How to Make Your Own YouTube Videos & Get Stunning Results

Many internet users enjoy watching videos on YouTube, either for entertainment or education. But people like you and I can only watch videos on Youtube if other’s publish their own YouTube videos. Thing is, is there any direct benefits for you to upload your own content? Should You Make Your Own YouTube Videos and publish them to YouTube? Let’s take a look at the benefits, pros, and cons of doing it.

If you would like to publish a video to YouTube first you will need to sign up for YouTube free account. This account will not only enable you to share your videos on the internet, but it will as well, allow you to see and rate videos from other Youtube members. You can even engage them by leaving comments or even have online conversations with fellow YouTubers.

Why Should You Make Your Own YouTube Videos?

Perhaps, the greatest advantage to making your own YouTube videos is that your videos can be whatever you desire them to be!

Remember, you are the director and you have the opportunity to show your video to the whole world.

Popular videos on YouTube right now include funny spoofs, video blogs, how-to videos, music videos from up and coming artists.

Whether you want to make a video blog of yourself or if you and your friends wish to simply have fun with a video camera, you can do so.

Of course, when making a YouTube video you will wish to use your best judgment. Although YouTube accepts videos on a wide range of different subjects, it’s advisable for you to proceed with caution and take some things into consideration.

You might not necessarily think about it, however, you likewise want to ensure that you do not post and tape-record anything unlawful on YouTube. It has been said that YouTube routinely deals with police to assist resolve criminal activities.

Another awesome benefit of making your own YouTube videos is the simplicity and how fast you can make them.
You can shoot them with your phone and upload them almost instantly to Youtube. Submitting a YouTube video is as simple as it can be.

YouTube explains the submitting process in an easy, step-by-step method. Even if you don’t have a great deal of experience with utilizing computer systems, you ought to quickly have the ability to submit one of your videos to YouTube.

Of course that if you aiming for the best quality YouTube videos, you will need to have a good camera and video editing software.

Video editing software programs will not only offer you the ability to sneak peek your videos, prior to publishing them to YouTube, but you must also be able to modify them, make them better, remove parts you don’t want to, even spice things up with effects.

Make Your Own YouTube Videos

Make Your Own YouTube Videos for Living

Another advantage of making your own videos and uploading them to YouTube is that you can monetize them. After you have uploaded your videos to YouTube, they are offered for viewing, anybody with a web connection can visit YouTube site and view your videos.

This implies that simply one of your videos might be seen by thousands of people! If those audiences are registered members of YouTube they can rate your YouTube videos, subscribe to your channel, leave comments for you.

This function is good because it offers you positive and in some cases negative feedback. This feedback can be considered and use into your benefit when you opt to make more videos.

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Make Your Own YouTube Videos

Make Your Own YouTube Videos Boost your SEO

If you run a website or blog, is imperative for you to start making your own videos on youtube for internet marketing purposes.

Making targeted videos for your posts and pages will skyrocket your Google ranks. The trick is to make 4 to 8-minute videos about a certain subject, save and name them with the exact same keyword you are trying to rank for.

After that, upload that video to your youtube channel, and again, use the exact same keyword you are trying to rank for on the video name and description.

Then use the embed video on the page or post and it will boost your search engine results under that keyword if this technique is used with proper on-page SEO.

As you can see, there are a variety of pros or benefits to Make Your Own YouTube Videos and share them. Of course that not everything is perfect and, as you most likely know, there are a number of disadvantages as well that I’ll be covering right now.

Make Your Own YouTube Videos

Make Your Own YouTube Videos The Hugly Part

Are you interested in making your own videos and publish them on YouTube? As good as sharing YouTube videos with the remainder of the YouTube community can be, there are some cons or downsides of doing so.

I’ll just toss a few of the most popular ones bellow

Lots of YouTube video submitters (especially people starting up) do not always realize that anyone can view their videos. Yes, the good news is that your video may be seen by thousands of individuals, however, do you really want that many individuals to see your personal videos?

YouTube allows video publishers to pull out their video content from the site if they want to. Thing is removing your video from Youtube won’t mean your video is no longer online! A lot of internet users copy and download videos from Youtube to use for their own purpose and one might be yours…

Always beware of online predators

It’s advisable for you to be cautious about revealing excessive information about yourself and/or your family on your own Youtube videos.

You will never ever know who actually will watch your videos and what the repercussions they may be.

Another con or disadvantage of making your own YouTube videos is that strangers basically get familiar with you. The number of details they learn about you will depend upon the video type that you publish to YouTube.

For example, a complete stranger watching your YouTube video might have the ability to find out a lot more about you. Where you live, where you usually film, who you hang out with…

That is why you must not only think of whether you wish to publish a video on YouTube, but you ought to also think of your safety.

Keeping web security in mind, do not reveal excessive personal details, is a fantastic method to take advantage of YouTube’s full benefits and potential with no dangers.

After reading this it may seem like there are a large number of downsides to making and sharing videos on YouTube, but there are really a much bigger number of benefits.

Make Your Own YouTube Videos


Either we like it or not, youtube is part of our daily routines, people use it for almost everything.

If you want to see how to make chicken soup, go to youtube. Looking for the next great movie promo? Go to youtube.

A lot of people “work” and have a full income by uploading regular how-to videos, reviews, unboxing, crazy and funny stuff… you name it. Just need an idea, and most important don’t be afraid of others might think of you when they see you!

These people use Youtube for marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, Vlogs and believe me, is a very powerful tool to use, as long as you use it with conscience and without disregarding your safety and privacy.

Just keep this in mind when you “Make Your Own YouTube Videos”, and you will enjoy and take advantage of the powerful marketing tool Youtube is.


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