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Last updated on June 5, 2018

Work from Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

The Internet is flooded with opportunities but also with dangers. How often do you stumble upon advertisings of work from home jobs promising you the world with just a few clicks?

For your own safety, keep this two things in mind when searching for work from home jobs that are not scams, things wont happen overnight and never put money upfront, i’ll dig deeper into this in the next few lines.

most of the times we step into fraudulent websites promising an almost magic solution to make money online. Those websites have something in common, they ask you money upfront, and with shady schemes take advantage of desperate honest people making them learn it the hard way.

I wrote a post about my preferred top 5 work home jobs, and the only one i can guarantee that is 100% scam free is the #1 on the list .

You must be wondering why aren’t all my top 5 work home jobs list 100% scam free?

Let me clarify this real quick, there are all kind of fraudulent websites for any type of online business, surveys, classified websites, online bets, even on www eBay com official site you can find scammers trying to steal your hard earned money.

Best way to avoid scams is to be one step ahead, if something sounds too good to be true, try to get more information before going for it, browse the web for reviews, try and find feedback before investing a single dime.

In my experience, there is no fat chicken for a few coins, if you want perfect Work Home Jobs That Are Not Scams all i can say to you is, join Wealthy Affiliate and learn with the best how to succeed online, be your own boss with no promises, no magical formula, no hidden fees. Work for thousands why should not work for you?

Perfect Work home jobs that are not scams

About the author  Pedro

Hi, my name is Pedro glad you are here! 

If you are looking for ways to make money online this is for you...
The internet is booming day by day, there are almost 4 Billion users by now... We live in an era where anyone who wants to invest time and take action is able to make money online!... Want to hop in?!


If you have doubts, questions or simply want to add something to this post, make sure to leave me a comment down below!

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  1. You make a great point here. I would never begin an online venture that asked for a large up front investment. Most likely, I means that they don’t believe in the success of their product enough to offer a free trial at the least. I read through your list and I’ve tried most of those at some point or another and I’ve been somewhat successful. It all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into something. What you put in, you’ll get back. My understanding with Wealthy Affiliate is that you can remain a free member forever without the commitment so that seems like a pretty legit company to offer such an opportunity. Thanks for the information!

    1. hi, Kristin,

      Yes, like you said a company must trust their products enough to give a free triall. Of course that free trials are marketing campaigns because those companies know that a % will actually keep their product.

      I usually say that online business is pretty much like agriculture, you must plant the seed, take care of your crops, and only after a while you will harvest and profit.


  2. It can definitely be a scary place out there for anyone looking for a real, legitimate way to work online, I know from first-hand experience.

    I see you mention Wealthy Affiliate as a recommended program.

    Can I ask what exactly Wealthy Affiliate is? Will I be working for them to earn money, or is it a training platform.

    To be completely transparent, I’m not really interested in working for someone else, I already do that back in the real world.

    Instead, I am looking to create a REAL business that I own, will your recommended training help me achieve that?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. hi Lee,

      Wealthy affiliate is more than a training program, it gives you all the tools and teach you how to use them all the way to success.

      At WA we have the opportunity its to learn from the best, we have a 24/7 live chat with a caring comunity more than willing to help if needed. Live video lessons, 2 free domains and hosting for new members. This and a lot more.

      Of course free members don’t have acess to all WA potential but have enough free information and tools to get a website running and start a online entrepeneur journey.

      If you need anything let me know.


  3. Hi Pedro. Thanks for this reminder. It is very important to constantly remind everyone of the dangers of scammers. It’s a cruel world and people can do anything just to get hold of some money.

    I would like to add that one of the most popular scam sites right now is stock or gold trading scam. I’ve encountered lots of ads and sites that promote some program to help people gain insane profit in the stock/gold market in only a week or less. A huge profit in a short time period is too good to be true, and definitely a scam.

    1. Hi Isacc, I have learned the hard way that if something is to good to be true the its probably not true. There may be a few exceptions but in general we should take care, read carefully all the “IFS” and read reviews about any given program before joining, unless of course is totally free…

      In my experience don’t join anything that ask your credit card or any other payment options upfront.


