you are going to do direct selling of their products, you will get a 30% commission on every purchase. And about recruiting people to join Kannaway, they will not give you any bonus by referring new members but you will able to get a percentage on every purchase of your downlines.

Now the key to earn more with Kannaway is all depend on how hardworking you are and it will be best to have good skills when it comes to selling a product as well as recruiting because that is what you need in order to survive with this kind of business.

What I Don’t Like About Kannaway.

If you are going to ask me if what are the things that I don’t like about Kannaway, I can only see one thing to hate about them. And that is about their products, I think that their products are expensive compared to the other companies. And purchasing a $262.50 for Starter Pack is higher than the usual Starter Pack of the other MLM companies.

And if you are going to check the price of Kannaway products to Amazon it is less 60% than the price posted on the Kannaway website.

kannaway mlm review

What I Like About Kannaway.

Speaking of the things that you can look forward to Kannaway, I believe it is pretty obvious on what is the thing that I really like about Kannaway, and that is their unique products. They are the only MLM company that offers Hemp-infused products or CBD products that is legal in all 50 states. For all the companies I’ve reviewed, this is the first time I review a company that offers a product that Kannaway offers.

kannaway mlm review

Kannaway MLM Review, The Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have with Kannaway, the answer to your question if they are a scam is, I can say that they are a legitimate company who offers legal Hemp-infused products to their customers. Maybe because of the stigma about Cannabis and Hemp is the reason why a lot of people are thinking that they are just a scam. But the truth is, all of their products are legal and there are also people who buy these products.

But somehow, I cannot recommend this to people who are just starting their business through MLM business. Why? Because promoting and encouraging people to join a company is something that needs time before you get used to doing that. However, you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review so you will able to learn ways on how to earn money online without selling anything or even paying a monthly fee. Sometimes it don’t even feel like working because you are writing about things that you are passionate about.

I hope that this “Kannaway MLM Review” was able to answer all the questions that you have in mind. If you have any concerns and suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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