Is Primerica a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Primerica a pyramid scheme? Let One wants to think about the coverage until it’s too late. But if we think about it, we all want a respectable company to stay. You don’t want to claim while a loved one is crying and finding that the insurer was seized years ago.

If you will think of an insurance company, you might hear about Primerica. Primerica is a marketing network company providing life insurance plans and other financial services. They are also an MLM like no other business in this industry.

It is not a common method of selling life assurance and, frankly, is not your standard MLM class as skincare or home jewelry. However, the question is will Primerica will work to you? Are they scam or not? Let’s see with this eye-opening review.

Primerica Review

Product Name: Primerica
Founder: Arthur L. Williams Jr
Logo: is primerica a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: People who are looking for life insurance that is legit and wants to earn extra cash at the same time.

Primerica is a marketing network company providing life insurance plans and other financial services. They are also an MLM like no other business in this industry. It is not a common method of selling life assurance and, frankly, is not your standard MLM class as skincare or home jewelry. They were published in 2001 as Primerica, Inc. The website of the company is ranked as the country's largest independent financial services company. Primerica's life policies have in force more than 5 million.

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What is Primerica?

The company was founded in 1977 as Arthur Williams and Associates to give middle-income life insurance considered between $30,000 and $100,000 annually and to advise them not to buy permanent life products to invest the difference in money that they have saved.

In 1991, the company underwent multiple fusions and acquisitions and started operating as Primerica Financial Services. They were published in 2001 as Primerica, Inc. The website of the company is ranked as the country’s largest independent financial services company. Primerica’s life policies have in force more than 5 million.

is primerica a pyramid scheme

Although Primerica lists some services, such as auto and home insurance, on the website, these are signed up by others with whom Primerica partners. Primerica writes life insurance only for a term. They provide investment services through PFS Investments, another division of the group.

The headquarters are located in Duluth, GA, and services are sold across the country by 124,000 salespersons and another more than 23,000 plus financial consultants. Such salespeople are not brokers, in that Primerica operates differently and uses a multiple-level approach to the sales of an insurance company.

How Does Primerica Work?

I wonder, Is Primerica A Pyramid Scheme? Unlike others, Primerica does not provide a resource for online life insurance quotes for its term items. Users should instead call for quotes based on their age, residency status, race, smoker status, and general health profile.

For example, for 10 years a non-smoking 35-year-old can get $500,000 for a Primerica Life insurance policy at $20 a month. The same coverage costs $27.91 per month for a policy of 20 years, and $30.83 per month for a policy of 30 years. Additional women’s costs for 10-year plans are $18.81 a month, a package for 20-years is $25.22 a month and 30-years is $28.74.


is primerica a pyramid scheme


Persons with a history of adverse effect, who are smoking or older will pay more for Primerica’s level term policy. Primerica’s life insurance premiums are far higher than equivalent insurers to other major insurance providers, but for adverse health claimants.

In all 50 states and throughout Canada there are Primerica term life insurance. However, persons interested in Customizable term insurance are connected with a licensed insurance agent in their area to apply for and underwrite the insurance.


How Much Can You Make With Primerica?

The first thing we learn is that Primerica targets those who don’t like their work lives in this forum. We have a few people who tell us about the jobs they hate, but then they have the opportunity to dream.

Once you have your life insurance license, you get a 25% discount for each plan that you sell the network. You will also receive up to 70% of the fees your downline receives. 

Primerica announced in 2017 that the North American Agent has an average annual fee of $6030. It involves the exclusive payment of 25% of marketing policies and all fees from the downline of the agent. This amount falls to $502.50 a month on average. That’s not a living wage in North America anywhere.

There is no reliable data on the profits of workers. The above estimates are from their 2017 annual report. Agents who earned money through the firm report that they collected their fees on time. It seems that the company is paying what they owe, but that most agents don’t make any substantial money from them.


What I Don’t Like About Primerica.

Just like the other MLM companies, Primerica has it’s downsides but I can see that most are about their sales agent who is offering life insurance.

Some of their sales agents give false advertisements.

Primerica received a number of negative reviews due to a lack of transparency. Consumers of their products and services have confirmed that a group of Primerica agents use job interviews to recruit new members. A client who was a survivor says that officials using this tactic usually scroll down the job search site and then approach the seekers in an interview.


is primerica a pyramid scheme


Representatives shall not provide any information regarding the alleged job but shall inform the applicant that they will be asked to stay longer for an information session if they have the skills required. But most customers are advised they have to enroll as independent agents during the information session.

A lot of complaints about their sales agents.

This was a regular negative evaluation of Primerica life insurance by a significant number of customers. For example, a client lost his money because the agent who introduced him to Primerica lacked knowledge and experience.

Many customers also show that Primerica’s agents do not have the background and experience other independent life insurance brokers have in many ways. Most of the agents of the company lack the previous financial experience and have learned practically anything from the learning of Primerica about wise investment.

What I Like About Primerica.

There are some factors that I like about Primerica which I believe I haven’t seen in other MLM companies.

They are doing background checks.

If you will ask me what I like about Primera, the first thing about the firm I appreciate is that before taking part in the business opportunity, each participant has to check its history or they have to go through a background check.

As we all know, many people are promoting Primerica insurance that doesn’t know what they are doing.


is primerica a pyramid scheme

The initial fee of $99 is placed for background inspections and sales permits but it will be reimbursed in a matter of months. Once everything has become clear, the tools and platform will require a subscription fee of 25 $per month. 

The background check checks criminal records to see whether you are eligible to be involved in the organization.

They provide pieces of training.

The member’s area also contains some training material. The training will show you how the products are sold without being too pushy. There are also helpful clips that illustrate different rules on personal finance as well as marketing material.


Is Primerica a Pyramid Scheme?

In general, the organization has a strong organizational culture and a positive goal. The best part is that the company has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s 50 Trusted Financial Companies. Therefore, you can find a better choice elsewhere if you are searching for term life insurance.

Primerica may have good fares and good products, and there are certainly enough favorable reviews and happy customers to convince us that this is the case. That means that every company operating in an MLM format has its own set of concerns, and we recommend that everyone who considers working with Primerica should have all the details before subscribing.


is primerica a pyramid scheme

Is Primerica a pyramid scheme? I don’t see any reason for Primerica to be considered as a scam or a pyramid scheme. The company is established for years now. But there are some reasons that I think I cannot recommend Primerica fully right now. Maybe it is just for me, but again the final decision will always be with you.

I can see that it is much easier to advertise Primerica compare to other insurance providers. Their life insurance may be expensive but it is worth it based on the reviews and feedbacks of the plan holders. If you are someone that is good at promoting products, then Primerica is for you and it will be easy for you since life insurance from them is really proven to be good.

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I hope that this review somehow helps you in making decisions, either looking for good life insurance or a way to earn extra cash. Always consider making full research about a company or product before getting into it. Time and money are important nowadays, so it is also important that we know it will go on the right one and will benefit us in the end.



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