Writing Reviews for Money

Last updated on February 9, 2019

Writing Reviews for Money

What is the best way to write products reviews that convert into sales? There are some guidelines that can help you improve the quality of your reviews. On the next couple of lines, I’ll share with you some of these tips so you can start writing reviews for money yourself.

Did you know that with a good review, you enter into a dialogue with your customers and if you manage to build trust with them you may even keep them in the long term?

The basis for this is the credibility is your own content. Anyone who writes a review should always keep the same criteria and try to be impartial and true.

Building trust with your visitors can be challenging but the effort is worthwhile,  with regular product reviews, unboxing or discussions you establish yourself as a professional and valuable source of information for a prospective customer.

Your readers should know after the short introduction exactly what you are talking about and what you want to introduce your readers to.

An awesome trick when you writing reviews for money is to create a review template that you can use with all your reviews, it can save you a ton of time and give you a more professional touch. Another helpful resource is to use the ” 5 -W’s ” which stand for what, why, who, how and when. This alone will give you a lot to write about!

When Writing Reviews for Money, Mind The Details

The main part of your review is about your test with the respective product. Here you should write about what you like and dislike (enumerate pros and cons), show people why they should buy that product.

Always make sure you use images and some of them “close-ups“,  people like to see in detail what they about to buy.

Another nice trick to gather review information is to find the opinions of your friends and family about that product, always great to hear other people perspective.

Writing Reviews for Money With Style
Writing Reviews for Money, Find Your Style

In addition to spelling and grammar, the style of your review is also important. There is not a single true form here, but I would like to give you some examples.

If you look at this blog entry you will see that it is divided into several paragraphs. This significantly increases readability. You should, therefore, divide your review into meaningful sections.

A short introduction, then a classification according to each individual points you have written about. Then a break down of all those points in detail and finally, a short conclusion that summarizes the core of your review in one or two sentences at the most.

Whether you want to headline your sections is up to you. This can be especially helpful with long reviews, but it can also make a review look a bit too sophisticated. Especially if each headline is artfully “decorated” with special characters.

You can further improve the readability of your review by not letting your sentences get too long. Write in an easy and understandable way.

Most reviews out there sound like “my best holiday experience”. The following example: “When I unpacked the product, I was surprised how beautiful it looked, I showed it to my husband first and he thought it was great too.” Next, I looked at the power button and finally found it on the back “.

You notice that you fill in with words but do not provide the reader with meaningful information? Get to the point and show advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Also, make sure you use a clean type of font and keep a lot of white areas.

Use Images & Video When Writing Reviews for Money

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This also applies to reviews. You can describe (and you should do) a product as fully as possible, but an added image (like I said above) is very important.

Make sure you have good (if possible natural) lighting and a neutral background, then point the product in the right light and show all the important details.

Does the smartphone fit exactly in the case? Does the color match the product photos? How are seams processed? Show the benefits as well as the weak points.

All above is even more important if you are shooting a video! Remember to always write subtitles in a video review that containing at least the most important points. Not all customers can watch/hear your videos when they come to the Amazon site via a mobile app.

The great thing about video reviews is that you can show and talk to your visitors about all those awesome properties of the product you are promoting. Videos should not be too long, Amazon recommends between 2 and 5 minutes.

Start Writing Reviews for Money

Writing Reviews for Money With Honesty

This point is very important to me when you get your first “free test products” from a supplier, you may be tempted to rate the products more positively because you feel committed to the provider.

Do not fall for this mistake, if there are problems with the product you are testing make sure to contact the provider first, it can be a malfunction or a defective product.

Some providers try to press you to give high rating reviews, be consistent and say that you write only honest and uninfluenced reviews, you will benefit from it in the long run. By staying authentic you are doing yourself and your readers a great favor.

Remember building trust is the most important asset to convert that review into a sale, if a visitor trusts your review it will more likely turn into a customer.

Writing Reviews for Money The Conclusion

Your conclusion to the product and there is also space to mention your wishes and suggestions. Make sure you always leave room for discussion, doing so, give your readers an incentive to actively participate in the product tests and also incorporate their opinions.

You can do that in the form of a survey or just ask if someone has already made the experiences of you or maybe other experiences. Your comments should be turned on for that.

Final thoughts

Hope you enjoyed my post, believe me, this are simple but important tips to write better product reviews. If you want to add up something to my post feel free to drop me a line.

Nowadays there are a lot of internet and affiliate marketers out there earning a full-time income working in the comfort of their homes just by writing reviews for money. If you want to learn more about how you can make it as well, make sure you read my other post about how to become an affiliate marketer.

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