Is Longrich A Scam? A thorough Review!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Longrich a scam? Nowadays, with so many MLM firms and more, it is difficult to distinguish between the one for which one is the right and the perfect partner. Many independent representatives from numerous MLM companies could probably already approach you. Maybe you’re still uncertain and hesitant.

You could even doubt if MLM is appropriate for you and that is very understandable. I myself have been through that situation as well. I was not even aware of the feasibility of forming an MLM business because of the immense potential that the MLM universe could bring.

Today, I will review a remarkable MLM business that has existed for several decades and is gaining a world-class reputation. And this is Longrich, we are examining the status and viability of building a company with them in this review. I’m not personally a LongRich member to be fully transparent with you, so I can guarantee you I won’t try to sell it to you unless it’s worth investment.

Let’s go ahead and find out more about Longrich and answer the question in your mind if this is for you or not.

Product Name: Longrich
Founder: Xu Zhiwei
Logo: is longrich a scam
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: People who are good in skincare and beauty products. Someone who is good at promoting or advertising a product and wants to earn extra cash.

Longrich is an MLM company operating in various areas, including wellness and well-being, beauty and cosmetics, hygiene and even household goods.  Today, after 33 years of experience and development in the area of personal care, fashion, cosmetics, and health care, the business has become quickly and reliably a successful MLM player. They also make premium products that benefit specific niche markets in addition to their highly acclaimed brand recognition.

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What is Longrich?

Longrich is an MLM company operating in various areas, including wellness and well-being, beauty and cosmetics, hygiene and even household goods. 

Today, after 33 years of experience and development in the area of personal care, fashion, cosmetics, and health care, the business has become quickly and reliably a successful MLM player. They also make premium products that benefit specific niche markets in addition to their highly acclaimed brand recognition.

is longrich a scam

Every product is aimed specifically at a group of audiences, thus creating a unique sales offer that could represent a competitive advantage for partners and consumers across a broader spectrum. Longrich is a China-based and Mr. Xu Zhiwei is the founder of the company. Today, they operate in over 160 countries around the world.

How Does Longrich Work?

As an organization that adopts the traditional MLM business concept, Longrich gives common people a chance and a voice for industry passion, by becoming an autonomous member of his unique associates.

They manufacture consumer products for customers from all walks of life in addition to the business side. They are now able to produce more than 2000 goods with eight highly sophisticated and specialized Research and Development facilities.

Longrich has a variety of product lines. They are in line with categories such as personal care, healthcare, oral care, household products, anti-aging products, and beauty cosmetics.

How Can You Make Money With Longrich?

The compensation plan for Longrich offers employees the chance to earn commissions for the sale of goods and services. When you refer other members to a business building a downline or group, you will receive pay commission.

Let us say that you wanted to go further and join Longrich as an active member in order to generate a full-time income in the next three to five years. The idea sounds great. Especially if you have the exact ability to build a profitable marketing business for your health and wellness network quickly.

So what are the real numbers for a full-time income? What are the real chances? In line with industry standards, the company must receive a full-time profit in the lower percentiles.

is longrich a scam

At the end of the day, you will have to draw massive numbers of people every day to your bid, to build a large business with full-time income potential.

There are two ways for you to earn extra cash with Longrich. Just like the other MLM companies. 

The first way is to sell the product directly to other people and then sell the product to others. And the other way is just like the usual MLM company, you will endorse and advertise Longrich and ask people to join and you will get a reward bonus from there as well as getting a percentage of what your downline is earning.

The first way is consists of the direct bonuses you will collect. Each company member is known as an independent distributor. This means that you can buy any of the products at the distributor price and then market it at the retail price for your customers.

is longrich a scam

Longrich has introduced a particular approach to building your downlines. The binary option is traditionally adopted by most of the MLM companies. However, with Longrich it is not usual or let say it is slightly different.

Let say there are 3 members from Longrich. Now, when each recruits three additional members to sign up to Longrich, it is considered a complete hierarchy. And with the same implementation, it repeats deeper.

What I Don’t Like About Longrich

Downfalls will always be there. As someone looking for a way to earn extra cash, the downside of a company is one of the factors that we consider. Just like Longrich, I can see some reasons for you to think twice if this is really for you or not.

You need to recruit more.

They say that MLM is still in the grip of further rejection where the success rate is only 1%. That’s not completely correct, in my opinion now. 

You determine whether or not an MLM agency is suitable for you. Some people succeed to the highest standard, regardless of the MLM company they represent. Having said that, it does not change the fact that recruitment is part of the game to taste success with MLM.

is longrich a scam

In fact, you have to recruit more to achieve your financial goals in today’s competitive world in practically any industry.

The huge competition between members.

Longrich offers a forum for ordinary people, regardless of their background or financial position, to create business platforms. 

Now, this scenario also means that the competition within the inner circle of the game is enormous. Compatriots from Longrich are constantly challenging you. This is, in my experience, one of the most difficult areas to succeed.

is longrich a scam

What I Like About Longrich.

As I am doing this review, I can see some factors that I like about Longric, from the perspective of someone who is looking to a great company that I can benefit within the long run.

The company was established for a long time now.

The Longrich MLM company is well known in over 160 countries worldwide and has a good reputation and acceptance rate. This is an excellent accomplishment worth commending.

In almost any country in the world, you can see their offices and representatives. Proof that their trust has been built. People from all over the world come to them to establish partnerships.

is longrich a scam

They have a lot of products you can promote.

As you know, they have under their brand over 2000 products. These products cannot be found in various department stores only in ordinary products. These products are of the very best quality, and nearly all their products serve a unique public and niche market segment. This means that their products contribute to the whole of humanity.

They pay you on a weekly basis.

It’s a true deal now. One of the most popular MLM firms, which pays you incentives daily. You do the hard work, you’re finally paid every week. This is how I view their awakening dimension. 

So long as you and your team members are eligible for specific bonus payouts, you are compensated flawlessly week after week.

Is Longrich a Scam? Final Thoughts

No, Longrich is no scam, and they are 100% legitimate to reply straight to the question. We discover another world of their own with several years of experience and business operations.

They work well with flying colors, both with regard to market traction and consumer acquisition.

Our goods are state-of-the-art and demonstrated benefits to customers and most importantly they work with complete transparency of trust.

is longrich a scam

These are all the advantages they have and I’m sure they push for the unimaginable breakthrough even harder in the near future. Should you doubt their state of legitimacy here, be confident they have trustworthy and fraudless peace of mind.

Even with a company as strong as Longrich, the fact that we have to work hard to recruit your new employees to replicate what you are doing doesn’t change. It doesn’t change. In addition, you must also be able to share products with your friends, family and even strangers constantly. 

Personally, I prefer affiliate marketing over MLM because I only need my computer to work from the comfort of my home or any other place I want to. If you want to learn more about how I and hundreds of other successful affiliate marketers earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing, make sure to read my wealthy affiliate review.

I hope this “Is Longrich a Scam” review was able to help you decide on what to do in the future. If you decide to join Longrich, it will always be up to you. But for me, you must be prepared to capture your opponents and the equipment you need to help you in the supremacy battles before you enter the fighting field.


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