What is Springboard America? Another Scam?!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my What is Springboard America review. There is a lot of work from home opportunities nowadays, especially the world is facing a pandemic and a lot of countries are on lockdown and required to stay at home. One of the options you can have is to work as someone who answers surveys or testing a product that you can do all through online. I am sure that the reason that you are reading this review is you want to know more about Springboard America.

Don’t worry, I will make sure that through this review you will find all facts and hidden discoveries about this online market research company. Is Springboard America legit? Can you make money answering their surveys? These are some of the questions that I will answer fro you through this review. So be ready with the discoveries and I don’t want you to wait for any longer, without further ado let’s dig into details!

Product Name: Springboard America
Founder: Vision Critical
Logo: what is springboard america
Product Description: Springboard America is an online paid survey that lets people answer surveys online and get paid for it.
Best For: People who are interested in earning money online. Those who have Patience in answering numerous surveys in a day.

America's Springboard is a legal American Survey Stand. But like with other survey tables, the exceptionally low-income opportunity is. With these paid survey websites, it just wastes your time.

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What is Springboard America?

Springboard America is an online paid survey platform that was established in 2009 by Vision Critical. They have been in this industry for more than 10 years now and counting. Based on their website, Springboard America is one of the leading market research company in its niche, that can be the reason why a lot of people are thinking that they are just a scam.

They collaborate with and gather information for surveys from businesses and policy-makers in the United States. That is why they have the power to give the survey taker to earn money while providing their opinion or answering surveys for Springboard America. Out of the other paid survey websites, Springboard America does have topics related to politics. So don’t be surprised if you choose demographics and get a survey that has questions about politics.

what is springboard america

How Does Springboard America Work?

Springboard America is known for online surveys, however, there another way you can do to earn money with them. Aside from answering online surveys, you can do an affiliate program as another way of earning money as well as product testing that somehow the same as online surveys.

On their online surveys, unlike the other company, their surveys are short and would only take you around 10 to 15 minutes to finish it. And about their affiliate program, you will able to get $2 for every successful referral you will have. But before anything else, you need to sign up as their new member in order for you to start earning with them.

Joining Springboard America is totally for free and you will not be asked to spend a single centavo. The only thing that you need to do is go on their website and sign up for the form for a new application as a member. For those who are not familiar with how online market research works, it is normal for them to ask you questions that will help them determine the kind of survey they will give you. In the application process, you will be asked to answer a questionnaire before they will accept and start getting online surveys to answer.

what is springboard america

Personal information is also going to be collected during your application, like your name, active email, date of birth, employment status and income range. But don’t worry based on their terms and policy, your personal information with them is safe with Springboard America. 

I know that this kind or way of earning money is not effective for everyone. No worries, there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online that you can try and see for yourself if that is for you or not.

Can You Make Money With Springboard America?

This is one of the most exciting part of every review that I have. This is to answer one of the questions that you have in mind if you can make money with Springboard America. Just like the other online paid survey company out there, Springboard America also uses a pointing system. This means that for every survey that you answered, you will receive corresponding points for that. Based on the information I read, every survey will give you 50 to 500 points each depends on what kind and how long the survey is.

For every 1 point, it is equivalent to $0.01, this means that if you were able to get 500 points you will easily get $5. And if you were able to have two 500 points survey every day, you will have $70 each week right? However, that amount of points is not guaranteed and will still depend on what survey you will get from Springboard America because they are the ones assigning you the survey based on the questionnaire you answered on your application.

what is springboard america

Aside from that, Springboard America does have a threshold in order for you to cash out your money. You need to get 5000 points or equivalent to $50 before you can redeem the money. They have multiple payment options to choose from and here are they.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Visa Prepaid Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Paypal

They don’t have Paypal before but since they are receiving a lot of complaints about lacking payment options, they just recently have Paypal on their options.

If you are going to ask me if you can make money with Springboard America? It is possible to earn money with them but you need to have patience in answering a survey or you must have the knowledge of recruiting people so you can take advantage of their affiliate program that will give you $2 per referral.

What I Don’t Like About Springboard America.

It seems that Springboard America is a good company, however, just like the other companies out there, they also have flaws that you need to consider first before trying to join them right away. And here are the things that I don’t like about Springboard America.

They have a threshold.

I know that there are a lot of companies as well who requires to have quota or threshold in order to get the money. But with Springboard America, I find it not easy for you to easily reach 5000 points in order to cash out $50, especially they are the one who is giving you the surveys. There is a chance that you will take a month in order to reach that threshold since answering surveys does not give you a guarantee you have 500 points right away every day.

They are not available worldwide.

Yes, you read it right. They are only available in the United States, maybe because their target audience is only Americans. So, if you are someone outside the United States and thinking of joining and trying surveys with Springboard America, this is not for you because you cannot be accepted after you send the application as a member.

what is springboard america

They have a lot of complaints about Customer Service.

Customer Support is one of the most important things in a business. A lot of consumers and customers are dependent on customer support. But it seems that it is how it works with Springboard America because they are receiving a lot of complaints that their customer service is poor. Some of the complaints are having slow responses to the customer’s inquiry of concern. In this kind of business, it is important to address the concern right away to give them the resolution that they need in no time.

What I Like About Springboard America.

But of course, there are things that you can look forward to Springboard America. Here are the things that I like about them.

Membership is free.

There is a lot of website there who offers online surveys abut they are also asking for a membership fee in order for you to earn with them, and sometimes it leads to a scam. Good thing that Springboard America offers a free membership, you don’t need to invest for any amount in order to earn. I believe the only investment that you need is patience and time for answering surveys and encouraging friends and relatives to try it as well.

Very convenient.

Springboard is not just available on desktop, you can also access it on your mobile phones or even on your tablets or iPad. You don’t need to download any application, you can access it directly on the browser. Meaning you can answer the survey anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection.

What is Springboard America? My Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have to provide you facts about Springboard America, I can say that they are not a scam. They are a legit online paid survey website that lets people answer surveys and get paid. Maybe the reason why people thinking they are a scam because of the complaints that they are getting and how they work as an online market research company. You just need to have patience and hard work in order to earn with them.

I still cannot recommend this to everyone since on how they are paying this may not be an effective way to earn money that can sustain your monthly or daily needs. But, you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover ways on how you can earn money online in simple as writing your hobby and earn from it.

I hope that this “What is Springboard America” review serves its purpose to you. If you have any concerns or suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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