DMM System Review – It’s A Timebomb!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Welcome to my DMM System review! There’s another website that my radar has detected which seems to be another get rich quick scheme. Most schemes like these are nothing but fake and an outright scam, but this website named DMM System might just be different from the rest – or so I thought.

I know all about these get rich quick schemes and honestly, every single one of them just left me either disappointed or bored because all of it just keeps repeating in a cycle. I did hope that DMM System would break my stereotype but hell, there are other things this website is not telling you.

Today in this DMM System review, I am going all out to expose this so called get rich quick scheme and lay out to you all the secrets DMM System does not want you to hear.

DMM System Review

Product Name: DMM System
Founder: Undisclosed
Logo: dmm system logo
Product Description: High ticket money scheme
Best For: NO ONE
Recommended: NO


What is DMM System?

dmm system homepage

DMM System, by theory, is supposed to be a website that makes you rich overnight without having to do much of the work. Just by buying your way into the system, DMM System will be doing all of the work for you and before you know it, you already have a thousand of dollars by the end of the day.

Heck, this website even goes further the line by telling you can earn up to $5000 right after you have watched the video on their homepage. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life and I have gone over get rich quick schemes like this many times but this is just hilarious and outrageous.

They even provide you some kind of millionaire coach that will supposedly teach you all the ropes on how to become a millionaire yourself. How this coach specifically plans to do this, that I don’t know because the introductory video makes it look like they’re going to explain the system when in reality it just spoon-feeds you the idea that you can now finally live the life you have always wanted without enlightening you at least one bit on what the system is really all about.

Obviously, DMM System is targeting to victimize those people who don’t know how to make money online opportunities work and people who are lazy enough to think that they can really make thousands of money overnight just by doing the bare and minimal amount of effort.

This is how DMM System presents itself but believe me, it’s not what it looks like. This system revolves on a completely different story and it’s not going to end happily ever after.

In this DMM System review, let me tell you right now that this is not a get rich quick scheme as how it was advertised. Let me tell you how it really works from the inside.

How Does DMM System Really Work?

Here’s the thing – there’s no magical system that makes you thousands of money overnight without having to lift a single finger. Believe me, in this age when inflation is a trend, there is no such thing as free money not unless you win the lottery but of course the heavens won’t let you have that either.

DMM System is nothing but a sales funnel to another system and business model. Let me walk you through it.

Okay, first things first. You may think you’re paying $97 to get into this system and earn a thousand of dollars right off the bat just to find out that this is not the case at all. DMM System does not offer you any system, rather, they redirect you to a high ticket money scheme called 14 Day Challenge System.

dmm system 14 day challenge system

Your $97 practically vanishes and goes straight to the owners of this website without giving you anything in return. But to be fair, they do offer you some training content so you could say there’s some value to the amount of money you paid but the main focus here is the high ticket scheme. 

The $97 you paid is just the beginning – just some kind of admission fee, because the 14 Day Challenge System will urge you to purchase more of their upsells or else you’re not going to make the amount of money DMM System claims you can make. 

This is just how high ticket money schemes work and DMM System couldn’t even give the least bit of shit about you because they’re earning commissions once you get redirected to the 14 Day Challenge System. Right then, you’re on your own.

So, what’s the deal with schemes like this? Basically, you first spend thousands of dollars to purchase a certain level within the system wherein you recruit others into the same level you have bought to earn commissions. Usually the commissions you earn for each person you recruit are 50% of the price of the level you have purchased.

As you can infer and derive, this means that the more you spend, the more you can earn in the long run. That’s literally the goal of high ticket money schemes – to make you spend and invest more money thinking it’s going to give you more returns. 

To amplify this thought, the system will disable you to earn commissions if your recruit purchases a level higher than yours. So of course, you are inexplicitly and indirectly urged to spend more of your hard earned money.

dmm system no success coach

Plus, they make it look like you’re going to have your own success coach that supposedly gives you information and advice on how to become rich like them. In reality, this is no coach or whatsoever. This is just another sales person that will encourage you to buy more of their upsells and upgrade to higher levels. In no way does this person have the slightest interest in helping you succeed.

Everything high ticket money schemes do are all within their favor and they couldn’t care less whether you are satisfied with your experience with them or not. With that being said, is there even the littlest chance you can make money with DMM System or 14 Day Challenge System, for that matter?

Can You Really Make Money With DMM System?

Yes, you can make money with systems like high ticket money schemes but not in the way that the DMM System makes you believe. There’s no such thing as a make money online opportunity nowadays that makes you money without having to do anything, not unless you work your ass off to build your own online business.

It’s not impossible, but it’s also not the best way to make money online. I mean, this system literally makes you spend all of your money just so you could earn commissions. Heck, you might even have the need to sign a loan because it’s going to take you A LOT of money.

