Work From Home Jobs That are Not Scams

Last Updated on March 14, 2021

Searching the web for work from home jobs that are not scams can be a tricky task by itself. So unless you are in a rush to make some pennies on the side, why not aim for what can become a full-time passive income? 


Are you ready to build your own work-from-home job?

Back then, when we heard someone talking about working from home, the most common jobs were Babysitting, cleaning or housekeeping, agriculture, or a simple seamstress.

Others had the luxury of working in the comfort of their home, especially on those winter rainy days, top architects had their heated studio on one of their rooms with big windows facing a lake, or doctors that run a clinic in their houses, especially in small villages.

Anyone Can Work From Home

Nowadays anyone can work from home because of this thing called the internet.
The great thing about working on the internet is that we have dozens of opportunities that go from freelancing services, online surveys, eCommerce, dropshipping, and of course my favorite, affiliate marketing. 

Remember, to succeed online we don’t even need to have a specific profession or be certified in rocket science, what we do need is, to learn how to do things…

This is the point where we have to choose between two different paths, we can try and figure it out by ourselves or let someone point us the way.

Beware The Work From Home Scams

Beware The Work From Home Scams!

The Internet is flooded with opportunities but also with dangers. How often do you stumble upon promotions about work from home jobs promising you fortunes with just a few clicks?

For your own safety, keep these two things in mind when searching for any online money-making opportunities:

  1. things won’t happen overnight
  2. and never put money upfront

Work-at-home scams often conceal themselves as genuine/legit chances in a variety of methods. Make sure you check and double-check any WAH program before you step in.

Most of the legit products/services have a free trial without even asking you for your credit card. You know why? Because they believe in their products. They know that the product will add value to you and it will sell itself once you try it.

» » Just remember not to give your credit card # easily!

Avoid Losing Your Time and Money

I will now point out 5 red flags so you can avoid losing your time and money on shady schemes.

#1 Overstated claims

Keep away from overstated claims. This sounds apparently easy, however, you‘d be shocked at the number of individuals succumb to hyped uber earnings claims. Work at home ripoff typically makes outrageous claims. 

If a work at home program tells you that you’ll make $10,000 in your very first month, or that you do not need to offer anything, that you do not need to do any work, these are danger signs of buzz. If it sounds too great to be real, it most likely is NOT!

Work at house frauds preys upon the hope and despair of others. Bear in mind that there is no such thing as easy money or an overnight trick to make you a thousand dollars richer or even a concealed opportunity that will make you rich t in a couple of weeks. 

These signs show you that 99,99% sure this is just about another scam!


High-Pressure Sales Strategies

#2 High-pressure sales strategies

Prevent high-pressure sales strategies. Any fraud attempt to get your cash quickly! They do not desire you to take your time and examine their chance. 

If somebody attempts to push you into signing up without offering you the time to check it out, act with caution! It’s a dangerous sign that you could be boarding yourself into a work-at-house fraud.

Do your due diligence, have a look at every claim you read or hear. In fact, Work at home scams succeeds because most of us do not waste our precious time doing proper research before getting ourselves on board.

I do have an awesome trick if someone asks me for my credit card for a trial… I walk away and go investigate and make sure is not another shady scheme.


#3 Do not pay to work! 

Do not pay to work! Once again, this appears quite obvious, however, lots of people fail on this one. All types of scams will aim to get you to spend your hard-earned money on work listings, work tools, etc… 

Keep in mind that setting up a real home-based business does not cost you anything. Starting a conventional business will need a financial investment such as office, warehouse, and equipment, an online job where you work from home does not!

There are a couple of legit work-at-home task/services listings sites out there that require an annual payment for freelancers can access their listing database. But, any legit work-at-home task broker will supply a complete cash back assurance, otherwise do not even consider it!


#4 Leave no stone unturned

Leave no stone unturned, inspect the background of a business. Whether it’s a work-at-home king of a task or a full home-based organization, make absolutely sure you are dealing with a strong, reliable company

This is among the very best methods for preventing work at house frauds. Examine their business’s standing at Dunn and Bradstreet. This will cost you a bit, however, is worth it if you are going to make a big financial investment or doubt the authenticity of the business itself.

Dig up and discover other people in that sort of business and ask how their work is going, ask whether they are happy with the business’s experience. Take a look at the items you‘d be marketing or services you‘d be offering. Are they good quality, genuine, and fairly priced? Do they include cash back ensure? 

