Is PanelPlace Legit or Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is PanelPlace Legit or Scam? That’s a good question! Making money online is evolving every minute of the day, with multiple ways and options to get it done; it’s so right to examine them first before actually earning money from thereon. 

Making money online is made straightforward. If you’re not careful, you may lose time and effort; however, if you know where to look an authoritative source, you can make money online at the comfort of your home. 

Let me guess… you’re here on our website because probably you roamed around looking for several reliable and timely reviews about PanelPlace, whether the site is legit or an outright scam to take note of.

The search is over my friend because we got you completely covered, in this post, we have everything you need to know about PanelPlace; what is it really about, how it works, and ultimately it’s downturns you need to be aware of, so read along thoroughly because you deserve all these pieces of information, let’s go!

Product Name: PanelPlace
Founder: Unknown
Logo: PanelPlace Logo
Product Description: Survey Channel of Legit Survey Companies & other affiliates brands
Best For: Side hustlers
PanelPlace Summary:

PanelPlace is a channel of legit survey panels. It recommends survey panels across the internet, educational resources, websites, apps, and tools that can boost anyone's earning potential. It hails in Singapore and is available to 40 different countries worldwide.

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What Is PanelPlace?

PanelPlace HomepagePanelPlace is a channel for reliable and legit survey panels across the internetIn other words, it doesn’t involve panels where you pay a certain amount of money and then sells your personal information to unknown parties. It seems that all it claims works because it is over-hyped and has faithful members from over 40 countries worldwide.

Everything is well presented with their business protocols, like scans of some payment proofs and a platform that openly grants access to lots of opportunities.

Their main office is in Singapore. Their mobile number, postal code, and email information are available on their official website. Why do I say that? Because typical scam schemes won’t give you a way to contact them. 

However, it appears that PanelPlace doesn’t have a single record on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). How fishy is that? An accredited business system like (BBB) must’ve known the PanelPlace mainly because it’s been around and the fact that’s it is over-hyped worldwide.

On the other hand, they do have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, which means they can be reached to any user feedback.

How Does PanelPlace Work?

The first pitstop is to get started and have yourself an account on their website; actually, it doesn’t have to be on their website. You can signup via Facebook or Google+ or email by completing the registration form on their website. PanelPlace may ask several questions like full name, age, address, and other necessary details.

After that process, you will be directed to the member’s area to come face to face with various earning opportunities. Note that all the recommendations you find on the screen are highly customized– all are tailored ONLY according to the country you are in.

Also, PanelPlace offers something that doesn’t exist on your regular paid surveys taken, because it asks you to do paid surveys from other survey platform companies and some educational resources. 

The over-all of your income comes from completing surveys and tasks from different survey companies and resources offered in the recommendations of PanelPlace. Some of the most followed survey sites that might include on your list are MyPoints, OneOpinion, Toluna, and OpinionOutpost.

Moreover, you will also find various resource websites like Udemy for educational and Blinklinks, where you can access its bit-sized book collection. These two aren’t a survey platform, yes, so why does PanelPlace include this on their recommendations?

To answer that, because they’re affiliates to these brands and will probably have a commission to each subscription dealt through them. Perhaps, it really boosts your earning potential and provides you some knowledge about the self-discovery by some educational resources. On the flip side, you may find these affiliate recommendations nothing special if you’re only here for the money, for what it’s worth.

How Can I Make Money With PanelPlace?

How Can You Make Money With PanelPlace

There are various options of making money in PanelPlace, let’s check them all out.

#1 – Completing surveys

Despite providing you with multiple educational resources recommendations, completing surveys online remains atop of the most common way of making online and earning rewards. First of all, PanelPlace provides you with as many survey networks as possible. PanelPlace is partnered with various survey companies in over 40 countries worldwide– all for boosting your earning potential and ensuring that you always have something to do. Hats-off PanelPlace!

#2 – Various product testing

Everybody, if not all, is interested in money-making schemes that involve product testing. This is because you don’t just actually take advantage of the platform by sharing your opinion but also because you get to try various products free of charge and have them reviewed. 

Although product testing is not the primary service offered by PanelPlace, it’s one of the most anticipated of making money with the platform. Product testing is an extension of service provided by some of its affiliate brands and survey websites like Toluna. The fact that you can access different sites that offer the same service increases your chances of landing a product testing task.

How to use PanelPlace

#3 – Putting your luck on contents

For most, the only money-generating task primarily offered by PanelPlace to their members is the monthly free contests. Here, members are given an incentive in the form of a contest drawn from a wide range of subjects. Winners rewarded as much as $10. The downturn is that these contests are hard to come by, and putting your luck to make money online is indeed not the right choice to make.

