Is Digital Payday a Scam?

Last Updated on July 10, 2019

Is Digital Payday a scam? Opportunities, it’s everywhere. Even in the vast and broad Internet, there are certain places which enables you to make money if you are sick of the rat race and want to seek financial freedom. I know, I’ve been there and you probably might be one of these people now.

Fortunately, there are tons of opportunities I know of which provides you the financial freedom you are longing for. On the bad side, though, the more opportunities to make money online there are, the more scams are being produced by the second. Heck, even the ones that look legit direct you to the biggest and most conceited scams there ever are.

Here in My Own Admin,  it’s always best to research and know everything about a make money online opportunity first before fully diving into it. As an empathetic person writing product reviews for a living, it pains me to know that some people get scammed and are left with nothing in the end. I am not in the right position to judge, but of course, one of the biggest factors this happens to people is the lack of will to research about a product first.

That being said, I am so glad you have found your way here! Let me give you a virtual pat in the back for being one of the few intellectuals out there who does their homework right. 

In this Digital Payday review, let me walk you through this so called make money online opportunity by helping you understand what it is, how it really works, and whether you should engage with this or if it’s a scam you should never think about ever again. 


Digital Payday Review

Product Name: Digital Payday
Founder: Daniel Bluth (does not exist)
Logo: digital payday logo
Product Description: Sales funnel to Clicks Dealer and
Best For: NOBODY
Recommended: NO

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What is Digital Payday?


digital payday homepage


Digital Payday is a website claiming itself as the best way to earn passive income online. It says that within 24 hours you can net up to $5,000. By just doing the minimal effort, you can earn thousands of money on a daily basis. This happens by generating revenues from online ads, in which each click it garners equates to cash. 

Apparently, all you have to do is buy and create your own ad banners of particular companies, display it on your website, generate enough traffic, and earn money for each click your banner generates. Just like that, money will automatically come to your bank account. Sit back, relax, and get rich. What makes this all the more amazing is that it’s free to use for everyone. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. 

This tool that supposedly passively generates you thousands of dollars on a daily basis is created by none other than Daniel Bluth, an entrepreneur, self-made internet millionaire, and aquarium enthusiast. This is awkward but I have no idea how being an aquarium enthusiast should make me believe in his out of this world claims. Nevertheless, he claims to have generated $15 million dollars just by the means of online ad revenue. 

Is Digital Payday a scam? All of this seems too good to be true, and it probably might just be. From the very start, I have already sensed that something is wrong with this so-called passive income generator, and you know what they say, always trust your instincts. So I did, and I have discovered some wholesome and juicy information about Digital Payday that will make your scam alarms go haywire.


How Does Digital Payday REALLY Work?


As I set foot on the website, I was greeted by this introductory video which supposedly explains to me how Digital Payday works. Of course, I did not expect much in the first place and thank god I didn’t. I have encountered dozens of websites claiming to generate thousands of dollars with just the minimal effort and they all have something in common. 


digital payday ridiculous claims


Websites like Digital Payday play with your emotions and feed you the idea of living the life you have always wanted with their passive income generator. It’s all in the introductory video. There’s no solid and concrete explanation on how it really works. It’s all just fake claims and false promises up until the end of the video. Due to the uselessness of the video, I had to do some digging of my own on how it really works.

Let me set this straight, there’s no passive income generator. There’s no way you can generate thousands of dollars on a basis, or at least you can, but that’s not going to happen with Digital Payday anytime soon. Digital Payday is nothing but a sales funnel to some of the fishy and suspicious scams out there namely, Clicks Dealer and


digital payday clicks dealer


digital payday click2sell


I know this because I have reviewed similar products, for example, the article  Is Click2Sell a Scam works on the same mechanism: online ads.

Now, notice how Digital Payday states you earn $5,000 every 24 hours passively, without doing much anything to begin with. Money just automatically comes to you, as if it’s magic or sorcery. I believe that earning the kind of money Digital Payday claims is definitely possible through online ad revenue generation. But for the most part, it does not come to you with just the bare minimum of effort nor does it come to you in just a short amount of time.

Let me briefly explain how online ads work with Clicks Dealer and Click2Sell. It’s actually fairly easy. First, you have to purchase an ad banner on the website, add some content to it, and post it on your website. Then, let people who visit your website click on the ad. All there’s left is convert these leads into money and have it transferred to your bank account. It seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? 

