When we speak of selling online, the first web site we think of is www ebay com official site. Of course, there are many others of its kind and many more to come but, www ebay com official site is still on the top of the hill.

I will speak of my experience selling in ebay com official site and try to share with you the good things and the bad things it can happen to the new sellers on ebay, if you thinking of selling stuff and make some money from home take few minutes and read what i have to say to you, it can really save you some hassle, or you can always learn the hard way…

First of all, you need to create your account, is simple just click on the register button located at the top left of your screenand a simple menu with email, name and mobile phone is asked, fill those and you are set to go.

www ebay com official site

In my way of seeing things, ebay have two distinct type of buyers, people looking for bargains or used items in an auction type of bids and those buyers that don’t mind paying a little more than on other web sites but on ebay they know they get what they paid for or they get refund 100%. Ebay is very protective of its buyers, i believe that’s why so many people still buy from them, that and being able to pay with paypal (thing you can’t on Amazon). Some people still afraid of using credit cards on the web because of the frauds and scams.

In order to sell you also need to create a paypal account, and link it with your ebay in account settings tab. This being done you ready to start selling…  Now you ask what will i be selling on www ebay com official site? Easy, to starters, i really recommend selling used stuff, why? Multiple reasons wich i will describe bellow.

1º You will get the most profit out of your deal since you don’t need to pay to a supplier, you will be selling stuff from your garage or basement.

2º Ebay and paypal don’t know you, so until you gain their trust, when someone buys from you, the money will be on your paypal account but, it’s frozen and will only be available once the buyer gets the item he purchased up to 20+ days.  It can be less if you provide a tracking number. (we will talk of this later)

3º You need 25 successful transactions on www ebay com official site before the money on paypal be available as soon as someone buys from you, this is the goal any seller on ebay wants to achieve as soon as possible. By then we won’t be investing our money to buy from a supplier. Now we can start to have fun.



A good tip, always sell physical items on ebay, don’t go for digital stuff unless you also ship it with tracking number to the buyer address on printed paper in case of cd keys or in a burned cd or dvd in the case of digital books or any other digital product. Why? Because of scammers. People abuse the system and if you sell someone a key from a digital product and mail it after receiving the money

Why? Because of scammers. People abuse the system and if you sell someone a key from a digital product and mail it after receiving the money you can get in deep trouble. I talked about the buyer protection program earlier, people call the credit card company and complain they didn’t buy anything with the credit card and ask for a reversal of credit. This will open a dispute on paypal, your money will be automatically withdrawn from your account and, unless you have proof you delivered to the buyers address (snail mail)  with the tracking number you are in deep trouble 99% of the times the buyer wins.

This sort of scammers have a pattern behavior that experienced ebay sellers are aware of. Thing is, they prey on newcomers so beware. Is a good habit to always take a look into people that buy from you. Check their history, scammers usually have new accounts, and go on buying sprees within a couple of days so if someone with this profile buys from you, take the right precautions and ask for more info ex: phone number, usually they walk away when confronted.

www ebay com official site Feedback

Feedback is a very important factor when someone buying from you so try and keep your feedback wall immaculate. To do so , reply fast to your buyer’s questions and doubts, once you receive the payment, ship the articles as soon as possible and fill the shipping tracking number so your buyer can see where the item is.

ebay com official site

Ever heard of drop shipping? Nowadays after the 25 first sales, most people on ebay com official site sell all kind of items with drop ship method.

Basically what people do is  find good suppliers that do drop shipping,  get some screenshots of a given product, calculate ebay fees and paypal fees and put a prive over it as profit. Then Create a sale on www on ebay com official site and once the article sells, go and buy from your supplier. He will now ship the article directly to your customer, all you have to do in between is copy paste addresses and phone numbers. Best of all is that you won’t even need to invest your own money, because since you over the 25 initial sales on ebay com official site you paying your supplier with your customer money. People that have good drop ship contacts can still make quite a sum on www ebay com official site and work from the comfort of their home.

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