Qualities Good Leader Must Have – Do you have them?

5 Qualities Good Leader Must Have

Do you have the qualities good leader must have? Usually, the leader trait is born with us, and, it will become evident early in our life. Go back to your childhood memories and remember old friends that acted “BOSSY”, some of them were probably showing qualities good leader must have. Kids that often choose the next thing to play, kids that picked teams or simply choose where to go next, others would follow. They were showing early signs of leadership.

Leadership is often mistaken, a true leader inspires others to work. One of the most important qualities good leader must have is respect for their team. A true leader will always respect his team, mainly because he trained and build it at his own image. A true leader will also learn to delegate responsibilities extending his influence among the team. 

Listening and guiding your team is one of the many qualities good leader must have. Being aware and absorbing your team feedback/suggestions, carefully making use of acquired information will enable you to guide and adjust team objectives as necessary. This is the main key to success.

Always keep in mind that this also works the other way around, being transparent and guiding your team in a clear and informative way is extra motivational and will result in better team performance. 

qualities good leader

Empathy, true leader interacts naturally with their collaborators getting to know them better and even get to know a bit of their private life. This may turn beneficial because will allow the true leader to better understand his team. Knowing each one strength and weaknesses will allow him to channel employees to do what they do best (note: this is different of doing what they like) saving them of what they do worst whenever is possible. This sort of behavior will improve teamwork and will result in improved employee morale and higher loyalty towards the leader.

Motivating is another one of the 5 qualities good leader must have. Being able to motivate your employees especially in critical times can bring impressive results. Being resistant to frustration, be persistent, staying focused on the objective when others are almost “throwing in the towel”, will make your collaborators  follow.

Whatever is a huge amount of working hours, or working on severe conditions heat, cold or rain, the simple presence, or a tap on the back, a cold beer, some inspiring words or the ultimate “be the last man standing” will inspire others to give their maximum.

Being able to give and receive feedback is not often easy for leaders, especially because usually they are not open to others opinions. But being able to absorb feedback from people on the field, will contribute to team development and a better final product / service. Sometimes a true leader must be humble and or tolerant so others will not be shy / embarrassed to share their comments and opinions or even client feedback wich not always are pleasant but, very important for his own professional development.

qualities good leader

4 thoughts on “Qualities Good Leader Must Have – Do you have them?”

  1. Hi Pedro,
    Your domain name sounds so unique.It actually attracted me first.The site is very inspiring as well as motivating.The contents are the type that brings out the best in anyone,especially the post on leadership qualities.
    You do have a great idea and your website has good design with detailed information.I look forward to visiting your site again and again for more encouraging posts.
    Well done!

    • Thank you for your kind words Bernicia.

      I try to share my experiences and point of view with my visitors hoping everyone can someday become his own admin either on professional and / or personal life.

      Best is a balance between both.

      Best of luck

  2. I think I have some of these qualities but I could definitely work on others. I was generally more of a follower as a child but I’d like to become more of a leader. Do you think that someone can learn qualities or they’re just stuck with what their personality is like?

    • Hi Gabriela,

      I think that a natural leader is born with that trait. Leadership however can be trained and you can get quite good at it like any other skill, thing is sometimes to become real good you will have kind of a feeling conflict, you will have to take actions and take decisions that aren’t naturally yours or whoever is trying to be a leader.

      If you need anything else let me know.

      Cheers 😉


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