Is the cat niche profitable?

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

There is a huge market for pet products, and so many cat lovers out there. But, Is the cat niche profitable? It can be profitable if you have a strong passion for cats and are willing to devote lots of time to them. However, a fierce competition is also out there, so be ready to put in a whole lotta work to succeed.

Is the cat niche profitable?

Even if you think this niche is not big enough for you to bother with, it’s worth noting that almost 100 million cats live in homes across America. And people who own cats tend to spend their hard-earned cash on cat food and treats first.

Why is the pet niche so competitive?

According to Statista, Pet market sales in 2021 surpassed the $120 Billion mark in the US alone. 

Because there is so much competition in these high-end markets, big companies often control the top spots in popular niches. Entrepreneurs like us need more resources to compete with these large corporations.

That’s why sub-niched and micro-niched content is so important. The more you narrow down your focus, the smaller your audience becomes, but if you go too narrow, you may run into an issue: Your target market could become too small and harder to monetize.

You must first analyze the keyword phrases directly related to your vision to determine if your idea has any potential. You consider searching for other related terms if they’re overly competitive.

What makes this cat niche so appealing?

Good profit margins

Cats’ health and happiness are essential to cat lovers. Some of the best pet care providers offer affiliate programs for people who want to earn extra income by promoting their products.

Some of these affiliate programs give up to 25% commissions, which is pretty high if we consider we are talking about physical products.

In other words, You can make money just by creating content about cat-related things. Sounds like a great way to earn some extra cash?

Demand is always there.

If not anything else, pets need to eat. The thing is, there is a lot more to this billion-dollar industry than just pet food.

As the demand for pet care grows, new categories continue to emerge. One of the most popular categories today includes supplements containing CBD.

Many different types of products are available for cats, including pet wipes, cat toothpaste, and even wireless internet-connected litter boxes.

People in this industry have an almost limitless number of products they can market.

Almost recession-proof business

Unlike other categories, the economy doesn’t affect the pet industry. People will keep buying and taking care of their pets regardless of the economy because most pet owners consider their pets an extension of the family and household

Share or people who own a cat

What to write about on your cat blog?

To establish yourself as an expert in this niche, you must write about everyday topics. This will help you gain authority and credibility. 

Make sure you regularly update your site with new articles that will keep people coming back for more.

start your affiliate blog

Why did you start your blog in the first place?

People that visit your site will want to get to know you better. 

What do you want to accomplish by writing for your blog? Explain to your readers why you started your blog. Tell them what inspired you to write your first post.

Cat Adoption 101

When adopting a cat from a shelter, go through the basics of cat adoption and tell your readers what age range and breed they’d be best suited for. You can also discuss common medical or behavioral conditions shelter cats may have and explain how to identify and deal with them.

Cat Products 

Tell us about your favorite pet supplies that have made life or your pets’ lives easier. Describe why they’re so good and, of course, where you get them from ;).

Cats behavior

Provide advice on how to deal with the most common behavioral issues cat owners face.


Cats are adorable, cuddly creatures who bring joy into our life. They also give us companionship and unconditional love. Therefore, they’re perfect topics for blogging.

So is the cat niche profitable? Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment down below.


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