Is Freedom With Writing a Scam? Not so Fast!

Is Freedom With Writing a scam? Being a writer for many years now,  I can say that searching for a job in this profession is a battlefield. I basically entered at my own risk unarmed and unarmored while having the guts to compete with more experienced and talented people in the pursuit to land a job that I love while also pays very well. But of course, I know that some people have it harder than me, especially freelance writers.

Thankfully, there’s this website called Freedom With Writing which helps freelance writers in the odds of landing a project to write. On top of this, they could patch you up with some of the highest paying freelance writer job postings on their platform. That’s what they say, though. Of course, I would not be the first to believe in that without some hard, cold, and solid evidence.

I did my elaborate research on Freedom With Writing, and thank god I did so. There’s nothing worse than believing something is legit with all of your hopes in the sky and later on discovering that it’s nothing more than just a disguise to an ugly and crappy scam. Let me tell you all the dirt I dug up on Freedom With Writing in this review.

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Freedom With Writing is a website which provides you with freelance writer job listings coming from all the various parts of the Internet. The job listings platform is free to use for every writer who wants to land a job as a freelance writer. Yes, you can gain access to these job listings without paying a single cent!

What is Freedom With Writing?

Freedom With Writing is a website which provides you with freelance writer job listings coming from all the various parts of the Internet. The job listings platform is free to use for every writer who wants to land a job as a freelance writer. Yes, you can gain access to these job listings without paying a single cent! 

If you are contemplating on signing up for Freedom With Writing with the worry that you will only find job listings to blogs and online websites, that’s not the case at all. You can even find job listings to bigger subfields in writing like journals, magazines, literature, and poetry among others. In other words, you have a lot of choices and you can be sure that you won’t run out. 

This website is founded by Jacob Jans which seems to have the passion and love for writing, while also wanting to help other writers whether beginner or advanced land a freelance job through Freedom With Writing. 

Is Freedom With Writing a scam? Okay, let’s take things slowly here. We’ll be going over that later on, but for the sake of fairness to the side of this job listings website, let’s first understand with enthusiasm how things go out and about in Freedom With Writing.

freedom with writing homepage

How Does Freedom With Writing Work?

Freedom With Writing claims you can gain access to their job listings without having to provide your email address. However, this means you will not be benefiting from all the features and services this website offers in the first place.

freedom with writing email subscription

I would understand why you would rather just choose not to disclose your email address since there are websites which exploit your information to third parties for cash. In return, your email inbox will be flooded with spam and in some cases, you may also receive sales calls from their partners offering similar services.

Of course, nobody would want to be trapped in such a messy situation like that. But that’s not the case with Freedom With Writing at all. I tried it with my own email address and it seems that this job listings site speaks true to its claims.

Signing up with your email address won’t do you any harm. In fact, you’ll be given full access to all of the job listings and will inform you of new freelance writer jobs available on their website. As I signed up, I was immediately given three job posts I can take a look at. 

freedom with writing how does it work

Plus, Freedom With Writing does not just offer mere job postings. Since they care about you, they give you the opportunity to learn how to write your own ebooks and how you can earn money from that. You will be sent your very own copy of an ebook named The eBook Formula for Freelance Writers. 

Again, you have to take note that you don’t have to pay for anything. Everything is completely free to use and access as long as you sign up. There’s no catch, no hold up. It seems to me that Jacob plainly just wants to help you succeed in your writing ventures.

Now, talking about the freelance writer job listings itself. Once you find a job posting you are interested in, Freedom With Writing will take out the hassle of contacting the employer themselves for you. Remember, the job listings are not exclusive to Freedom With Writing only. 

This website obtained these job posts from the broad and vast Internet, implying that you are going to have to compete with more experienced and talented freelance writers out there. By default, these people will generate more job leads, making this battlefield a bloodbath.

But of course, I don’t mean to discourage you if you believe your skills are not at their fullest potential yet. Everybody has their own humble beginnings, it’s all just up to your hard work, passion, and dedication if you really want to succeed in this profession.

Being organized is another essential feature for anyone wanting to succeed as a freelance writer.

It is imperative to save all our work either for consultation or for a portfolio. Using SodaPDF helps me keep my work well organized and just a click away no matter where I am.

How Much Can You Earn With Freedom With Writing?

Since Freedom With Writing is a freelance website gathering job posts from basically anywhere, there is really no fixed rates of how much you can earn for each client you work with. It all depends on the client and the project itself. 

freedom with writing earnings

Most of the freelance writer job postings will pay you ranging from $50 to $100 as long as you finish the article with the best quality while also passing it on time to the client. However, for some cases, you might get paid less or more. It varies on your level of experience, and of course, how much the client is willing to pay you.

Take my advice, don’t let clients pay you with just exposure by indicating your name on the post. That’s just a low blow and one of the ways how scammy clients get away with your intellectual property without having to take out their wallets.

Is Freedom With Writing a scam? I have nothing to say on that just yet, instead, let me give you something better – reasons why this website is not as great as you thought. Go on.

freedom with writing freelancer

Why Freedom With Writing Is Not So Great

It’s A Battlefield
Since the job listings are not exclusive to the website itself, this means you have to prepare yourself for war. It’s not even a battlefield, rather, it’s a bloodbath. I don’t mean to be a form of discouragement, but naturally, there will be better writers than you. However, I believe it’s not just skills alone that will catapult you to success. In the end, you have to let all your hard work and dedication alone to speak for you.

Not A Full Time Income
Writing for clients with Freedom With Writing will not give you enough money to cut as a full time income. In the end, everything is just freelance. You would have to apply and apply for each job posting you see on the platform, and that everyday heist will still not be enough especially if you have a family to feed and take care of. It’s best if you only want some sidelines on top of your regular full time income. Otherwise, don’t expect anything else.

freedom with writing ebook

What I Like About Freedom With Writing

Free To Use
I like how the platform is free to use. You don’t have to pay for a thing and you already have access to a thousand job listings. In fact, you would even receive a free ebook on how to write and publish your own ebooks and how to earn money from that. Honestly, as a free website, how is it so valuable? 

Lives Up To Its Claims
They don’t flood you with spam emails and sales calls when you enter your email address. Freedom With Writing just has the intention of helping you in every way they can so that you can land a freelance job that you’ll like and will pay you well. No catch.

It’s For Everyone
Whether you are a beginner writer with just the right amount of decent writing skills or an expert with the skills of a god, you can expect to find a freelance job for you in this platform. Also, if you are not the type who writes for online blogs, Freedom With Writing offers you job listings within other subfields of writing like literature, journals, poetry, and many more.

My Verdict! Is Freedom With Writing A Scam?

From everything I have learned about this website, I have the confidence to say that Freedom With Writing is not a scam. It’s definitely a legit freelance writer job postings platform you can rely on if you want to earn some money on top of your regular full time income. It’s free to use while providing you with additional useful and valuable material because they care about you that much. Plus, they don’t take advantage of your information by selling it to third parties unlike most scams out there.

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam? No, however, of course, I did mention that this website does not provide the profits that will cut as a full-time income. In the end, it’s all just freelance. You can apply and write all you want but it’ll never be enough as your only source of income. A side income, that’s all. Plus, all of this will cause you exhaustion if you believe otherwise.

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