What makes this worse is that even if you spend all the money you can get your hands on for this, there’s still no guarantee that you’re going to receive returns even if it’s just a single cent. There’s still this possibility that you may never profit at all.

dmm system will make you broke

Because let’s face it, it’s all about the recruitment. Does the people around you have a thousand dollars lying around to invest in something fishy and suspicious like a get rich quick money scheme? You could fool some of your friends and family but are you sure you want to risk your relationships with them?

Plus, if you really want to make significant money – you would have to recruit a lot of people outside your circle of relationships which means you would have to redirect people to your website or other media of promotion like your social media accounts, and email among others.

If you don’t really have the best internet marketing skills out there, this means you’re going to have to resort to methods like paid advertising which of course means you have to spend more and more money. You see, it’s all about sucking out all your money and systems like these don’t care about you at all.

I have also observed how high ticket money schemes are similar with illegal scams like MOBE. It pretty much follows the same structure so it probably won’t be long until the FTC catches up on all this chaos and closes down this system for good. All I’m saying is that high ticket money schemes are on a timebomb and every cent you have invested could disappear for good too.

In this DMM System review, I am going to give you plenty good reasons why this system will never work out for the better.

Why DMM System Won’t Work

Fake Testimonials

There’s nothing better than making people believe the system works by having the members talk about how amazing this system is. But of course, I highly doubted the DMM System really works for these people in the first place and so I did some research of my own. 

As expected of scams like these, the testimonials are not real. The people stating how amazing DMM System are only paid actors from Fiverr. The system does not really work, so the people behind this website just had the original idea to hire actors to spew out some pretty lies. Yeah, not buying it.

dmm system fake testimonials

False Scarcity Tactics

The website makes you think you’re running out of slots but just refresh the page and you’ll see that the spots have magically replenished. This is one of the common workings of a scam and this is nothing new. They just want you to feel pressured into buying your way in right away so that they won’t have to wait anymore.

No Money Making Machine Here

DMM System presents itself as some get rich quick scheme that prints you money when in reality, it’s not even close to that. I hate how they make you believe in their outrageous claims and redirect you to this high ticket money scheme just so they could earn commissions. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with promoting something for commissions, but it’s all just so misleading and for me that’s a red light.

dmm system is a red light

Upsells on Top of Upsells

They don’t want your $97, they want more and that’s why they want you to believe that you’re going to earn more by spending all your money on their upsells and advertising campaigns until you’re broke as hell. This is what high ticket money schemes really do and sadly there’s nothing you can do but wait for the FTC to shut this system down for good.

No Guarantee of Returns

dmm system debt

Even if you put your house on mortgage just to invest more money in this high ticket money scheme, this doesn’t really give you the guarantee that all this money will come back to you. Heck, you won’t even have the guarantee that you could receive any revenue at all. Who would even have a thousand dollars randomly lying around and have the interest in some fishy and suspicious scheme? Get real.

What I Like About DMM System

You do get some training content on how you can generate leads but that’s just how far this train goes. Other than that, no matter which way I look at it, there’s nothing else that makes me say this program is worth all the investment.

My Final Thoughts on My DMM System Review

DMM System is a scam, for sure. The fake testimonials and false scarcity tactics are one of the most common staples of a notorious scam and DMM System is learning from the best. Plus, they just redirect you to this high ticket money scheme so that they could earn commissions.  Nothing but vile and cheap scammers.

To be fair, yes, you could make money with high ticket money schemes but it’s not the best business model I would recommend to you. I mean come on, it just wants you to spend thousands to buy your way into the system and spend more and more on paid advertising. 

Sure, there’s commissions in store for you but that’s not going to be the case if there’s no one you can recruit. Good luck on recruiting because it’s going to be a nearly impossible task to achieve.

I wonder how heartbreaking it’s going to be seeing all of my money go down the drain. I don’t know about you but I’m not in the mood for that.

High ticket money schemes are already on a timebomb. The Federal Trade Commission is going to catch up soon and there’s nothing you can do about all the money you have invested but to cry about it for the rest of your life.

On top of all these, it’s not even your business in the first place. Are you sure you want to risk all your money and time on someone else’s business? You don’t know these people, why should you? If you’re going to risk so much, then might as well just invest it all in your own online business.

You see there are better ways to make money online that don’t require you to spend a fortune and gives you the guarantee that your money comes back to you as long as you give just the right amount of effort, time, passion, and dedication.

There’s this affiliate network I know of which you may want to check out if you’re not interested in scams and interested in building your own online business that could be your most powerful asset if you just do everything right. 

It could be your next source of sustainable income and I’ll do you one even better – it could even become a source of passive income. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review now and ditch the high ticket crap!

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