However, generating revenue through online ads is not something I can recommend. First off, the banners are expensive as expensive can be. It could range from $750 to $3,000 each. While everything is pre-made for you, I still believe the price is too much. Paying this amount of money does not guarantee you anything as well. Second, you can’t expect anything from online ads unless your website receives thousands of unique visitors. You are going to need quite the traffic if you want to earn decent money from online ads.

Digital Payday feeds you the idea that you can benefit from this passive income generator without having to pay for a single cent. When in reality, this is just a sales funnel getting you to spend thousands of money on online ad banners which does not really guarantee anything. Digital Payday is just glad they could generate commissions through you when you get redirected to Clicks Dealer and

While online ads itself is not a scam, I believe that what makes these websites scams are how unrealistic it is marketed to people and all the ugly lies and secrets they are oh-so desperately trying to prevent from arising to the knowledge of the public. 

Is Digital Payday a scam? From the very beginning, I had a feeling it might be. But of course, we don’t go by just instincts alone. We go by hard, solid, and cold evidence. Fortunately, I may have dug up some on the way when I was doing my research on Digital Payday. Don’t get too surprised, though!


All The Ugly Secrets: Digital Payday Edition


Daniel Bluth… Who?


I never received news on someone who earned millions of dollars through online ads named Daniel Bluth. Also, I have no idea why he has to be an aquarium enthusiast. Like, really? Sorry, I had to laugh. There’s no way to verify that his biography on the website is true or even near reality. But I do have one thing to verify: This Daniel Bluth does not exist. 

I know this because that face looks familiar. That guy standing in front of the damn aquarium is smiling and posing for a stock photo. He’s not happy and dressed up in a neat and sharp suit because he’s earning millions. No, it’s because he was told so for the sake of selling the stock photo to everyone on the Internet.


digital payday daniel bluth does not exist


There’s no surprise here, and the answer to the question Is Digital Payday a scam is getting more and more obvious.  I’ve been reviewing scams for quite some time, and I can say this is how these scams thrive and flourish like colonies of bacteria. Stock photos serve as masks to scammers, so they could keep on hiding and it enables them to sleep at peace when the night comes.

What’s more outrageous is they did not even have the guts to sign their own website. Even the signature is stolen from motivational speaker and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk! Sorry Gary, you don’t deserve this disrespect at all.


digital payday stolen signature


Fake Testimonials


Found on the introductory video on the website are testimonials of Digital Payday members. It’s deliberately put there to make you think that this website could work for you, too. After all, what’s a better source to determine if something’s legit other than the recommendation of other people? I had some strong doubts this website really works for people in the first place. It’s too good to be true, so I found something else.

It’s just how I predicted it. Hired actors from Fiverr. Yeah, no surprise there too. These people are not earning thousands by the second. They are only spewing out fake claims for the sake of earning a few dollars from the real creators of Digital Payday. 


digital payday fake testimonials


digital payday hired actor


digital payday fake testimony


Mark Zuckerberg Had Nothing to Do With This!


Now, this is new to me. While the previous secrets are considered as norms in the world of scams, this one really shook me to the third degree. On their website, I found this photo. 


digital payday photoshop mark zuckerberg


It’s a photo which shows Mark Zuckerberg presenting Digital Payday to a group of people. At first impression, one would be thinking how amazing this website really is that one of the most influential people in the world, Mark, is presenting it to his peers. 

Again, I would rather choose to believe that dogs speak Chinese than believing that Mark actually presented this to a group of people. Sherlock Holmes mode on, and ta-da! That photo represents what years of doing Photoshop look like. For the sake of receipts, this is the original photo.


digital payday mark zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg does not deserve this kind of disrespect, either.


What Makes Digital Payday Worth It


Nothing, because it’s not worth it all. Digital Payday is waste of money, effort, and time.


My Conclusion: Is Digital Payday a Scam?


From everything we have encountered so far, I have the confidence to say that Digital Payday is nothing but a defiled and crappy scam everyone should avoid. It doesn’t bring you thousands of dollars by the second. It’s just a sales funnel to scams like Clicks Dealer and Apparently, to earn money from these platforms would be through online ads. While online ads itself isn’t necessarily a scam, I still do not recommend it for disclosed reasons.

What makes this network of websites scams is how it’s marketed to people and the ugly secrets it beholds. The owner is hiding, the testimonials are fake, and the worst of all, they even have the audacity to use Mark Zuckerberg. I think I have reached my limit on dealing with bullshits. Is Digital Payday a scam? Yes, it is!

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