Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam

Today my review is about the six figure mentors program, and the question I have for you is, is six figure mentors a scam? Stay with me for the next couple of minutes, and I'll tell you all you need to know about this mentoring program. 

I can't say this enough, but making a research study before purchasing or subscribing to any product is undoubtedly the best way to prevent scams and find a legitimate program to make money online!

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SFM Review Summary

Product Name:

Six Figure Mentors (SFM)


Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek 


Affiliate marketing 

Best For:

this company is for those that are able to market and promote companies without any physical product

What Is The Six Figure Mentors?

This online training program provides support and mentorship for web entrepreneurs. According to the official website, they describe it as a digital business system developed for marketing education, cutting-edge tools, world-class products, and support that would keep entrepreneurs on the right track while making money online and building a career that they love.

In simpler terms, the program was developed to help ordinary people make money online. They claim that anyone that takes an introductory course should be able to have the proper knowledge to create and maintain an online business. 

Most people have complained that they, like most the other mentorship programs, persuade members into buying products and packages that would help them succeed online.

They claim to offer members a step-by-step instructional guide on digital marketing and other marketing resources and tools that would allow individuals to make money online.

According to their official website, their goal is to provide people with the opportunity to live the "laptop lifestyle." They tell their members that the only proper way to make money is simply through high ticket affiliate marketing.

One of their famous premises is that it takes the same amount of time to sell a less expensive and an expensive item. 

How does The Six Figure Mentors Program Works?

Irrespective of what they tell you on their website, the real idea behind the development of the program is to encourage individuals to make money online by buying their programs and packages. Members would be taught how best they can promote and earn a commission when they can convince others to join the program as new recruits. 

Six Figure Mentors are designed so that affiliates or members get a commission when their new recruits can also bring in new recruits. The idea behind this company makes it a dangerous game for all involved. First, this company does not have a tangible product it sells that can add value to people's lives.

This means that affiliates would find it difficult to convince others to join a company with no physical products that could be sold.

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam high cost

Another problem with this company is that the starting fee is outrageous. Affiliates could pay up to $20,000. This clearly means that if they are to make money, they would have to spend months, if not years, convincing people to invest $20,000 into a company with no physical product. 

It is even difficult. According to the official website, affiliates are expected to bring in over 10 people willing to pay over $20,000 before they can make profits on their investment. What happens if affiliates cannot convince 10 people to become part of the company? Does it mean they lose their money? Yes!

We can deduce that this company was founded with two sets of people in mind from this description. The official website describes the company as a training platform and marketing system that prepares individuals for every aspect of their online entrepreneurship career.

The website also reveals that Six Figure Mentors seeks to deliver quality content taught by some of the leading experts in the industry to thousands of students across the globe.

  • It was established for those new to affiliate marketing or those who are repeatedly looking for opportunities to venture into affiliate marketing.
  • For those that have never tried affiliate marketing before, Six Figure Mentors offers them an easy-to-follow affiliate marketing tool and opportunities that have never been tried before.
  • For those that have an online business already.
  • For those with online businesses already thriving, the website claims that Six Figure Mentors would help them boost their existing marketing strategies and sales effort. 

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What Are The Various Membership Levels of The Company?

This company has about four membership levels that members would have to go through. The membership levels are as follows; 

  • The free access; as the name implies, this level is free for all to join. According to the official website, those who opt for this membership level get access to videos that talk about the following aspects; websites, advertising online, providing value, list building, and products and promotion. Members on this level would be regularly encouraged by the company to upgrade to the paid tier.
  • The student access membership level; this membership costs about $29.95. Those who opt for this level would be granted unlimited access to the company's short courses and live video recordings. Also, members are given a commission on each of the bought products.

    Unknown to most people, this company's website does not actually hype the level, but there is a separate page where members would find out the tools and resources needed for them to go from 0 to 6 figures. The cost of this acclaimed product is $500. 
  • The basic membership level; to opt for this level, members, would be required to make an upfront payment of $297 followed by a monthly fee of $97. This level would give members access to the company's business lounge, which comprises website hosting, a graphics creator, a land paging creator, and multiple ebooks. Also, the commission members stand to gain increases when they opt for this level. 
  • The basic plus level; this level would require the member to make an upfront payment of $2,500. This offers members not just higher commissions but also more webinars. 

struggling to make money online?

One of the main facts that differentiate this company from the others is that they do not promise members to make a stipulated amount when they join. According to the official website, the company's goal is to give individuals the opportunity to kick-start their business. 

They state that individuals would make additional income depending on the amount of time and effort they dedicate. This company's website is filled with countless stories without any verifiable means. 

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam

Why is The Six Figure Mentors Company Could Be a Scam?

  1. It is too expensive; the membership fee and the cost of purchasing products and packages are outrageous and make it difficult for members to earn profits. Often, members cant recruit new people to become part of the company. When this happens, it means that they do not make any profit. Also, the training courses they claim to offer are just like the others offered by other websites. 

  2. Weak training courses; when you pay close attention to the classes offered by this company, you will find out that they are not well designed and articulated so that those with businesses can generate traffic. Also, these courses cannot empower those with little or no knowledge of affiliate marketing to enable them to make enough money. 

  3. They do not have a physical product; unlike most other companies that claim to educate individuals on how best to make money online, the Six Figure Mentors company does not offer members any product that can be sold. They simply have to convince others to become part of the company and pay substantial membership fees before earning a commission. Also, while they claim that they offer users free access, they would require them to sign up with their credit card information. If they do not cancel their free access, they will be charged right after the free access expires. 

SFM Pros And Cons


  • They have an organized structure that would convince unsuspecting individuals that the platform is good. 
  • They seek to offer individuals the opportunity to make huge funds. 


  • It is costly 
  • There is no physical product that the company offers its members 
  • Members would have to convince others to join a company that does not have a physical product
Six Figure Mentors pros and cons

So, is Six Figure Mentors A Scam Or A Legit Program?

In this "is six figure mentors a scam" review, I tried to be as unbiased as possible. Like most of the other mentorship programs, this program would require would-be members to pay for offered packages and products. 

One of the disheartening facts about these programs is that they all claim to provide their members the opportunity to make huge profits witch, rarely comes true!

If you feel like commenting or adding something to my six-figure mentor a scam review, please drop me a line below.

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