Why Isn’t my Mouse Working

Why Isn’t my Mouse Working

Why isn’t my Mouse Working (OFF TOPIC)

This is a question I ask myself sometimes, why isn’t my mouse working? I know this is a bit off topic but I get so fustrated when it happens I thought of share with you what I found about why isn’t my mouse working, maybe will help if or when it happen to you.

Sometimes we disregard the obvious so let me start with the basics, have you checked unplugged cable? Have you checked mouse battery if it’s a cordless mouse?

YES? OK, let’s get on with it then.

I had no problem at all with windows 7 but after upgraded to 8 and then to Windows 10 this kind of happens randomly. I turn on my computer and voila,no mouse!it seems is an incompatibility with motherboard drivers, Windows drivers and/or some mouse brands, it affect USB mouses.

I tried everything, different mouse drivers, new bios upgrade,even tried an old mouse… it kept happening and sometimes (still does). Got a lot better with windows 10 upgrade tough, but I couldn’t isolate the pattern like  “This happens because of this”.


Why isn't my Mouse Working ps2 conector

What I do to fix this every time is:

  • Turn off the computer, turn it back on, press “del”to enter bios mode
  • Search for advanced settings and search for USB connections
  • Disable your USB ports
  • Restart your windows and let it run until it opens desktop
  • Now you have to use your PS2 keyboard and pressing Ctrl key + Esc key open the windows menu and then with your cursors restart your windows.
  • Now you need to re-enter bios mode and enable USB ports again.
  • Save, exit and let windows re-install your mouse drivers
  • Voila it’s working again.

If you need help with something in the process drop me a comment and I will gladly try and help you. I know how annoying this bug can be and don’t want you to ask yourself why isn’t my mouse working.

Hope this helped you because this is the best answer i found to why isn’t my mouse working, at least until i buy a new motherboard.


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