Are the item declares overstated, or are they backed by science? Work at home scams will not have this kind of customer post-sale insurances.

You can always call the business yourself. The question is, are they willing to reply to your questions and doubts? Are they competent and polite? Does this business supply you with a list of customers or will you have to do the marketing yourself? 

Is their pay reasonable so that you can make great earnings? If you are doing commission sales, what number of clients will you have to earn the amount you need?

Can consumers get a refund if they’re not pleased with the business’s services or product? Check the B.B.B website, lots of legit businesses might have a couple of grumbles, a dishonest business that promotes Work at home scams will have more and more charges submitted against them.

Work from home scams exposed bbb

Are you paid to offer items? Some work-at-home scams are pyramid rip-offs where you generate income just by making other members join the program. 

If your only pay is from the recruitment of other people, instead of the sale of genuine items, then walk away! This example is thought about as a pyramid plan and is prohibited. 

A legit MLM or Internet marketing Service will supply you with a method that both offer items AND construct a team of business partners. You will be paid JUST on the item volume your partners utilize or offer, not on recruiting costs spent for bringing brand-new recruits into business.


#5 Prevent envelope stuffing and home assembly tasks

Prevent envelope stuffing and home assembly tasks! There is plentiful proof that both of these are absolutely nothing more than work-at-home scams which take your hard-earned cash. 

The envelope packing scam is absolutely nothing more than promoting a product. People promote the kit you pay then you are influenced to do the exact same scheme that you registered for. 

For example, You put your contact info on the envelopes and other poor souls who respond to you will send their blood money to you! Keep this in mind, there is not such a thing as Free Legitimate Stuffing Envelope Jobs.

Be aware, if you see any kind of work from home job that asks you to buy a start-up kit, be careful because 99.9% of the time they are just trying to get into your purse!

Look before you jump into any sort of work-at-home job! Working at home has a lot of benefits if you dealing with serious companies but due to lack of knowledge and being naive… people tend to get often into trouble.

I personally make it a guideline to never ever buy anything that does not have a refund assurance.

Trust your ‘gut’! If something appears fishy or doubtful, examine the chance completely to figure out if it is a SCAM!


Are you looking for some quick money on the side?

Check 4 Legit Work From Home Jobs You Can Start Right Away

make money online doing surveys


Can You Really Make Money Online Doing Surveys?

Giving feedback and share your thoughts about any given content can get you paid. But Either is from some brand new mobile phone review, brand, or feedback on a pos sale service, there are plenty of online survey websites where you can apply to and start making your so desired online income.

This type of work is easy to find, with no investment at all, all you need is to join a survey website is, register and you set to go. Most of these websites had a type of ranking system, best survey deals go for the best “employees”, which means you will gain more money as you get better at it.

The downside is, you still working for other people, deadlines need to be met, a lot of competition plus most of it has a low pay per hour (comparing with other online opportunities) and hardly any career comes out of this type of work.

I have gathered a few survey websites reviews, if you want to know more about each program individually, you can read:

» Is Survey Savvy Legit?
» Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?
» Is The VIP Voice Legit?
» Is Survey Police Legit?
» YouGov Surveys Review
» Is Survey Junkie a Scam?

The good side is if you join a reputable survey website you have 0% risk and you know upfront how much you will get paid for.

List of good survey websites:



make money selling your old stuff

Selling your old stuff

You can sell your old stuff on classified websites. You will be amazed by how much you can make by selling stuff you don’t use anymore. 

There are thousands of people selling and buying used articles and can be good training for one of the next top 5 work home jobs that are dropshipping.

By selling your oldies you won’t be investing money, this turns out to be important because since you have no experience selling online, it will give you the margin to profit since some of the classified websites charge a fee if your item sells.

Some websites where you can sell your oldies:

  • – this one is UK based
  • https:/


make money online with freelance writing

Freelance writing

There is a lot of work for those with writing skills. Translation of documents and writing content for bloggers are on the top list of the work home jobs out there.

Prices can be very interesting if you make your time worth it. There are a few well-known websites where you can apply to and send samples. A good content writer can expect something from 30.000 to 60.000 per year depending on the quality of the articles.

