What is beauty of – Make money at home

Make money at home 

This might look almost utopic, but if others can do it why can’t we?

To start your own business from the comfort of you home let’s first understand “what is beauty of” make money at home. For that you only need two things, dedication and time. Starting to make money at home won’t happen overnight and requires you to follow the program step by step and with some determination. Once you experience what is the beauty of internet lifestyle, you will be amazed of how rewarding working for yourself can be.

1º We need a website/blog
After creating a free account you can have up to two free websites and domains with several WordPress pré-installed templates to choose from. With a step by step tutorial in how to set them up, This is more than enough to build your website and start make extra money from home. 

2º Now you need something to write about on your website / blog
Now you must be wondering, what will I be writing about ? Believe it or not that is the easiest part! Let’s break the ice ! Don’t you have a HOBBY? Something that you really like and enjoy doing? Something you are passionate about ? Well then you right on track. Why not share your experience with others? As you read this, there are millions of people browsing the internet searching for knowledge, knowledge you can provide ! Can be that old grandma recipe of that homemade pudding that taste like no other, or a description of those magnificent places you been on the last summer trip. Share your adventures, suggest places to visit, local foods to taste, hints for future visitors. The opportunities are almost infinite and up to you to decide!

how to make money from home

Remember, the most important thing is you must love what you will be writing about, because the passion is what will hook up your visitors and make them want to come back…

3º Time for some keyword research 

Now that you know what you will be writing about, is time to  choose a domain and some keywords to start ranking on google and other search engines. Nowadays, google don’t give much importance to keywords as we use to know, as matter of fact,  in order for us to get the most out of our website, we need to have content keywords along our text and repeat them strategically and in context. If you want to know how to make money at home you will need to understand the importance of keyword placing along your writing. 

What is beauty of discovering new keywords? These are what will bring traffic to your website, so along with your compelling writing they are the most important thing to bring life to your newborn. As you join to Wealthy Affiliate you will be running a free account so you can’t use the keyword tool yet. Your best shot is Jaaxy, it’s even a better tool and as you register you have 30 free searches, more than enough to set you on track, of course the full version as a lot more potential but, for starters, this  is a must use tool.

With this tool you will be able to search for certain keywords see how many people search for that given keyword, how many people actually click on it, and how is the competition regarding that keyword. You should aim for high search, high traffic, high article power and low competition keywords in order to rank you faster on google and bing. It’s possible to rank keywords with high competition but not with a “new” website. Your website will build SEO trust as it ages but we’ll leave that for later.

All this may seem overwhelming but you have all this very well documented at Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started course. This is totally free course, no credit card required to join. You will have access to a live chat 24 hours with warm and welcoming community always ready to help. You won’t find this anywhere on the web, a full comprehensive step by step in how to get you ready for that make money from home journey. 

make money from home

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