  4. Investing in online scams has prevented me from succeeding online as a business owner 🙁

    However, I do know that legit work from home opportunities exist but it’s a matter of finding them. Sometimes it feels like searching for a needles in haystacks, lol.

    I’ll definitely check out your article on the top 5 home working jobs for some direction.


    1. Hi Neil,

      I’ve learned that best “weapon” against scammers is “curiosity” ask, search, read about, ask again if something is not right you will notice. We can’t be impulsive while searching for any type of business. Unless is free of course, or have a totally free trial (with no credit card need).


  5. One of the Legitimate industry in online business is Affiliate marketing.
    However there are plenty of affiliate marketing scammers that want to prey on unsuspecting newbies. I always believe in saying that ‘if its good to be true then probably it’s not.”
    Wealthy Affiliate really offers very good online opportunities because you are getting the value of what you are paying for. The owners and the community themselves are very helpful to guide you and it’s all worth it.
    Thank you for sharing article.
    Really Appreciated!

    1. hi,

      Totally support your comment. The online world is a place of opportunity but is also place of great risk. It’s sad most of us have to learn the hard way.!

      Cheers and best of luck to you

  6. Great job on your site it is good to see that your website is pointing people in the right direction so they can make the right decision as far as online business is concern. Thanks for showing programs that are not scams and that people can become a part off and start a part time or even go into business full time. You have done a great job with your site. Thanks for sharing.

    1. hi Norman,

      Thank you for your kind words. Internet can be a deceitful place sometimes, is good if we can share with each others legitimate places to start our online business journey.


  7. Hi Pedro I particularly like your post about WA. I recently became part of the community here too, and I can honestly say that after searching for 15+ years on how to make money online I feel like my search is finally over. For the first time I feel like I am making progress!
    Great job!
    Warm regards,

    1. hi Claire,

      I’m glad you part of this wonderful comunity, being able to learn from the best and having this wonderful keyword tool makes WA the place were all potential online marketeers want to be.


  8. Finding work at home jobs is a risky business, there are so many scammers out there and there are more and more created every day praying on the people’s pocket books. Wealthy Affiliate is the best opportunity for anyone looking for a legitimate way to earn money from home. I gad it’s top of your number home based business. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Thanks for the information.

    1. hey Anthony,

      Great thing about WA is 100% scam free reviews, no hidden fees, you get exactly what you told plus if you go premium is such a great value for the money. The keyword tool itself is worth it, not to mention all the support, hosting, video lessons and live training.

      Those are some of the reasons they are ,you #1 in my top 5 work home jobs list.


  9. I like your plug for wealthy affiliate at the end of the article. It really helps to show that even though there is a bunch of BS out there, wealthy affiliate comes through. I love the way wealthy affiliate has helped me dissect the online money making industry and affiliate marketing. It is by far one of the best ways to make money online consistently. Thanks for your article

    1. hi Will,

      Thank you for your reply. Short and objective.

      I have been on onine projects for 20 years now, to bad I didn’t came to know this platform sooner.

      At WA they provide all the necessary tools to people who rely on the internet to create income.


  10. It’s nice to land on an article that has a selection of options that are all clean for once – by ‘clean’ I mean free of scam merchants! So many people for these things it’s sickening really! Just recently I came across on called the Oxford Effect – watch out for that one! (very dodgy setup!)

  11. I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not scam. What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that you don’t need to pay any money upfront. I haven’t come across any other money making website that offers that. To me that is a proof that it’s not scam. Its also not a get rich quick way to make money which again proves to me it’s legit! Thanks for a great article.

    1. Hi Holie

      You are absolutely right! Not having to pay upfront is the ultimate proof that is not a scam of another “work from home jobs” website.

      Most of the websites out there ask for credit card details even for the “trial”. I find that unpleasant!
      I believe that if you are a seller, and if you trust that your product has quality, you should give people a free “ride” without asking any type of credit card info.

      A % of that people will undoubtedly upgrade! 

      That what happens in WA, Kyle and Carson know their product rocks so they let people try it out 100% free. 

      To people looking for Work Home Jobs That Are Not Scams this totally free trial surely boosts the credibility.



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