Wealthy Affiliate vs ClickBank University: Comparison Guide

Wealthy Affiliate vs ClickBank University what to choose?
Are you looking for the ideal affiliate marketing training? Let me tell you, there is no quick answer! What works for me might not work for you!
Thousands of affiliate marketers use Clickbank, which has produced billions of dollars in sales throughout its two-decade history.

Clickbank is a popular destination for affiliates looking for the next great thing to promote. The company has finally developed its training course, Clickbank University, to provide even more service to its members in recent years.

On the other side, Wealthy Affiliate focuses on affiliate marketing and training that stood out among the multitude of "gurus" claiming to be the best or know some secrets worth thousands of dollars.

So, what are the notable differences between the two? This post will show you the most crucial aspects of such training programs and compare ClickBank University with Wealthy Affiliate.

Let's get started.

People Behind Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank University

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders

Kyle Loudon - is the face of Wealthy Affiliate, as seen by posters and, more importantly, after joining the platform. He has launched a lot of web enterprises, and you can see some of them on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. In addition, he is the academy's lead trainer.

Carson Lim - is the silent partner, and he is primarily responsible for the backend and technological aspects of the company. He is the principal architect behind the Wealthy Affiliate platform's design.

Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz are the two prominent faces of CBU.

ClickBank University founders

Justin Atlan - is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur. He also manages SJA Media, a consulting firm where he offers guidance to a wide range of businesses in various industries, some of which generate nine figures in sales.

Adam Horwitz - is a little less well-known, but he is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built several successful internet enterprises. He gained some notoriety when he appeared on CNN to discuss his company assisting small business owners with lead generation.

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An Overview of Wealthy Affiliate vs Clickbank

The Overview Of Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Clickbank

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform for affiliate marketers. It's a great location to learn basic and advanced affiliate marketing tactics for all types of affiliates. While it offers an excellent affiliate network, the platform's primary focus is on training and community.

The training comprises five levels of courses, regular webinars, and classrooms for online marketing. It includes more than two million users who can share their training or ideas. You can post comments or ask questions below each course and piece of content. It's a friendly and helpful affiliate marketing network, and you can learn more about it in my review.

Clickbank, on the other hand, is a digital product affiliate network and marketplace. As a result, it serves as a link between affiliates and vendors. Clickbank creates your affiliate links, and they handle payments. You can browse the marketplace's products after creating a free account. Many of these goods are organized into categories, with data that show how well they perform. Some merchants have set up an affiliate section with various tools to help you with your campaigns.

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Commissions and Affiliate Programs

The affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate allows you to advertise only on their website. It offers recurring commissions of 40% of your referrals' total payments. The monthly profits for the premium membership are $23.50 per month or $235 per year.

When a referral upgrades, there is now a premium plus membership that doubles your profits. On the other hand, Affiliates are not required to purchase the premium plus membership to receive commissions.

You can also earn credits, which you can use to exchange money for simple platform operations. When your referrals create their profiles, you receive two $1 credits. You don't have to limit yourself to the affiliate program on Wealthy Affiliate because there are many more ways to make money.

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The community and training are the two most significant benefits for affiliate marketers on that site. Members assist and motivate newcomers to take steps that can improve conversion rates. In addition, many members stick with Wealthy Affiliate because they enjoy the community and making friends in the members' area. Members frequently renew their membership for years.

Clickbank's platform is straightforward. It has a lot of things that you may start promoting right away. The commissions vary, but they can reach as high as 75%. Each vendor's sales page and member's area are unique. The issue is that you must stay away from things that do not sell.

Clickbank does not have a community, but you can get information on forums and websites. Before you use the knowledge that is provided, you must assess it. Cookies are used by affiliate programs to determine how long you can collect credit for a click on your links. Cookies are set for 30 days on both Clickbank and Wealthy Affiliate.

You Can Use These Strategies

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on creating a website and attracting search engine traffic. The goal is to create a niche or authority website that will generate money for years if done correctly. Sharing your material on social media and learning SEO are essential parts of this approach.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is such a vast community, several members use extra strategies like sponsored ads, sales funnels, and dropshipping. They provide content on these topics, but the platform's official training is focused on SEO.

Clickbank does not recommend a specific affiliate marketing plan. However, paid ads are used by the majority of successful affiliates on this network. Most Clickbank product sales pages are also designed for bought traffic. Solo advertising is operated by many fellows in the internet marketing specialty.

Another thing to consider is that you'll need to establish an email list to enhance your conversion rates. Although direct traffic can result in sales, the outcomes will be poor or ordinary.

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The Key Factors of Wealthy Affiliate vs Clickbank University Training

Now that you have a general idea of the overview of Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank University let's dig deeper into the training courses we aim for this post.

Here are the top considerations to watch for and their strengths and weaknesses.


Nobody wants to go to a challenging course to understand and apply. For newcomers, it must be simplified sufficiently to reach a large enough audience and allow them to comprehend the training.

The training at ClickBank University is spread out over a few weeks and primarily consists of videos. I won't say if videos or words are superior because everyone has their favorite learning technique.

The videos are brief, so you can simply watch a couple simultaneously, and Justin makes everything simple to grasp. However, because they are short, there aren't many details that can help newcomers.

You gain access to WA's training modules, including videos, webinars, and articles. You can either eat them on your own time or participate in the Bootcamp for a more structured approach.

Aside from the 50 or so main issues, many other topics cover the complete affiliate marketing spectrum. The training is updated regularly, so you can be sure you're learning something new each time you go.

Training Programs Offered

You will receive two types of instruction at CBU.

The first phase consists of an 8-week training course that you may access online through their portal. This article walks you through the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and explains how you can profit from it.

