Why is Affiliate Marketing Important?

Why is affiliate marketing important for both companies and marketers?

The modern economy and the way people think is a lot different than it was 20 years ago.

We live in an era where time, data, and analytics is measured constantly and play a role in every decision.


How Affiliate marketing increase online sales?

When a company launches a new affiliate product, online marketers line up to promote it.
At no extra cost, a single company can have thousands of people promoting their products all over the internet.

That’s why some product launches reach out to ridiculous numbers, sometimes millions $$$ in a day or two.
The great thing for the companies is that marketers make most of the work getting those sales. 

High and easy to measure return on investment

This is a win-win situation. It works great because companies “only spend” money paying for sales accomplished by marketers.

No other marketing strategy has such a high return on investment as creating a quality affiliate product.
Because of this, more and more companies are creating affiliate products. 

According to Statista, the affiliate marketing expense in the United States only is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022, three times more than it was ten years ago.

affiliate marketing spending

On top of that, if you take a look at Google Trends for the term “affiliate marketing” you will notice a continual growth since 2010.

Google Trends for the term affiliate marketing

It brings us to the conclusion that affiliate marketing is here to stay!

How Will Affiliate Marketing Drive Extra Traffic to Your Website

It only applies if you are the affiliate product merchant!

When promoting other people’s products, what do affiliate marketers do? 

  1. create helpful content within a niche with the intent of promoting an affiliate product
  2. use their affiliate links to make their visitors go to the product owner webpage

Multiply this with hundreds, in some cases thousands of people promoting a single affiliate product. It will flood the product page with daily visits. 

Not all visits will convert into sales, but all of them provide the merchants with invaluable information! Loads of data to analyze and improve the conversion rates.

Affiliate Marketing Extends the Reach to “More” potential Customers

Imagine having a sky scrapper office with hundreds of employees marketing your products.

Some writing articles, others creating videos for youtube or audio content such as podcasts.

Models and influencers posting high-quality photos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Can you put a price tag on all this?!

Having an affiliate program provides this and much more at a low cost. 

Creating an Affiliate program Will Increase your Brand Awareness 

Let’s create a BUZZ

Having hundreds of marketers, some with millions of followers across all social media platforms promoting your new product, what do you think will happen?

an Affiliate program Will Increase your Brand Awareness 

This is the best cost-effective approach to increase your brand awareness. 

Easy Access to Foreign Markets

Do you know the good thing about the world wide web? It’s worldwide 😉

Having a good affiliate product/program on the internet means that it’s accessible to anyone no matter where they are in the world.

I’m Portuguese and I’ve promoted tons of affiliate programs and products from the US, UK, Germany, China, etc. I’ve personally translated landing pages and product pages to my natural language. 

The idea was to rank for terms in PT and link them back to the US website. Like me, hundreds of marketers do the same, spreading products and brands to the four winds.

Affiliate Marketing Will Save You Money

How much are you spending on marketing your brand? Combine it all, Flyers, Paid Ads on Facebook, Google, Bing, or any other social platform.

I’m not even mentioning radio and TV!

Companies and brands used to spend millions of dollars creating permanent marketing campaigns with low or hard-to-measure ROI.

With affiliate marketing everything is different.  It has little or no cost because marketers will be creating content to promote affiliate products for “free”.

Affiliate Marketing Will Save You Money

Merchants only pay commissions when a sale is fulfilled, keeping the risks to a bare minimum.

4 Reasons why affiliate marketing is important for marketers

  • Anyone can create an affiliate marketing business
  • Little investment to start up
  • You can market an infinity of products you don’t even own
  • Freedom to work from anywhere you want.

Start right away no matter what age, gender, or diversity

No matter what your experience in life, your age, or your beliefs anyone can become an affiliate marketer.

Three things that separate those who succeed from those who fail:

  • finding training that works
  • having the willingness to take action
  • having the perseverance to keep pushing forward

Like anything worth having in life, owning a successful affiliate marketing business will take time and dedication.

Start your online business for the price of a coffee/day

All you need to start your affiliate marketing business is a computer/laptop, internet connection, and website.

No worries about tech skills nowadays, you can create a fully working website or blog in under 60 seconds. It’s easier than creating a Facebook page.

Start your online business for the price of a coffeeday

Once you have that website up and running, you are ready to start your make money online journey.

Market 1000’s products you don’t even own

In the regular brick & mortar shops, you have to purchase products at the lowest price and resell them at a higher price to earn a profit.

  • With affiliate marketing, you need to find affiliate programs that suit your niche and promote them. You will then earn a commission over the products you sell.

No need to worry about inventories, shipping, or returns. Focus all your energy on creating content to help your audience.

No schedules, no obligations, just an iron will

  • How many hours have you lost on traffic or public transportation?
  • How many times did you felt that stomach twist going to work on that job you hate?
  • How many times did you got frustrated because of those crazy schedules?
  • How many times you got home late, barely in time to put your kids to sleep?
  • Do you want to spend more quality time with your dear ones?

Sounds familiar?

It was me some years ago…

Until I found something that motivated me enough for the leap of faith! To me, it was my family! I wanted to spend more time with my two daughters and lovely wife.

I’m now able to create content from the comfort of my home or anywhere else I will rather be. 

Daily, I can choose the time of the day that works better for me. I can work in the morning, afternoon or night. I can work on Saturday or Sundays… or I can simply take a week off wherever I want to.

I do have one obligation, keep the motor running, create content regularly and keep helping my audience so I can keep up doing what I love the most!

something that motivated me enough

Why is Affiliate Marketing Important » Final Words

Affiliate marketing plays an important role on companies, brands, and merchants because it extends their reach to more prospective customers with lower investment.

As for marketers, it creates business opportunities to generate income without having to invest money upfront.

It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and promoters.

I have a question, why is affiliate marketing important for you? Drop me a line down below and share your thoughts, doubts, and questions. 


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Last Updated on May 3, 2022