I’ve reviewed some freelancing platforms, feel free to take a look at:
» Is Upwork a Scam
» Review
» Freedom With Writing Review
» Is Freelancer a Scam
» Is FlexJobs a Scam
» Is Fiverr Legit or Scam

Web sites to take into consideration:



make money online with ecommerce or dropshipping

Selling products online 

You don’t need your own website to open your very own online shop nor a warehouse to store your products. You can buy and sell and not even touch the merchandise. 

This is what we call dropship, basically, what you do is, buy from a company and sell to your client. That company ships the product directly to your client address, you keep the margin as profit.

Your work is copy-paste information your client sends you and send to your supplier. Since you first receive the money from your client and only after you buy the item from your supplier, you won’t be doing any type of investment.

Places to sell, www eBay com official site, one of the most well-known websites, on the web. Despite the high fee per sale, people use eBay online shopping because of the buyer protection program, they are restricted and protect their buyers very much. 

That’s why a lot of people still prefer to buy from eBay even if it’s more expensive than on a regular website they don’t know.

Alternatives to selling stuff on eBay:



Some dropship sources:



Start your Work From Home Job Today for Free!

What if you could have a job at home with no investment? What if that job would grant you a passive income? Wouldn’t that be GREAT? 

The Way I see it, you have only one road to walk, it’s called affiliate marketing!

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, an image is worth a thousand words.

What is Affiliate Marketing Training

How to start your own affiliate blog working from home in 3 steps.

STEP 1 – First of all, you need a niche, make it a passion of yours, hobby, thing that you enjoy doing/talk about.

STEP 2 – you need a website – I got that covered, check the video below I’ll show you how simple it is! Best of all is totally free! FREE domain, hosting, and template.


STEP 3 – you are ready to earn as you learn. Create a free wealthy affiliate starter account and get all the tools, support, and an awesome step-by-step 10 lesson starter course that will cover all you need to know to get your business running.


What do I need to start?

For this type of work, you’ll need a computer and internet connection. You will have at your disposal a keyword research tool that is provided for free once you join Wealthy Affiliate. This turns out to be an invaluable asset for your journey!

With this research tool, you will be able to see how many searches exist for certain keywords. The idea is to write about those keywords always aiming for an affiliate program so you can profit from it. I’ll show you an example.

My niche is juicing, I love to make morning juices and post my recipes and photos. I monetize my site by having juicing machine reviews on my articles. I will get commissions by selling them.

As seen below, this keyword tool allows me to see that exist 1230 searches for the term “weight loss recipes” alone. Now what I have to do is share some of my recipes using that “phrase” on my post.

(I’m keeping it simple, you can get the full explanation on the course)

Free Online Jobs Home example


I Want To Start But, I Never Created A Website!

As you will see in the video below, creating the website will be the least of your concerns. Wealthy Affiliate platform has a built-in installer that will do all the work for you.

All you have to do is fill text fields, then choose templates the rest will be automatic. In the eventuality of any difficulty you encounter, there is a great support team ready to help you. You may also count on WA awesome community, there is a 24/7 live chat where you can talk and exchange opinions with both seasoned and new marketers.

You are one click away to start your own FREE affiliate marketing blog

The purpose of this video is to show you live that creating your own website at WA takes no more than 5 minutes. And remember, is totally FREE!


Work From Home Jobs That Are Not Scams Final Words

In this post, I pinpointed what I consider to be the best options for you to start your own work-from-home job. No matter if you are looking for a side hustle or a full-time job, I got you covered 😉

I also talked a bit about the main aspects of the online scams out there so you don’t have t learn it the hard way, (like I did). If you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment down below.

Once I met a person that said to me, I will now tell you 3 words but, you can only use 2 of them together because is impossible to have them all 3. The words are cheap, quick, and perfect.

  • If you want cheap and quick, whatever you build or a service you buy will be crappy. 
  • If you want quick and perfect, prepare to pay a lot of money because you will be dealing with the best and a lot of people will be involved. 
  • If you want cheap and perfect then prepare a chair or even a bed, because it will take time.

Is pretty much like this in online marketing as well, learning all you need to succeed online will take time, and you need to be patient and persistent. It will need perseverance and hard work! First, you need to push thru to be able to lay back later.



I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015 with no marketing experience whatsoever. In a couple of months, I got my own website running, driving traffic, and sales daily.

I am now self-employed and run my online affiliate business from the comfort of my home or wherever I want to.

All I did was follow Wealthy Affiliate training, believe me, it works! Come on in, and I will show you how you can actually start making money.

It’s free to join and there is no credit card required.