Is Digital Income System a Scam? The Uncovered Review!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Digital Income System a scam? I am very sure that you are one of the entrepreneurs who are searching for a business opportunity with DIS or Digital Income System, or maybe you are looking for a stress-free way to promote your website or business online. And for sure you were informed by one of your friends to join Digital Income System and get a big amount of commission in just a short time.

And you are checking on the right page to look for the answers to your questions. With this Digital Income System review, I will show you things that you deserved to know about DIS so you will have an idea if in case you decided to take the risk to join them. I am really excited about this as well so let’s get into details.

Digital Income System Review

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Digital Income System is known to be an associate of the high-ticket system established in 2019, but no concrete information is available on the internet or even on its website about who created it. This is why people at first automatically believe they're all fraud since the company founder isn't proud of what he has at the moment. It is important for each firm to decide who is its founding member or its customers to build confidence easily.

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What is Digital Income System?

Digital Income System is known to be a high-ticket affiliate program that was founded last February 2019, but there is no definitive information on the internet or even on its website of who discovered this company. This is the reason why at first people automatically think that they are just scam since the founder of the company is not proud of what he has right now. It is important for every business or company to states who its founder is to easily build trust with their member or customers.

digital income system homepage

Since this is known to be a high-ticket program expect that you will need to spend around $1000 to $25000 in order for you to join the company or the system. This is very clear that this not for everyone especially if you are just starting a business online.

Digital Income System is continuously denying the issue that they are a multi-level marketing company or MLM. However, earning with them works when you started recruiting someone to join the company and get a commission once you have a successful referral. If they are not claiming to be an MLM company, why does their compensation works like an MLM company? This is another reason why a lot of people are questioning their legitimacy.

How Does Digital Income System Work?

Digital Income System is somehow the same as the other MLM companies out there. The first thing that you need to do is to sign up as their new member and you need to choose which level of membership you want and will also depend on your budget, since as I mentioned earlier it will cost you $1000 to $25000 just for the initial fee on joining them.

Then after being a successful member of the Digital Income System, if you sign up on a lower membership level they will keep on encouraging you to level up your membership to earn more commissions. It’s an upselling galore! They will keep on giving suggestions on why you need to move up to the next level. I got this information as I have this research about the company. Aside from expensive membership fees, they seem to be too aggressive in convincing people to change a higher package.

is digital income system a scam

And in order for you to earn from Digital Income System, you will need to recruit more people to join the company. This is the only affiliate program that will require you to purchase a membership to sell a membership to others. And another thing, Digital Income System does not have any actual product to sell so I cannot blame other people to think that they are a scam right away. Aside from that, it may be hard to convince someone to join your company that does not offer anything.

How Much Can You Make With Digital Income System?

Is Digital Income System Legit? Can I really get a higher commission? These are some of the questions that will surely cross your mind once you heard about the compensation plan of the company. I know that joining DIS will cost you big money but upon researching it seems that you can really earn money by joining them.

Digital Income System offers five different levels of membership and each level consist of a specific amount you will get for each referral you will have. Here are each level and the commission amount:

  1. Entrepreneur Level – You need to pay $1000 as a membership fee and you will get $500 for every referral.
  2. Director Level – You need to pay $3000 as a membership fee and you will get $1500 for every referral.
  3. Professional Level – You need to pay $5000 as a membership fee and you will get $2500 for every referral.
  4. Ambassador Level – You need to pay $12000 as a membership fee and you will get $6000 for every referral.
  5. Executive Level – You need to pay $25000 as a membership fee and you will get $12500 for every referral.

You may be investing a lot at first but once you get into the business I can see that this is a good one. However, the only struggle I can see is how you will encourage other people to join and invest a big amount of money by doing referrals as well. There are some ways that you can also try to earn money online in an easy way without investing a big amount of money.

What I Don’t Like About Digital Income System.

There are some things that I think you should consider thinking first before getting into this business. This can help you avoid wasting time, effort and money.

Hidden information of the Founder.

I find this very suspicious, to be honest. If I were to have a successful business I will let the world know that I am the one who founded or discover it. Aside from it can gain a lot of trust from the future clients, this is proof as well that you are not hiding something or doing something fishy behind every people in your company.

is digital income system a scam

Not for beginners.

I know some of us right now are just in the first step in building their business ideas and it will not be easy for you to just spend thousands of dollars without any guarantee that you will get something out from it. There are a lot of other companies there that offer a lower membership fee where you can start from. But if you are a well-sustained entrepreneur I guess this is just going to be easy for you.

No actual products.

Given that the way to earn money with Digital Income System is through recruiting people, it will be best if you have something to offer as an actual product so it will be easy for the members to promote and convince people to sign up as a member. In that way, people will not think that it is just a scam.

What I Like About Digital Income System.

If there is one thing I can look forward to with Digital Income System, that is their compensation plan. Especially if you are some who has good experience in recruiting people and will have enough money to start with. This could be one of your breaks, however, most of the people nowadays are really afraid of investing money especially if it is all about recruiting. It could be a challenge for some of you but something to look forward to.

is digital income system a scam

Is Digital Income System a Scam?

After all the research that I made doing this review, I can say that Digital Income System is not a scam. They have a legit website where you can refer to some of the other information. Maybe some think right away that this company is a scam due to their way of doing the business and denying the fact that they are operating as a multi-level marketing company. And let’s add that they are not disclosing any information about who founded Digital Income System.

This may work for you or not, all will be depending on your skills as well as on your determination to do the work. But for me, there are a lot of ways to earn money which will not require you to have great powers in recruiting. You can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover things and ways to earn money online as easy as writing your hobby daily.

May this “Is Digital Income System a Scam” review helps you in your future decision and answer your questions in mind. If you have questions and suggestions feel free to leave it on the comment box below. Cheers!


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