Federal Rent Checks Review! Truth Exposed

Last Updated on July 25, 2019

Let me welcome you to my Federal Rent Checks review! Before we get to the main event, I would like to give you a good pat on the back for doing your research before getting yourself a ‘’too-good-to-be-true’’ product.

Fake and scam websites are very rampant on the internet nowadays. Also, a lot of people can be naive at times. Well! No offense, but hands up! Been there, done that.


Federal Rent Checks Review

Product Name: Federal Rent Checks 
Founder: Run by Money Map Press
Price: $11 Deposit + $39 Annual Fee
Logo: money map press logo
Product Description: Dividend Stocks Investments Platform
Best For: No one
Recommended: NO




Federal Rent Checks, What Are You?

This is a government-related program that supposedly gives you a check worth $1795 or more per month. Sounds grandiose right? So, how is that possible?

There will be a whole 51-minute sales video featuring D.R Barton, Jr. The video indicates that millions of Americans can collect a big sum of money. Amazed? Yet, there are bits of misleading and fake testimonials. This makes the whole thing sound very engaging. You can tell that there is something not right about the ‘’Claims’’. How is that even possible?

As you already know, you pay for every facility and building the government uses through your tax dollars. Government agencies issued the required rent payments for any building they occupy.

The money gathered in a single place may look like Federal Funds. Years ago, the American government covered the costs for the entire construction of the buildings.

However, the money the government uses is from your tax dollars. Besides, you also incur costs each year for the maintenance and the keeping up of the buildings.

The money comes out of your paychecks, social security and any check to the Internal Revenue Service each year. So take a wild guess! We are paying for all this. Sounds eekkk. Right?

Clever Americans already know about the opportunity. They’re ready to hold big portions of the money!

Also, the Department of Treasury is claiming or giving a significant SUM of monthly checks. Essentially, people have named the paychecks “Federal Rent Checks.”

How Does Federal Rent Checks Work?

The process involves several steps.

As you already know, you pay for every facility and building the government uses through your tax dollars. The ‘’grand’’ government agencies make the required rent payments for any building they occupy.

There are a LOT of examples, but I’ll just leave them like that. Moreover, the government agencies pay the rent for that, and it sums up to around 9,600 buildings.

The so-called Federal Buildings Fund piled up big time. This money helps in the ‘’booming creation’’ of the over $11.1 billion money pile. Inside the Federal Rent, the US government owns around 1,500 of the buildings. The ‘’Federal Buildings Fund’’ will have to send the rent to the Treasury’s office directly.

In other words, the Federal Buildings Fund will have to transfer the rent payments to private companies directly. In addition to this, the private agencies will be the one to distribute the so-called Federal Rent Checks to all the investors.

To be honest, if you are one of those shareholders, it will be amazingly easy.
All you have to do is set up an account for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then, decide which department you want your ‘’Claim Checks’’ depend on your total investment.

You could receive the Federal Rent Checks with a booming amount of $1,795. How awesome would that be huh?!

Over time, the amount increases and you will receive a significant sum of ‘’Federal Rent Checks’’.

So, what do you think about this? Share your thoughts.



Who is D.R Barton J.r?

According to Money Map Press profile, he is one of the most widely read financial coaches and a world-renowned authority on technical trading with 30 years’ experience. So, yes! Indeed, he knows what he is doing. Sounds good, right?

On top of that, he is also a proclaimed author of the book titled “The 10-Minute Millionaire”. He is a newsletter creator for “The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider”, as well. Sounds appealing? Yes, it is! In fact, he is supposedly a New York best-selling author.

Okay, let’s dig a little deeper now. Move on and don’t leave me hangin’. Together, we will unravel the truth about ‘’Federal Rent Checks’’.

Federal Rent Checks scam review

Inside Federal Rent Checks

D.R Barton Jr. claims that you can get on a distribution list and begin receiving a monthly check with a sum of $1795 or more than that. All the Americans are waiting for them at the age of 18 to start cashing in. So, what is the catch?

To get access …. (drum roll please…. )

All you have to do is join a subscription program (red flag already) which costs you $39 for one year or $79 for two years. On the downside, it will automatically be billed again. Not yet convinced?

Verbatim, once you have access inside the 10 Minute Millionaire, there will be other programs you are offered which is where they make their money. That is undoubted, the way they make money from you.

Becoming an insider, you get to be told obviously and specifically how you can actually get these so-called Federal rent checks.

The used term ‘’Federal Rent Checks’’ is a made-up term used as a marketing gimmick because it’s used to sell you into a subscription. This is where we say run! There is no way possible that Federal Rent Checks do exist!

Federal Rent Checks is a term created to GET TO YOU into a SUBSCRIPTION.


What Are The Red Flags?

Information misleading is the way it is marketed to people, but it also doesn’t go beyond what you want to expect. Sales video states that you can start $11 just to get on the list. There are too many risks involved.

Federal Rent Checks fake testimonial

Real People / Fake Testimonials. I was not surprised seeing these people making the sales video very lovely by engaging STOCK PHOTOS!!! This is very common for a scam trick!. Each fake testimonial claims that they made thousands of money by Federal Rent Checks. Unbelievable.

First things first! $11 doesn’t give you a $1795 check! Do the math, do your research. How will it be possible? The dividends that you accumulate from your investment are going to be in PENNIES, not in any real DOLLAR AMOUNT. That is the truth. Be honest to yourself, it will not be an overnight process or a quick cash process.


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Federal Rent Checks Review, The Verdict

Honestly, it is a Fake or Scam to me because it doesn’t exist. Also, the way it is marketed is all a gimmick. So, yes! I conclude it is not REAL.

It is very disappointing that lots of people are actually falling for these tactics simply because of misleading materials or products. I’m sure it will not be for long now.

Thank you for reading my Federal Rent Checks Review. I hope it helped you a lot on your next online venture. Just remember that there is no way to earn ‘quick cash’ overnight. You can make money online but it will take work and commitment to reach success.


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