Is The Big Profit System a Scam? It’s On a Timebomb!

Last Updated on June 11, 2019

Is the Big Profit System a scam? ‘Discover how regular people are using our breakthrough system to easily make $1,000 – $10,000 per week without internet marketing or even speaking to anyone.’ This system claims that with it, all you have to do is drop some money on it, sit back, relax, and just count the cash coming into your bank account.

With such bold and fearless claims, this system had me looking into it more than twice as it had piqued my interest and curiosity. Is it really possible to earn up to $10,000 per week while I just sit back and relax on my ass? I’m pretty sure everyone wants a life like that!

Well, news flash! This is all just false hope! Even if the sales pitch makes this system look like an opportunity of a lifetime, don’t let it get to your nerves. They only play on your wishful thinking that you could really earn money without doing anything, when in reality, it’s not even close to that.

Let me tell you this fact right off the bat, The Big Profit System is not worth it! Why? Read on until the last bit of this post!


Big Profit System Review

Product Name: Big Profit System
Founder: William “Bill” Foley
Logo: big profit system logo
Product Description: High-ticket money scheme
Best For: NO ONE
Recommended: NO

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What is The Big Profit System?


big profit system homepage


On the surface, The Big Profit System is a website offering digital education courses available in text, audio, and video format. These digital education courses teach you all about Success Business Development, Personal Achievement and all the courses you would need to success in the marketplace today such as Online Strategies, Offline Strategies, Marketing, Mindset, Sales, Motivation, and Branding.

This company is founded by William “Bill” Foley back in June 2012. It is under the group of Legacy Systems Marketing Inc. You could say that Big Profit System is connected to get rich quick schemes such as Empower Network and Get Weekly Paychecks because these are also founded by Bill as well.

Now that we have scratched the surface of Big Profit System, let us now delve deeper into this system to see what it is really all about on the inside and find out the answer to the question “Is The Big Profit System a scam?”.


How Does The Big Profit System REALLY Work On The Inside?


Big Profit System claims to be a direct sales company of digital education courses and providing turn-key advertising packages. It also seems to have a 100% automated direct response platform meaning it is a free income machine running on autopilot.

In reality, Big Profit System is a high-ticket money scheme, apparently. Okay, what is this, you ask? To get into this so called system, you are going to have to pay your way in. Now, Big Profit System has broken down the payment into levels as seen below.


Big Profit System Pricing


big profit system upfront fee


Level 1 – $1000 + $280 administrative fee

Level 2 – $3000  + $280 administrative fee

Level 3 – $6000  + $280 administrative fee

Level 4 – $12,000  + $280 administrative fee

Level 5 – $20,000  + $280 administrative fee


Take note, the administrative fee is only a one time fee and the purpose of this is to give you the legal rights to resell the product to others.


Generate Leads, Close The Sale, Earn Money


Once into the system, you would have to generate leads. Generating leads means advertising the product on your website that Big Profit System has particularly created for you which comes with professionally designed marketing posters.

You are the one to stimulate interest and curiousity unto people to make them want to buy their way into the system, as well. When you have generated leads and made people confirm on your website that they are interested in this opportunity, this is where The Big Profit system comes into the scene.


big profit system closing sales


High-ticket money schemes usually incorporate success coaches into their system. What these success coaches do is follow up on your leads. They market the system to your prospective leads by contacting them and eventually closing the deal for you. The success coaches also walks them all throughout the getting started process.


big profit system coaches


Once the success coaches have closed the deal for you, this is where money comes streaming into your bank account. So, how does the compensation plan come about in this high-ticket money scheme?


Compensation Plan


You will earn 50% of each level package your prospective lead purchases. To be more clear on this one, presented below is a breakdown of the commission structure.


  • Level 1 – When your lead purchases this package, you will earn $500 – which is the 50% of the $1,000 upfront fee
  • Level 2 – $1,500 per sale
  • Level 3 – $3,000 per sale
  • Level 4 – $6,000 per sale
  • Level 5 – $10,000 per sale


Your income will solely be based on what level you have bought your way in. Take for instance, you have bought the Level 3 package of $6000. When your prospective lead has bought their way in to the system with the same level as you or lower than that, you get a commission.

The rule here is that you won’t get a commission if your leads buy a level package higher than yours. So this means there are limitations based on your respective package. Seems to me like it’s a manipulative way to pressure you into dropping all your eggs in a more expensive basket.

Is The Big Profit System a scam? I have found clues below that may piece out the answer to that question.


Why The Big Profit System is Not Worth It


Hidden Upsells, Lots of It


As if the upfront and administrative fee isn’t already expensive enough, there are apparently more things you would have to spend on to earn the money this system promises you.

