Is TryMyUI a Scam? Earn Bucks for Feedbacks?!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is TryMyUI a scam? Welcome to my TryMyUI review! If you have found your way here on your own, you probably have the intent of signing up to TryMyUI. By now, I think you already have the idea that this is a platform for you to test websites and earn money from it.

There’s more for you to know, whether it is positive or negative, stick out until the last bit of this post to know for yourself!

But before we start I would like to give you a virtual pat on the back for doing your research first on  TryMyUI. It is always best for you to get background information about a product first before you delve into it completely, especially if it is a make money online opportunity!

Who knows, it could be legit, but it could also be an outright scam! Regarding TryMyUI, I’ll be the one to tell you if you should engage with this user testing platform in the first place.


TryMyUI Review

Product Name: TryMyUI
Founder: Ritvij Gautam
Logo: trymyui logo
Product Description: User testing platform
Best For: Internet users
Recommended: NO

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What is TryMyUI?


trymyui homepage


TryMyUI is a user testing platform in which web and app developers hire internet users which we would address as testers to provide their feedback on their website or apps to further improve these. These testers get paid for their time and opinion!

Basically, developers give you a list of tasks you must accomplish while recording your screen and voice. You are ought to speak out your thoughts, suggestions, and improvements on the website or app.

You are being paid for that since testers are one of the vital elements in completing the website for a seamless experience.

Is TryMyUI a scam? We’ll get to the answers to that question later on. For now, let us dissect how TryMyUI works on the inside.


How Does TryMyUI Work?


Getting Started


Your journey with TryMyUI starts by signing up on their website. Registration is fairly easy since all you have to provide is a name, valid email address, and a password.

You will also be asked to provide some demographic information such as gender, birth year, country of residence, household income and many more.

This information is not to be released to third parties, but its purpose is to find you a test matching with your demographic.

Being a tester means that you would have to record your screen and voice while working on the tasks developers had instructed you to do. Of course, you would need some kind of recorder. This implies you would have to download the TryMyUI recorder.

Also, TryMyUI provides you a 1-minute video, like what I have put down below for you, which serves as an example to give you a background on how you are supposed to do the tests.



Qualifying as a Tester


You don’t get to test websites and apps right away when you are logged into your TryMyUI account. You would first have to qualify for these tests. Now, how are you supposed to that?

The qualification test will instruct you to finish a list of tasks that will take at least 20 minutes to complete.

Before starting the qualification test, you would first have to download the test file. TryMyUI provides a link for this. What is this test file I am talking about? Well, basically, it’s a document containing the list of tasks and instructions you would have to follow while recording.

It is best to review this test file first before you go on accomplishing the tasks. Why? Well, it’s because your time is limited. Developers would usually limit your time to a maximum of 20 minutes. You want to make sure you maximize this time and tell everything that needs to be said in this time span.


trymyui limited time


Not knowing the tasks beforehand will result in dead spaces in between the recordings. You really just don’t want to waste time.

Once you have set up your recorder and did a thorough sound check, you can launch the website and start recording!


What To Do as a Tester


The qualification test was just the first step, though. After you have finished the qualification, you would have to wait at least 24 hours to know whether you can continue with the actual test. You will know that you’re qualified when you have received the tests in your email.

Now, here’s where you need to be fast. When you receive the email, you can’t just decide for yourself when you want to open the test. When you receive the test, you better get on it fast. You may also want to turn on your notifications to be sure.

This is because TryMyUI only gives the job to the first 4-6 testers who receive the email.

Oh, did you think that’s the end of the qualification process? Sorry to tell you, but receiving the email does not guarantee you can continue on with the tasks.

There are also questions asking your demographic information to know whether you are a match to the test or not. If in any case you are not able to catch on to the test as soon as you received the email and if you are not a match, the next person in line will complete the test and receive the money.

With TryMyUI, everything won’t go your way with hardwork. It’s almost as if trying to win the lottery to be able to complete a test. You just have to be lucky.


trymyui is a lottery


If you are one of the lucky ones to be eligible for the test, your client will be providing you with 4 standard questions. Now, what are these questions for?

Well, your answers to these questions will let the client know whether he should add additional minutes to your time. This is a great chance since the more your allotted time is, the more space for you to say all your feedback regarding the website or app.

Regardless whether you have received additional minutes, you can start recording.


How Much Can You Make With TryMyUI?


TryMyUI will pay you $10 for each test you complete. A test approximately takes up 20 minutes of your time. According to my calculations, this means that you can get paid $30 per hour with TryMyUI.

They also indicate that deposits are made every week on Friday through PayPal.

Now, let me talk. I am not great at math, but you could tell that my calculations are right. However, is $30 per hour really possible? I doubt it.

According to some users, you could receive 1-4 invites to tests per month which is really not a lot. You can’t expect to do 3 tests in an hour.

This means you could earn up to $40 per month. Yikes, that does not even equate to the minimum wage at all.

Is TryMyUI a scam? You may find clues leading to the answer once you have read the next section below.


What I Don’t Like About TryMyUI


Not Much Tests Available


TryMyUI claims to give you at least a couple of tests per week. Per month, you would have to expect at least 1-4 test invites to come into your email. It’s just not enough.


trymyui complaint


Take note as well, the number of tests you can receive varies depending on your demographic. But I doubt it could go over the limit of 4 tests per month.


Hard to Qualify


What makes the scarce resources of tests worse is that it’s hard to qualify for these. The qualification process is rigorous and long. You would have to first create a qualification test.

If you are qualified based on that, you have to keep eyes on your email because it’s a first come first serve system. It doesn’t stop there!

Once you have received the test, the client also provides questions to see if you match the demographic of testers they are looking for.

It’s too much of a hassle if you’d ask me.

This tester on the other indicates he had to go through 12 screening questions only to find out that he doesn’t qualify for the test.


trymyui glassdoor complaint


You Can’t Always Be Certain


You did the work, and you feel satisfied with what you did. But your client? There is a possibility your client wouldn’t like it, though.

It could possibly be because they did not hear what they want to hear from you or your feedback, opinions, and suggestions are completely useless for them.

This implies that there’s a chance you may not get paid. I know, it’s unfair. However, TryMyUI only releases funds to you when the client is satisfied and approves of your work.


It’s Not BBB Accredited


trymyui bbb


If you are any familiar with Better Business Bureau, you know that a business must be accredited and rated A by the BBB to know whether it is legit or not.

As you would see above, TryMyUI is still not accredited by the BBB. It is also rated with a C+ which is kind of underwhelming.

I am not saying TryMyUI is automatically a scam based on this. However, you may want to think twice on your options.


What I Like About TryMyUI


Free to Sign Up


There are no sign up fees, upsells and recurring monthly fees for you to worry about. Your money will be kept safe in your bank accounts.


Convenient Payment Method


trymyui payment method


Although TryMyUI only pays through PayPal, this is a great thing since most transactions today are held with PayPal. It’s nice that they are catching up with this trend since it is fast and convenient for everyone.


Is TryMyUI a Scam? The Final Verdict


TryMyUI is certainly not a scam. It’s a legit company providing actual user testing jobs for internet users. However, it is not something I could recommend even if I wanted to.

There’s just not enough tests for you to complete that will enable you to earn enough money. Even if you receive tests, there is no guarantee you would be the first in line and there are no certainties your client will like your work even if you’re confident in what you did.

There would always be emotions of nervousness and no assurance of earning money.

It is not advisable to make this your primary source of income. It does not even qualify as a side hustle. TryMyUI is a lottery. You just have to be the lucky one.

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