Hi folks, a lot of us have heard about the internet and affiliate marketing but do you really know what is an affiliate website? Do you know you can even earn money with an affiliate website? well come aboard for the next couple of minutes and I will personally explain everything you need to know about what an affiliate website is.

Just a heads up in case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing is the act of promoting someone else product or service for free but, in exchange, if you manage to sell it, you will get a predetermined commission. How awesome is that?

There are great benefits to this type of business both for the seller and the promoter. If you want to go deeper into this matter make sure you read my post about What is Affiliate Marketing training and why do I need it?

Now back to what is an affiliate website

An affiliate website is a place where you promote your affiliate products or services and earn money by doing it. The best way I have to explain to you how they work is by giving you some examples.

A simple travel blog.

Imagine you like to travel a lot, (who don’t) and you wouldn’t be good to make some money on the go? Well, you could with an affiliate website. By creating a simple travel blog sharing your day by day experiences, photos from where you have been, post reviews from the restaurants, hotels and travel agencies, boats, cars, etc. You would be amazed at the amount of affiliate offers you have on the market these days…

Just by sharing your experiences with other people you can promote all the services described above. Your reviews, testimonials, and feedback will be a determinate factor if your website visitor wants to experience something similar. There is a % of people that will follow your footsteps and have that so desired dream vacation they search for.

That’s when the affiliate marketing comes in, placing an affiliate link to, let’s say your travel agency website, you are redirecting your visitor to their website and if your visitor buys something you will earn a commission.

This can be done with several websites and with several affiliates products and there are infinite ways to earn money with affiliate marketing.

The Review Website

One of the most common ways to earn money online with affiliate marketing is a review website. This type of website converts very well because most visitors of a review website are looking for a specific product with the intent of eventually buying it!

A review website is a place where people go to get feedback from other people (3rd party) on a determined product. Let’s say you are a gamer, you love computer games and playing them, you could write reviews on gaming monitors, the best headphones, and mouses for gaming even the perfect rig to play games at 4k!

By writing reviews on those products you are sharing with people your opinion, which is the cons and the pros of a certain product, or the best you can buy under a certain price range, even a detailed guide on how to configure your graphic card for optimal performance.

This is when the affiliate marketing jumps in again, place the affiliate links on your reviewed products and BANG, get your commissions flowing.

What is an affiliate websiteOK now that I know what an affiliate website is what do I need to get one?

In order to start a successful affiliate website, you need 3 things, a domain, (preferably a .com) hosting, and a website (WordPress works great for this).

Some of you might be thinking, I know nothing about creating a website, this is not for me! YOU ARE WRONG! This is for you if you want to know how to Become an Affiliate Marketer and start to make money online. This easy to understand step by step program will make you earn as you learn to build the foundation of your successful affiliate website.

Like I usually say, for the next 5/6 years, literally, anyone can become an internet entrepreneur! If you want to join the “gold rush” and now that you know what is an affiliate website, HOP IN!

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