Is Postmates a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my Is Postmates a Scam review. There are a lot of ways that are coming up nowadays for you to earn money, and one of them is all about delivery. A lot of mobile apps are in-demand right now. Those apps that deliver food or groceries, almost everything that you need can be purchase online and will be delivered right on your doorsteps. In order for them to do this, they need to have their delivery guys and that is the reason why you are checking on this review and for sure heard about this kind of job opportunity with Postmates.

With this uncensored review, I will let you discover facts about Postmates as well as the things that you need to know before deciding to start your food delivery journey with Postmates. Is Postmates legit? Can you really make money with Postmates? These are some of the questions that I will answer for you in this review. So I don’t want you to wait for any longer, let’s get into details!

Product Name: Postmates
Founders: Sam Street, Sean Plaice and Bastian Lehmann
Logo: is postmates a scam
Product Description: Postmates is an online delivery service that gives job opportunities to people who are into fieldwork like doing food deliveries.
Best For: People who are into deliveries and know how to drive a bicycle. Those who are looking for a job opportunity and have the convenience of doing it in their spare time.

In 2011, Postmates was founded by Sam Street, Sean Plaice and Bastian Lehmann. The service is an online service. Postmates say that since they have operated for nearly 10 years now, they can deliver anything you need at any time, since I study not only to cater for food but to anything you can think of while it is available.

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What is Postmates?

Postmates is an online delivery service that was founded by Sam Street, Sean Plaice and Bastian Lehmann in 2011. Since they have been in the business for almost 10 years now, Postmates claim that they can deliver anything at any time you need it, as I research they are not just catering food delivery but anything that you can think of as long as it is available. 

is postmates a scam

Postmates has already made more than 2 million deliveries a month and this shows how popular and in-demand their services are. The more popular they are, the more jobs they will open to the public, in other words, they need more delivery drivers for them to give good service. This can be one of the reasons why some people think that they are just a scam and will not able to earn money from them. And you will know the answers to your questions in the coming segments.

How Does Postmates Work?

Postmates work simple and easy to understand and the first thing that you need to do before anything else is to be one of their delivery drivers. Postmates is now available to over 50 states and 40 cities all over the United States and Mexico, basically, you have a bigger chance to be qualified if you are someone from the United States and Mexico. However, they also have 3 important requirements that they strictly check with every applicant and here are those.

  • You must be 18 years old above
  • Must have a smartphone and installed Postmates Fleet App
  • You must pass the Postmates background check

Yes, you read it right, they have a background check. You can do the application on their mobile app or you can also visit their website and just like the normal application it will direct you to a form to provide your information and will create your own free account. You must also prepare your driver’s license only if you are going to deliver using your own car. Postmates is not that strict when it comes to vehicle, you can use your bike, car, or even by walking. Once everything is set up on your account, Postmates will send you the things that you need like an insulated bag and card that will take days for you to receive.

is postmates a scam

And about the background check, for you to authorize Postmates for the background check you need to activate and link your Postmates Prepaid Card that will be provided to you. Once everything is set up and you passed the background check, you are good to go and can start accepting orders on the Postmates Fleet App.

How Much Can You Make With Postmates?

This is the most awaited part of this review. I will now let you see how much is the estimated earning of being a delivery driver of Postmates. Based on what I saw on their website, they are paying $14 to $25 per hour but it still varies based on your location as well as the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Here are the things that make you earn for every delivery you have based on their website.

  • An amount for each completed pick-up
  • An amount for each completed drop-off
  • A per-minute-waited rate for the time you spend at the pick-up location
  • A per-mile rate for the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations

In short, each pick-up is charged, each time you depart, wait and drive the distance is charged. In short, the price is paid. And sometimes, the customers will give you a separate tip which is another earning you will have for that delivery.

is postmates a scam

However, I know that this kind of work will not work for everyone especially in the situation nowadays because of the virus. It is scary to take your health at risk but don’t worry there are still a lot of ways to
earn money online.

What I Don’t Like About Postmates

While I am doing this review, I figure out some things that I know you deserve to know since that is the reason why you read on this review. So, here are the things that I don’t like about Postmates.

They are only available in the United States and Mexico

I know that it is already a significant factor that they are available in 50 states and 40 cities in both countries, however, it would be best if they will consider expanding their services since a lot of people are looking forward to trying their services, and that will be possible by trying expanding it little by little to other neighbor countries.

They have complaints about their services.

I read some complaints about their order especially for pick up orders that after placing the orders and go to the store they will found out that no orders were placed under their name and end up they just waste their time going to the store and placing the order on Postmates. Being a deliver order company it is their responsibility to make sure that every order was placed and give satisfaction to their customer.

is postmates a scam

What I Like About Postmates

If you will ask me about the things that I like about Postmates, I can answer that with two things. First is, they look after the security of their drivers as well as their customers that is why they have a background check which is I really like about them.

Second is, they are giving good compensation or salary for their drivers plus you have the option on what vehicle you will use for delivery and bike is considered which means students can also have a part-time job as their driver.

is postmates a scam

Is Postmates a Scam? My Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have for this Postmates review, I can say that they are not a scam. They really have legit services and offer a legit way to earn by being one of their drivers. Maybe people easily think that they are a scam because they are just “new” in the business which is almost 10 years now and as well as the complaints that they are receiving. But when it comes to compensation and security, I really like Postmates about it since not all delivery companies right now are safe so it is better to perform a background check for the safety of both sides.

I cannot recommend this to everyone especially if you are someone looking to work at home and not all of us are capable of driving anywhere right? Somehow this is a good part-time job for students and some housewives. But if you want, you can check my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover ways to earn money online, it can be easy as writing your daily hobby and earn something from doing it.

I hope that this “Is Postmates a Scam” review serves its purpose to you. If you have any concerns and suggestions you are free to leave that on the comment box below and I will try to answer that the best that I can. Cheers!


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