#4 – Refer-a-friend program

Like the other money-making online businesses, PanelPlace has a refer-a-friend program that rewards you for recommending or inviting someone into the platform. They could be your friends and family members.

So, How Do I Get Paid?

This is the most important thing to know if you’re planning to make money on this platform or a friend has invited you; PanelPlace doesn’t handle the payments, yes, you heard it right. You should be wary of this and check the site you’re being referred to.

Usually, these are the payment methods you’ll be asked to choose from:

  • You can get paid through a PayPal deposit. Take note that this will depend on the country you are in, whether you can or not receive PayPal payments.
  • They are exchanging your money as gifts. Some sites don’t reward you with cash, have them converted instead, and choose any gifts from their website (this is the most efficient to do).
  • Get paid via Bank Transfer. This is a payment method used by some popular websites. But remember that this option is only applicable to a more significant amount.

For me, I’d recommend checking on each site and learn its payment methods, then after that, settle to websites that you’re happy, and you think it’s trustworthy when it comes to paying.

Another downturn here is the typical payment threshold we see on similar sites. Since PanelPlace offers its surveys from different survey companies, know that their payment threshold differs from one another. Some payment thresholds may go $10 only, and others are $50. So it really makes sense to check each site before actually completing surveys with them.

About PanelPlace

Also, do check how much the survey is worth because some surveys have a low paying rate. Make sure that the longer you do a survey, the more you’ll get paid and rewarded with various gifts (if that site prefers to reward you with one).

Then realize a game plan with how many you’d need to make to reach the site’s minimum threshold because survey companies pay an immensely different amount. So, if you feel like getting free cash most of the time, it depends on the length, the survey, and ultimately pays.

Pros & Cons of PanelPlace

Pros & Cons of PanelPlace

The Good

  1. PanelPlace is available in over 40 countries worldwide. Aside from the western regions like UK, Canada, and the US, you can also access it from a dozen Asian countries like Malaysia, Philippines, China, Japan, India. Moreover, it is also available in European countries, New Zealand, Australia, and many more.
  2. All recommendations of the website are legit panels. Some of them may be low paying, or you frequently get kicked out; nonetheless, it’s safe to trust them with your personal information.
  3. There are varieties of offers. It doesn’t only offer surveys, but it also provides educational resources, apps, tools, paid or free courses (most of the time free of charge), job offers, and product testing (free of charge). Consider them because some offers are beneficial on your end more than you know.

The Bad

  1. PanelPlace is more like a middleman. This is the most significant downturn of this panel. Although you’ve spent some time getting your account ready, and answering them your preferences and demographics, this doesn’t mean that your surveys will exactly fit on your end. In other words, you’ll undergo the process from time to time again from different survey sites. And when you finally get a hold of a new survey, you’re still likely to get kicked out. No matter what information you filled into PanelPlace and the survey company you wish to make money with, not being disqualified in the middle of the survey is for sure is no guarantee.
  2. Most members claim that their app has many flaws, on Google Play, for example. Some users experienced a hard time getting started with the app. Others also claim of not being able to get through and log in to their app.

Is PanelPlace Legit or Scam, the Bottom Line

Is PanelPlace Legit or Scam, the Bottom Line

Although I’m not a big fan of PanelPlace, it’s definitely not a scam site. Getting started with the site is free, so they do not lure money from users, as some scam survey sites do, and it’s entirely a safe site to give your personal information and join.

The PanelPlace doesn’t convince its members and members-to-be that they can actually make a living by doing surveys online. Still, the fact that surveys are one way to make some bucks just by sharing your opinion is not a way to make a living. I give credit when sites are honest about this matter, as several survey sites promise you way more than what’s possible with doing surveys and present you false hopes, just convince people to do sign up ultimately.

I also like about PanelPlace having a page where you can upload your payment proof when you have received a payment from various survey companies so other users can see it as a proof and build trust.

This quality seems legit, as there are not many people taking advantage of this, and there are not enough proofs for vast amounts as there are in scam sites trying to make it look like you can become a millionaire from doing surveys. So it seems as all payment proofs uploaded are from actual members.

Before you join and invite some of your friends or family members, put in mind that PanelPlace is not a survey site; however, it is a channel that will give you a list.

This information is already noted on the site if you have inspected more thoroughly before signing up. And to my knowledge, all the survey panels that they recommend to its members are legit companies. So PanelPlace a legit site, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth joining.

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So there you have it, fellas! That ends my ‘Is PanelPlace Legit or Scam’ review, and I do sincerely hope that it served its purpose on you and gave you insights with the platform.

If I have missed something, feel free to add them to the comment section below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Keep safe, and stay healthy in this pandemic– ciao!

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