Is American Online Jobs Legit? Full AOJ Work From Home Review

Is American Online Jobs legit? That is what we will find out in this AOJ Online Jobs Review.

The Internet is a large grass field of ways to make money online. You just have to search for the right areas that sprout legitimate opportunities and avoid the bad and rotten bits called scams! 

In such a broad niche, you just can’t help being more cautious about every make-money-online opportunity that comes your way.

Especially since websites like American Online Jobs are randomly roaming around the Internet, there’s no saying to what extent these websites will go just to fool and deceive you

I have been in both areas of this grass field, and sometimes I get confused about where I’m exactly standing. In a way everyone will understand, most scams will disguise themselves as the most legitimate-looking website to the point where you will totally give in and find yourself in an abyss, later on, left with nothing.

Today, I will help you distinguish between legitimate and scams in this American Online Jobs review! Let’s cut to the chase now.

Product Name: -  American Online Jobs / AOJ Work from Home

Founder: -  Undisclosed

Product Description: - Supposedly an online jobs listings website

Best For: Paid surveys users

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What are American Online Jobs?

American Online Jobs

American Online Jobs does not really give a clear and exact explanation of what its website offers and provides. 

But based on the first impression American Jobs Online gives people, it’s supposed to be a website that offers people the chance to work from home with the job opportunities they provide. 

Work from home job listings for Americans, you know, things. 

This website even goes to the farthest heights to tell you that you can earn $700 to $1,600 every week.

I have never heard of an online job from home generating that amount of money within a week, especially since that opportunity comes from a website that does not have much information on what they REALLY provide.

It’s not just the vague opportunity itself, but there is no information on the website owners

There is no about us or no contact us pages to help us identify and verify who these people are!

Well, ain’t that great. We’re only starting with these American Online Jobs reviews, and my scam meter is already detecting something

Damn, we’re going haywire! How does American Online Jobs really work? Is American Online Jobs a scam?

Is American Online Jobs legit? I don’t want to jump to baseless conclusions without knowing entirely how this website really works from the inside. 

I believe that there’s more to something than what meets the eye, and we’re here to dig more into American Online Jobs.

How Does AOJ Work From Home Work?

For starters, American Online Jobs is nowhere near to what they’re supposed to be in the first place. 

There are really just no work from home job listings here. So, what gives? Let’s take a deeper look into this website, shall we?

When you step onto the platform, you will be welcomed by pre-screening questions which do not really ask necessary questions to the point that you could literally just click on the Click Here to Apply Now button without having to mind the questions at all.

Take a look at this video below...

The video shows that you will get delivered to an online paid survey website - and as I’ve clicked the link myself, I got delivered to another website named My Jackpot which seems to be a casino game.

american online jobs sales funnel

I was confused at first! After a few thoughts and some research, I already knew what this scheme was all about. 

But wait, let me hold that thought.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a button you have to click to go to the 2nd step. I clicked on it, and I was delivered to the Members Area

I made my way there in the hopes of finding a list of online jobs. Instead, I was urged to register for bonus accounts

The website indicates that you don’t need to sign up to these websites “however, we highly suggest creating accounts with each company to significantly increase your earnings.”

I scroll down to find links to 8 online paid survey websites: Inbox Dollars, Toluna, My Survey, Opinion Outpost, Survey Voices, Opinion City, E-Poll, and Pinecone Account.

american online jobs surveys

Okay, I get it. Here’s the absolute truth, American Online Jobs is an affiliate of these websites - the free casino games and the paid survey websites. 

What do I mean by that? American Online Jobs will earn their commissions once you get redirected and sign up for these websites. It’s a sales funnel so that they can make money off of you.

This is how I make my money online.

There are really no work from home job listings, and while the online paid survey websites American Online Jobs promotes are legit, you can never really consider these as jobs. I have never heard someone make a total income by answering surveys for a living.

Nor have I ever heard of someone who makes $700 to $1,600 a week answering surveys alone. I have tried paid surveys before, and you could only earn cents to a dollar for completing a survey. 

Considering how it’s tough to qualify for a survey, how much time you spend on it, and other factors like your demographic profile, online paid surveys will never be a good income stream. 

This website’s claims are over the roof, and you are all disappointed here. American Online Jobs is not living up to its claims of ridiculous weekly incomes, nor is it doing its job as an online jobs listings site for Americans.

 But that doesn’t seem to be all! Again, at the bottom of this page is a button to redirect me to the Training Area. Say what? Training for what, though?

american online jobs training area

Apparently, the website states that American Online Jobs specializes in helping entry-level candidates train to work from home through affiliate marketing

So, what does this training really provide? Let's take a look.

