Is DoTerra A Pyramid Scheme? The Unspoken Facts!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is DoTerra a pyramid scheme? This might be the question in your mind while looking for an option to earn money online and the reason why you are checking on this review. There are a lot of companies right now that are claiming that you can earn money from them. 

Is DoTerra is another legit MLM company? With this uncensored review, I will let you know all the things behind this MLM company. At the end of this review, I will make sure to answer the question in your mind and will lead you to the right decision of your life. I don’t want to keep you waiting, let’s get this started.

Product Name: DoTerra
Founders: David Stirling, Robert J. Young, Emily Wright, Corey Lindley, Mark Wolfert, Gregory Cook, and Dr. David Hill
Logo: is doterra a pyramid scheme
Product Description: A multi-level marketing company that sells and manufactures essential oils.
Best For: People who are good at recruiting to join another company. Someone who is interested in earning money through an MLM company and has good sales skills.
Recommended: NO


What Is DoTerra?

DoTerra is an MLM company that is based on Utah and they are specialized in selling essential oils through direct selling that was founded in 2008 by some health and business professionals. It is amazing to know that they got the name of the company from Latin which means “Gift of the Earth”. And through their company name, they claim that they are releasing the highest quality of essential oils.

DoTerra is known to be one of the competitors of Young Living which is another MLM company that sells and manufactures essential oils. And another interesting fact is, one of DoTerra’s founders is David Stirling who is a former distributor, executive, and employee of Young Living. I know you would think that there is something going on by the discovery of DoTerra. Yes, most of the people think that DoTerra is a copycat of Young Living. There is a big chance that Stirling gets the idea from Young Living which is really working and use it in Doterra to gain success.

is doterra a pyramid scheme

Since they are well-known for selling essential oils, they have a large variety of products. They also have supplements, personal care, and some meal replacement like shakes for weight loss. DoTerra claims that their products are certified pure therapeutic grade. Wherein they use this to promote their essential oils are not just pure but they really have therapeutic effects on our body every time we use it.

How Does DoTerra Work?

Just like the usual MLM company around the globe, you have 2 ways to earn money from DoTerra. It’s either you will sell the products and you will get commissions out of it or you can recruit people as many as you can, build your own team and get bonuses from doing it.

The first step in your journey in making money with DoTerra is you need to pay their membership fee of $35. This is much lesser than the other MLM companies that will require you to invest hundreds of dollars just by joining the company without any guarantee that you will get something out of what you invested.

After successfully pay the membership fee and complete the signup process, you will now be called as their Wellness Advocates. That is how they used to call their members or distributors. It is much unique than the other MLM companies that they almost have the same name for their distributors. Once you are officially their Wellness Advocates, you are then required to have a purchase of $100 a month to qualify for their monthly bonuses and commissions. This is one of the reasons why I don’t really recommend joining an MLM company, there are a lot of other ways to earn money online in a legit and effective way. For example, affiliate marketing, which is undoubtedly my favorite.

How Much Can You Make With DoTerra?

Let’s discuss the interesting part of this review. The part where we are going to tackle how much you can earn as a Wellness Advocate of DoTerra. They offer a lot of bonuses to their members which is very usual to an MLM company. Since one way of earning with DoTerra is through direct selling, they say that you will get an instant 25% as a retail bonus.

Another is what they called Fast Start Bonus, wherein the first 60 days that you have as a Wellness Advocate and then you get to recruit 3 persons as your downlines, you are entitled to get higher commissions from the first 3 levels of your recruits. Level 1 is at 20%, Level 2 is 10% and Level 3 is at 5%. Doterra is also offering travel incentives to their members, which they set a term and requirements for the incentive and you have the chance to get it if you meet it.

is doterra a pyramid scheme

Since MLM companies are well-known for their bonuses through recruiting people. DoTerra offers a big bonus for this if one of your downlines successfully recruit 3 persons and does meet the requirements in joining DoTerra, you will have a cash bonus. And their cash bonus is $50, $250 and $1500, these are an exciting amount of money which will make you really push your downlines to recruit more and earn together.

What I Don’t Like About DoTerra.

There are also things that you need to consider in one MLM company which is really important so that you will know if that specific company is for you or not. So here are the things that I don’t like about DoTerra.

You need to recruit and recruit.

I know that in MLM company this should be the one that you will expect in order to earn more. But the always question that I have is what if recruiting is not for you? You can still earn through direct selling but if recruiting is not for you there is a big chance that you will only have a small profit each month. I am not saying that recruiting is bad or is just a waste of time but again it is not for everyone.

is doterra a pyramid scheme

False advertisement.

This is somehow known in some MLM companies. Direct selling and recruiting are the main ways to earn money with DoTerra and at some point, most of their Wellness Advocates was frustrated in getting many sales and a lot of recruits and what they did is doing false advertisements.

Just like what I have researched while doing this review, In 2014 the Us FDA or Food and Drug Administration sent DoTerra a warning letter about claiming things like their products can cure cancer, autism, and Ebola. And this is a violation of FDA regulations. The main reason that I could think of is that most of their advocates are desperate enough to make sales and recruits.

is doterra a pyramid scheme

What I Like About DoTerra.

If you will ask me what I like about DoTerra, I can only say one thing. What I like about DoTerra is they are accredited by Better Business Bureau or BBB. I know that all of the people are basing their decision if one company is a scam or not is through checking if they are accredited by BBB. Some people trust a company even if it is receiving a lot of negative complaints as long is has a good rating from BBB they consider it not a scam. And DoTerra does have a good rating from BBB which plays a big part in joining an MLM company.

is doterra a pyramid scheme

Is DoTerra A Pyramid Scheme? My Verdict.

And here comes my verdict about DoTerra. Is DoTerra a pyramid scheme? Are they scam? What I can say is that they are not a pyramid scheme because they have their own products to offer to their customers. And I can say that you can really earn money from DoTerra.

The only reason why I will not recommend this to anyone is because of its complicated compensation plan. Yes, they are one of the MLM companies who have a lower membership fee but when it comes to the process of earning money it does not have the guarantee. Especially in the part wherein, you have to maintain $100 sales each month which is the reason why some advocates fail to earn money from DoTerra. It can also happen that you might lose friends if you are not well-trained in recruiting people.

There are a lot of ways that can be your option to earn money. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review where you can learn legit and effective ways to earn money online. It is easy as writing about the normal things that you do in your everyday life and it will not require you to pay any single centavo.

I hope I was able to give justice to this review and lead you to the right decision. If you have any comments and suggestions feel free to leave that in the comment section below and I will try to answer that to the best of my ability. Cheers!

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