First off, those success coaches are not coaches at all. They are sales representatives of Big Profit System. All they do is convince you to upgrade your level package and suck money out of your wallet.


big profit system success coach


Also, since you have to generate leads, you are going to need budget for advertising. Your success coaches will have you pay for their very own promotional postcards that will be printed and mailed out to generate leads.

If you are the type to go the extra mile and mail 1000 postcards to increase the chances of generating leads, you’re not just paying for the postcard package, but for presorted postage as well. This is a total of $617.


Overhyped Claims


Earn up to $10,000 per week? No offense, but if you were to believe in that, you’re just making a big fool out of yourself.

It could be possible to earn this amount with a high-ticket money scheme, but it’s not going to take just one week. It’s going to take a long time before you get used to this system of earning money.

Also, is it really possible to earn this amount of money while you’re just sitting back, relaxing, and doing nothing? I doubt it. That really just sounds like a wish a genie would grant me. That may be 10% true, but still, your income depends on you.


You Will Still Have to Work


That being said, you still have to work your ass out to earn the money this system promises you. You have people assigned in closing the deals for you, but in the first place, you are the one generating all the leads.

Who will the success coaches contact if you do not pique the interest of people? Nobody. Everything still depends on you.


Fake Testimonials


On the homepage of Big Profit System, as you scroll down, you will notice a section telling the alleged success stories of their members. Well, these people are not real, they’re fake.

This Jenny V. expressing her love for the Big Profit System is not real. The person writing the review, probably a staff member of Big Profit System, is hiding behind a picture of a random girl. See for yourself.


big profit system fake testimonials


This is one of the most common tricks of scammers, making you believe that it could work for you too since it worked out for others when in reality, it might not have. This is all just plain and cheap tricks.


No Guarantee of Profits


Do you think you can really dupe people into buying their way into a suspicious system claiming you can earn up to $10,000 a week? I don’t know about the people around you, but I’m pretty sure that people nowadays are becoming smarter when it comes to counter attacking scams. Internet users are becoming more careful before they delve into a make money online opportunity.

With that being said, it would be hard to convince people to drop all their eggs in one basket and spend thousands of money on this system. Unless, your postcard gets delivered to a desperate and gullible person.

I also think it is worth mentioning – even the minds behind Big Profit System state on their income disclaimer that they don’t guarantee you income of any kind. How could you be confident in this system when even the company itself does not guarantee you any income?


big profit system income disclaimer


Are There Really Products?


Big Profit System claims that once you have bought your way into the system, you shall also be provided with digital education courses necessary for you to succeed in the marketplace today.

This is just a cover up. What this system really wants is to dupe you into entering the system and do the same to others.

There might some monetary value being contributed to the courses, but it really just exists so that people won’t have the wrong idea that they are a pyramid scheme.


A Whole Line-up of Scams


Apparently, founder William “Bill” Foley is also behind get rich quick programs like Get Weekly Paychecks and Empower Network. Unfortunately, these programs turned out to be ugly scams.


big profit system is a scam


While I’m a fan of the thought that a person could change, but when its a matter concerning your money, I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust someone with a bad reputation.


What I Like About The Big Profit System


With all the negative things I have said in the preceding section, I wanted to at least give Big Profit System a chance to redeem itself in this part of the post. However, I just can’t get myself to like anything about this system. Overall, it’s just not worth it.


big profit system is not worth it


Is The Big Profit System a Scam? My Final Verdict


While doing this review, I have noticed it is kind of similar to notorious scams such as MOBEs and pyramid schemes. It works on the same mechanisms – recruiting other people into the system and using products as excuses to make them look legit.

High-ticket money schemes, pyramid schemes, and MOBEs only want you to spend all your money on them and trick desperate and gullible people to do the same.

What I am trying to say is, this system is on a timer. It won’t be long until FTC catches up on this and shuts it down, leaving you with nothing in the end.

With that being said, Big Profit System is definitely a scam. In fact, even if this one is not a scam, I still won’t recommend you to engage in this scheme.

You’re going to spend a lot of money without the assurance of earning profit in the first place. Plus, if I were you, I wouldn’t trust my money to a notorious scammer like Foley.

If you are looking for a real, legit, safe, and risk-free make money online opportunity, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review!

I am being honest and straight-forward to you, this isn’t a program wherein you can just drop your money on and watch the numbers come streaming into your bank account. This one requires you to get off your ass and hustle! You need to have patience and the will to learn new things. If you already have those traits, then with Wealthy Affiliate, I can assure you that you can make your own thriving online business and earn decent money!





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