You'll also learn about sales funnels, setting them up to maximize profitability, and composing email swipes for your mailing list.

The other segment is for vendors, which implies you have a product you'd want to sell and want to market it through the Clickbank network. This is a 12-week course that covers all you need to know about picking a niche, creating digital items, and selling them.

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On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is a massive library of content centered only on assisting affiliate marketers. You should enroll in Bootcamp since it is the most effective approach to learning how to use the platform.

It walks you through the A-Z of affiliate marketing, even teaching you how to build your websites in detail. A handy checklist is included to help you stay on track and track your progress.

You're continually encouraged to take action, which is helpful given that many beginners give up after a short period.


Having a community to offer guidance and support is tremendously beneficial for a newbie to affiliate marketing. Imagine you have a burning query that no article on Google can answer, or you require a quick solution but are unsure who to contact.

There are training classes at Clickbank University that include question and answer sessions. However, there aren't many resources available to assist you beyond that. You'll have to rely on the recordings and find out how to address problems if they arise. There is a Facebook group for them, but it is not very active.

The story at Wealthy Affiliates is much different. The entire platform was created with interactivity in mind. Once you log in for the first time, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

You are asked to introduce yourself to the very active private community with over 2 million members. The proprietors individually greet you and invite you to participate and ask questions.

Even though you are all competitors, it never feels like it. Instead, it's more like a group of like-minded individuals getting together to discuss ideas and assist one another.

Kyle and Carson frequently answer questions on the platform, which may surprise you. I believe it is unusual for proprietors to take such a hands-on attitude.

Method of generating traffic

The lifeblood of affiliate marketing is learning how to drive visitors to your website. To put it another way, more traffic equals more purchases, which means more money for you. Even if you have the most beautifully designed and informative website globally, no one will know if no one is visiting it.

However, mastering the technique of driving traffic to your specialty website is challenging.

Many courses simply instruct you to use sponsored traffic, which is excellent in my opinion, but learning how to get organic traffic from Google, which is more sustainable, is equally if not more vital.

CBU is primarily interested in employing bought traffic, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. This can be effective, but it also adds another complication to a novice marketer's job.

At first, the last thing to learn is a new skill, such as running advertising.

WA teaches you how to drive traffic both naturally and through paid advertising. Learning SEO will be one of the most important lessons you will ever learn in your affiliate marketing career, and you should devote as much time as necessary to master it.

Training Program Pricing

I completely understand if you want to learn everything, there is to know for free. I used to believe the same thing. However, there is a reason why paid courses are still available in every specialty imaginable.

Why is it the case? People require a method of learning that is both organized and efficient.

Imagine wasting hours searching for films on YouTube or reading through many websites to find the information you require. How much time would you squander as a result of this?

august2021 Commission
set2021 Commission

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If you're serious about mastering affiliate marketing, you might want to put a little money into your education.

The cost of Clickbank University is $47 a month, and you'll have to keep paying if you want to use the Clickbank Builder tool. This is similar to ClickFunnels in that it allows you to create sales funnels. There are also several optional upsells.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and remain a free member for life, but you will have some limitations on what you can access and utilize. They use a freemium approach, which means that you can increase your membership for a fee. The premium membership costs $19 for the first month and $49 per month. The premium plus membership will cost  $49 for the first month, then $99 every succeeding month.


Finally, we consider the amount of support provided by each vendor. This is critical since you want your problems (if any) to be fixed as quickly as possible. Nobody enjoys waiting for a response to a support ticket.

Support is outsourced with Clickbank University. If you tried to contact them, you'd probably understand why because they tend to respond with a canned response. I'm not sure about that because the quality of the reactions is hit or miss.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate appears to have figured out how to keep its members happy with various support alternatives. For technical problems with the free website, you can build on WA; you can submit a ticket to site support or ask questions in the active community.

There is also a live chat service for premium users that can assist you in quickly resolving issues.

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The Bottomline: Should You Get Wealthy Affiliate Or ClickBank University?

Let me quickly go over the essential differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank University that you should be aware of in our comparison.

The following are some of the most critical aspects of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • The training is thorough, and it teaches you how to advertise a variety of things, both digital and physical.
  • Even with a free membership, you will receive a free website. 
  • The course will show you how to build a website and do keyword research using SEO best practices.
  • There's also a free keyword research tool, Jaxxy, a limited feature for a free account.
  • Even with a free account, you have access to the community.

Key Takeaways from Clickbank University:

  • There are two sorts of training available: one for affiliate marketers and another for vendors looking to offer digital products.
  • Dedicated to the sale of Clickbank products
  • There are numerous social media marketing suggestions offered (paid ads)
  • Although it is not free, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, the central question is: which path should you take?

Based on the assessment of the essential features above, it would appear that Wealthy Affiliate has the most significant advantage, as they have enormous features in almost every category.

If you're new to affiliate marketing, I recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate, which offers a free training program with helpful information. This is an excellent initial step for you, and you can decide whether or not to use the premium services later.

You could be hesitant right now, and you won't be persuaded to part with any money unless you can see the results. If that's the case, a free WA membership is the best option for you.

However, I wouldn't wholly dismiss Clickbank University because it has some advantages. While the affiliate marketing training isn't as extensive as I'd like, their course on becoming a vendor is informative.


I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015 with no marketing experience whatsoever. In a couple of months, I got my own website running, driving traffic, and sales daily.

I am now self-employed and run my online affiliate business from the comfort of my home or wherever I want to.

Join now, and if you ever need help with anything, feel free to send me a message I'll be there to guide you! So see you inside...  

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Last Updated on September 27, 2022