There are 8 lessons included in the training, which are all available either in videos or articles. Here's a breakdown of the information each training session provides.

  • Lesson 1: Nothing. It just reminds you to sign up for all the websites they have promoted to you earlier so they can earn their commissions.
  • Lesson 2: It tackles how you could utilize Facebook to post ads and post in group communities to expand your reach to the Facebook audience.
  • Lesson 3: Here, you will be taught how to use Craigslist to promote your job opportunity. 
  • Lesson 4: It gives you a walkthrough on affiliate marketing.
  • Lesson 5: This teaches you to utilize Youtube to generate more leads.
  • Lesson 6: It provides you with links containing articles on how to use Instagram to post ads.
  • Lesson 7: How can you use Pinterest to generate income? That will be tackled in this lesson in the form of articles.
  • Lesson 8: The last lesson introduces you to Get Response's email software to help you learn all about email marketing.
Note that most of these lessons will require you to spend money since the marketing methods it teaches are not accessible for free.

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Even though the website does not really provide you with work-at-home job listings, you could still get a little value from the website with the training content they provide to help you work from home through affiliate marketing. However, since the videos and articles are short, it does not provide comprehensive information a beginner in affiliate marketing would need.

And let me just disclose this, affiliate marketing does not generate the amount of money American Online Jobs promises you. Yes, it's one of the most decent and guaranteed income streams, but it won't bring you easy money right away.

From the very start, everything did not feel right at all. So, is American Online Jobs a legitimate program? More importantly, are AOJ Work From Home Jobs safe? But of course, we rely on solid and cold evidence rather than instinct...

American Online Jobs Red Flags EXPOSED!

No Job Listings Here

The website is misleading. You enter the platform thinking you could access a list of online job listings only to find out that there’s no such thing

You make your way all throughout the website by clicking links to other websites that don’t relate to online jobs. 

american online jobs irrelevant links

Plus, paid survey websites? How is that a work from home job? I don’t think I will ever live the day to hear about someone making a full-time income out of answering surveys.

I have no problem with the practice of promoting other companies in the pursuit of earning commissions. Still, I wouldn’t have any complaint with this if American Online Jobs were direct and upfront about it rather than deceiving people and confusing them by redirecting them to other irrelevant websites.

Ridiculous Claims

Who makes $700 to $1,600 weekly with online paid surveys? The last time I checked, answering surveys only pays you cents and a dollar. The amount of money you can earn with this is only best if you need some side money on top of your regular full-time stream of income. 

And don’t misunderstand me on this one. Affiliate marketing generates a decent income and could even create the amount of money this website claims. However, it’s not achievable within just a week of work

It could take you months to start earning significant money. You have to wait, and you have to work your ass off like crazy during the wait. The claims this website makes are bold and honestly just delusional. 

Not Transparent Enough

american online jobs not transparent enough

Is American Online Jobs Legit? Well, they indeed aren't transparent on what the website really is. There is also no disclosed information on the people behind the website. How are you supposed to trust someone with too many secrets?  

People like it when you are being real and transparent, especially as a business or a website. If they feel that you're hiding something, that's the point where things will go downhill.

In the case of American Online Jobs, I just can't trust it even one bit unless this owner shows his face to the public. Plus, I wish the website could have explained what it is supposed to do rather than having people guess themselves.

What I Like About American Online Jobs

Provides Little Value, At Least

Even if the training content is incomprehensive and provides little information, I could say that the website offers you a bit of value since it introduces you to the different methods of marketing you could use in the practice of affiliate marketing. But really, that’s just how far this ride goes.

AOJ Review Verdict! Is American Online Jobs Legit?

Don’t get me wrong, online paid surveys and affiliate marketing are definitely legit ways to make money online. 

On the other hand, American Online Jobs, which uses these make online money opportunities, is a scam because it’s not transparent to the public what the website is supposed to be. 

There’s no disclosed information on the people behind the website.

There are just no online job listings as what people should expect. 

American Online Jobs will make you believe that there is until you have conquered every page only to find links to irrelevant websites and online paid surveys, which is obviously not a job

All they want from you is your ability to generate commissions from their affiliate companies.

On a good note, you could get little value from signing up with American Online Jobs with their training, even if it does not contain comprehensive information.

However, even if American Jobs Online wasn’t a scam, I still wouldn’t recommend you to use this website

Paid surveys will never be able to generate you a full-time income, and the training content you’re going to receive is useless if you’re just starting out as an affiliate.

Hey, I know you. You don’t want to earn cents for completing a survey. Fortunately, I have something for you that will be able to give you what American Jobs Online can’t. 

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