When i look back I say to myself, I should have asked that same question. Believe me, it would have saved me a lot of time, effort, and worst of all hard earned Money. So, can you teach me how to sell online? I’m here sharing this with you so you won’t fall for the same beginner mistakes i did.

We starting a small online business, and the most natural and easy thing to do is, sell things online. Thing is, online world can be ruthless to beginners, and if we don’t have the right precautions, we will start with the wrong foot. Always keep in mind that the main purpose of any type of business is to earn money and not the other way around.

I started to sell things over the internet long time ago, and, as most people do, i started with eBay. The important thing about eBay is, before selling on eBay you should first buy on eBay. This turns out to be very important because it will allow us to understand the mechanics. You can read my article about selling on www eBay com official site if you want to dig deeper.

I will summarize what I’ve learned on my selling online journey and I’m sure that when you are done with this article, you’ll be ahead of many people trying to sell things over the internet.

I will cover things like, Online or retail what’s the difference? How to choose things to sell on the internet? What tools do you need to succeed online? Is there a place that can really teach me how to sell online?

Teach Sell Online


I see many people failing  in their attempt to sell over the Internet, simply because they do not understand the difference, especially at the beginning, between online sales and traditional retail.

There are some simple details. some not so obvious, that I will be covering on this teach me how to sell online article. Those details can make all the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.

Advantages of selling online.

When an entrepreneur is planning his online business, he creates a bullet list of the advantages of selling on the Internet. There are several answers such as the massive amount of possible clients, less investment comparing to a retail shop, no need of having merchandise in stock, he can buy only when he sell, and so on. Most of the times, people only think of the advantages, this is wrong.

And why is wrong? Because the most important question is often forgotten. The most important question for someone starting to sell online is:

“What is the customer’s advantage of buying in my store?”

This may sound funny, but many online business owners believe that just because they have an online store people will buy from them. First the need to be found! I will be covering this aspect later on  this teach me how to sell online article.

I  asked a couple of virtual store owners: “Why do you think people buy on the Internet?” The most common answer was, “because visitors can easily compare”

That is the main reason people buy online! The fact of being able to easily compare what the best deal for them is. The second reason is the commodity, buying something and having it delivered at our doorstep is a big advantage of buying online.

Unlike the physical world where a customer can only compare what they are buying if they go to multiple stores, usually around certain area/city. On the Internet, people have the ability compare globally,  a lot faster and with less expense.

At an online shop, it is no longer the seller who makes the sale but the customer who chooses where he will buy from.

The importance of the layout

Have you thought why are the registers at the opposite side of the entrance at most big stores and supermarkets? The answer is the layout. These retail shops have marketing strategies, they create paths for you to follow, placing merchandise in strategic locations so people see them increasing the chance of purchase.

You can’t use this marketing strategy at your online shop. Actually, a great percentage of buyers won’t even enter through your virtual store front door, in this case, the homepage. If you analyze your visitor behavior you will see that most convert pages are products pages.

85% of internet buyers behave like this:

  1. open google and type the name of the product they want
  2. browse thru the first page results
  3. enter your site, see if it has what he want if not, goes back to google and keeps searching.

Resuming, you must have a great product page because most of the times this will be your visitor landing page. Remember to have good image quality, good but concise description, customer reviews are also a great asset because it will build trust.

Teach me to Sell Online
How to choose things to sell on the internet?

Before starting your online business, there are some things you must take into consideration. First and sometimes disregarded, is the weight and volume of the product you are about to sell. Because you are selling online you will need to ship all your sold articles to your customer address, therefore will be a fee associated to your sale. The larger and heavier the object is, the more expensive it will be.

Choosing whenever possible, articles that wear off or have pieces that wear off is a good principle.  First, because it will create returning costumers as well as refills / replacement parts.

The secret of a sale company is never on the sale! Do you know why? Because the sale price is controlled by your competition. The secret of a successful sales company is always on the buy! Buy low sell at a just price.

It’s a huge advantage knowing from the inside out the niche we choose. Being able to help your customer with support, tips or troubleshooting turns out to be a major plus on getting a happy client.

 What tools do you need to succeed online?

The first tool you will need to sell online is a website. But what is a website good for it can’t be found? A very common error is having  a website as a portfolio, for people that already know you.

The main purpose of a good website is to allow people that don’t know you reach your product. For that, you will need SEO, search engine optimization. Basically what this does, is to make possible people find your website by searching certain specific keywords on search engines  such as google, bing or yahoo.

Payment methods

How will your customers be paying you? You can integrate on your website payment methods such as PayPal, credit card payments or you could always choose the old cash on delivery method. All of those have advantages and disadvantages, it’s a matter or choosing wich one suits better your interests.

Handling & delivery

Having several delivery options is a major plus. Even though most people will stay with the priority mail, the cheapest snail mail option from USPS. Others won’t mind paying a little extra to get that gadget he just bought asap using Fedex, DHL or UPS. Some of these services will allow the buyer to track their purchase, this also builds trust and is a major plus for both sides.

Is there a place that can teach me how to sell online?

So many times i asked that question myself. For some time i struggled by doing things by myself, learning it the hard way,  lost money  being naive and optimistic, not looking at those little but important details.

Lucky for me, i found the place to teach me how to sell online. Actually, this place is a marketing university and provided me with the tools, knowledge, and support i needed to succeed online. If you ask me now what is the #1 place to teach me how to sell online i would say wealthy Affiliate. You can try it out for free and see all it as to offer. It can be a life changer. Believe me, when I say this, people will sooner or later ask you teach me how to sell online!

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