What is a Niche Website For Anyway?

Hi there, if you reading this post probably you are searching for a profitable home based/internet business and with it the intent of making money online. So let me ask you a question, have you come across the term niche website? You probably have but do you know what is a website for? Let me tell you all about it…

On the next couple of lines I’ll cover all you need to know and how you can profit from building your own niche website, let me break it down for you:


  • What a niche website really is
  • Benefits of building a niche website
  • What do you need to build a niche website
  • Can I profit from having a niche website
  • Take you niche website to the next level

What a Niche Website Really Is?

Before going deeper into the subject let me transcribe what Wikipedia says about what niche markets, “A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. “

A niche site is a website that focuses on a narrow group of people from a broader market with a specific interest. The main purpose of a niche website is to present your visitors with useful and quality content/information about a specific topic and or products providing the answer or piece of information they are looking for.

Let me give you an example if you think of the bakery (broad market) a niche would be gluten-free cakes. See how you are narrowing the market down into a specific group?

Benefits of Building a Niche Website

Now that you know what a niche website is, let’s focus on the benefits of having one in the marketing perspective. The internet is a massive place, and with it, a lot of websites are simply lost in the cyberspace with no visitors whatsoever.

You want to start your online business and you thinking of building a website selling home appliances, not really a great idea because it’s too broad and you would be competing with industry giants such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and many others… The main reason why niche websites are great is that you are targeting a specific audience, it will be easier for your website to appear/rank to the ones searching for that subject. let’s say you make a website selling portable space heaters, although its also a home appliance it’s to a more specific audience, therefore your website is much more likely to rank/appear on the search engines.

What do You Need to Build a Niche Website?

The best way for you to build a niche website is to get a WordPress template, its easy, fast, and you won’t need any kind of special IT skills like coding. In fact, there are a lot of site builders that get all the dirty work done for you. The rest is pretty much typing like in notepad, word or email.

As easy as it is to set up you still need hosting, which is the physical space where you keep your website on the internet and a domain name which is like the address to get into your website.

Want to know a secret? I know of a platform where you can get all that in one single place! Would it make it even better if I told you that it’s totally free? And I’m not telling you the best part yet 😉

It will take you less than 60 seconds to get it ready to go! No catch, no credit card needed, just type in a domain of your liking below and you are all set!


Can I Profit From Having a Niche Website?

That’s the whole point! That’s what a niche website is for in the first place! Making Money Online! How can you profit from niche websites? The main monetization method on a niche website is affiliate marketing.

In a couple of words, affiliate marketing is about promoting products or services from a third party and if you “sell” then you get a commission. If you want to dig deeper into this subject check my post what is an affiliate website.

Usually, niche website marketers make product reviews, unboxing and comparisons. Some even make “crazy” videos like the one below.

The idea is to constantly create content to lure visitors to their websites and or social media channels and then forward their visitors to their affiliate programs so they can earn that $$$$ online.

Take Your Niche Website to The Next Level!

Do you want to make money online? The safest and easiest way is to create a niche website. This will require some time and dedication. In life, there are 3 certain things, death, taxes, and you won’t make money online overnight!

You can start your niche website right now totally free just by following this step by step training any layman can follow.

These 10 lessons cover all you need to know about setting up your own niche website, give you some insights about internet and affiliate marketing even cover some search engine optimization aspects so people can find your websites. Plus provide free hosting, free domain and hundreds of WordPress templates for you to choose from.

At the end of this 10 lessons, you will have the foundations of what might be your own online business for years to come!

What is a Niche Website For Anyway – Wrapping Up

Tried to cover all the aspects I find relevant about niche websites as well as provide you the proper tools and information you need in case you want to take on the internet and affiliate marketing road.

If you have any question, doubt about what a niche website is for, please feel free to drop me a comment below.

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