How to Make Money Using Facebook Ads

First, let me welcome you to my post about How to Make Money Using Facebook Ads. It seems like everybody is using Facebook nowadays, with over two billion users, one would be forgiven for thinking that everyone is on Facebook. For many people, Facebook is yet another social media channel; another site for communicating with friends and loved ones. Others, however, view it as the perfect platform for marketing their products and services.

Those who tap into the marketing potential of Facebook reap plenty of benefits. However, there are a few guidelines that you must follow if you are to make money by posting ads on Facebook. These rules apply regardless of whether the products you are advertising are yours or those of another person or company, known as affiliate marketing.

To Make Money Using Facebook Ads You Need To:

1. Find a Niche

There is no denying that Facebook has billions of users. However, this does not mean that you should use your page to advertise just anything and everything just to attract everyone’s attention. If you are to make money posting ads on Facebook, you must first build a niche.

A niche can be anything: fashion, sports, business, self- help books or even skincare products. The aim is to build a following of people who are interested in certain products, and then to advertise the products of your choice. If you fail to build a niche, you are simply hoping to attract random people who cannot be relied upon to visit your page regularly. It is simply a recipe for failure.

2. Create Relevant Content

Now that you have settled on a niche, it is time to create content that is relevant to it. Say for instance you choose to specialize in sports. You should now focus entirely on matters relating to sports.

You want your audience to keep coming back for more of the helpful content you are offering them. Why do you think they should buy those running shoes you are advertising? Why that particular bicycle? How is that badminton racket different from the rest of them? The goal is to never lose focus and to post content that resonates well with your target audience.

3. Only Advertise Great Products

One way to ensure that people keep clicking on your ads is to make sure that you recommend top-notch products. It is no use praising a particular make- up product that doesn’t produce the expected results.

If anything, advertising just any product will quickly earn you a bad reputation. With Facebook ads, reputation is everything. It can take years to build and one single add to completely tear it down.

In order to ensure that you advertise the right products, be sure to try them out yourself. Don’t simply take the company’s word for it: write about your own experience in your post. There is something about authenticity that attracts buyers in hordes, and this can earn you plenty of money.

How to Make Money Using Facebook Ads? Be Honest

4. Be Honest about Your Affiliation

If you are posting an add on your Facebook page, it will do you a lot of good if you are honest with your followers about your affiliation. Sure, you can promise to give them your unbiased opinion on the product or service but if you are getting paid for posting that add in the first place, don’t keep it from them.

Why is this so important? Just like promoting quality products, being honest with your followers is a great way to build trust and your reputation.

People don’t like to be fooled, and as soon as they realize that by clicking on that add or signing up for a newsletter based on your post will earn you revenue from other sources, their respect and trust for you simply vanish. In the future, they won’t be too eager to seek your opinion first.

5. Use Tools in Order to Be More Efficient

Many people think that affiliate marketing is the easiest thing. After all, you need to do is just post an add on your Facebook page and earn some money, right? What most people don’t realize is that there is a lot more to it than that.

Often, affiliate marketers need to fill details about the products before they can advertise them. This is hard, sometimes even grueling work especially if you have to post many ads.

Luckily there are a few tools that can help you with this. Some will even help you calculate just how much to charge for and add at the click of a button. All these will help you become a much more efficient internet marketer.

6. Make your Content Timeless

Although you should make a point of posting regularly on your page, it is important that your content has some timeless aspect to it, this is also known as evergreen content. This is because sometimes, people find out about you from your previous work. If they find that it is too outdated, they sure won’t feel too excited to read your present work.

One way to make it easy for people to find your current work is to add links to your recent posts to your old posts. That way, people will know what you have been up to in recent times far much faster.

7. Have Great Content

Quality content is virtually the umbrella that covers all other things on how to make money as an affiliate marketer. Relevance, specialization, and trustworthiness are all ingredients of great content.

When creating content for the products you are promoting, by all means, refrain from overly praising them. You will only come off as a sham. Instead, focus on giving practical and helpful information and your followers will love you for it.

Desperation doesn’t sell; if anything, it simply puts buyers off. You would be better off giving guidance and realistic opinion of the products in question.

How to Make Money Using Facebook Ads Conclusion

Despite popular opinion, you can actually make money by placing ads on Facebook if you follow a few simple rules. First, ensure that you are placing the ads in front of the right people. Normally, these are people who have shown interest in your products and your posts. Keep feeding them with relevant information and they will keep clicking on those ads, ultimately earning you the revenue you want.

It is important that the ads be accompanied by relevant and informative content; otherwise, they will not do you any good. Be reasonable in your description of products or services, and also be consistent. With time, it will pay off.

I hope you found my “How to Make Money Using Facebook Ads” post useful, if you have any suggestion, question or just want to add something, feel free to drop me a comment down below.


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