How to Get on Google Search Engine? [SERPs]

Hi, in this post, I will show you exactly how to get your site indexed and ranked on google and other search engines. I will share with you a simple step-by-step guide, and by following my method, you will learn How to Get on Google Search all the way to page 1.

Google is constantly evolving its algorithms for two distinct reasons. The first one is to give the best possible experience to “Web surfers,” and the second is to ensure that highly ranked websites have good content. The problem with these constant algorithm changes is that SEO also changes, and techniques that used to work in the past may not work today and surely will not work in the future.

The good news is that in wealthy affiliates, we are always on top of these changes and know exactly how to adjust so we stay as google friendly as possible.

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How to Get on Google Search? Let’s get started

I will try to keep the examples as simple as possible, but if you have some difficulty figuring out any of what I will talk about, drop me a comment below, and I will gladly help you out.

Are you correctly using the “H1, H2, H3, H4” tags?

Before starting a new post, ask yourself these questions:

1º – what is my main idea or keyword for the new post?
2º – can I divide that idea into categories using keywords?
3º – can people understand me better if I divide those categories into subcategories?
4º – how will I be presenting those categories and subcategories to my visitors?

These might seem obvious, but sometimes little details pass by as we try to keep up with our posting spree.

I will be using as an example the selling mobile phones niche.

By this time, I already have the answer to the questions above, I will be writing about Samsung S7.

H1 will be my best keyword which is also the post title, Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb.

H2 will be my category keyword Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb Specs

H3 to H6 will allow me to divide my categories, making it easier for people and robots to visualize. In this case, 7MP rear camera Review, 5MP front camera Review, and Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb battery life.

Check out my example below like it’s the actual post:

<h1> Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb Review</h1> 
PAGE TITLE Using the keyword, I’m trying to rank plus (if needed to make it more appealing) something before or after the keyword, never in between. ex: In this case, I’m using the word review.

<h2> Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb Specs </h2>
I’ll be repeating the keyword I’m trying to rank with some adornment. (you don’t have to use the keyword on all H2 tags, but using it in a couple of them will tell search engines that “this specific keyword is important)

Relevant information / the actual post

<h3> 7MP rear camera </h3>
I’ll be using these to create any subcategory related to this H2 subject. (I like to use the keyword in one of the H3 tags, so Google notices)

Relevant information / the actual post

<h3> 5MP front camera </h3>

Relevant information / the actual post

<h3> Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb Battery life </h3>

Relevant information / the actual post

<h2> Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb with Latest Android OS </h2>
Notice I’m using another H2 tag because I changed the subject from hardware to Software. I could use the keyword again if i wanted to but, we need to choose wisely to use or to make readability as good as possible.

Relevant information / the actual post

If it makes it easier for you, you can think of “H” tags as a Table of Content from a manual.

1. – H1
1.1 – H2
1.2 – H2
1.2.1 – H3
1.2.2 – H3
1.3 – H2

How should I name my page or post?

Learn how to get on Google search by understanding this simple yet very important part of your post/page SEO.

The URL and the page title should be exactly the same, should be the keyword you trying to rank with! I repeat this a lot, but it’s essential that your chosen keyword stays immaculate between words, if you want to add something add it in the beginning or at the end of the keyword.

Adding a power word at the beginning or at the end is great because it gives emphasis to your keyword making it more “clickable”.

If you ever wonder why you see so many words like top5, best, awesome, easy, and scary,  while you browse the net, that’s why.

How to Get on Google Search

On the image above, you can see my search on Jaaxy, I’ll be talking about this program in the “what tools can i use to aid me” section.

Imagine I’m trying to rank the “ways to lose weight fast” keyword, I could use several words to give a personal touch and more emphasis, for example:

  • Awesome ways to lose weight fast
  • Easy ways to lose weight fast
  • Fast ways to lose weight fast
  • Top 5 ways to lose weight fast
  • 10 ways to lose weight fast
  • ways to lose weight fast and naturally
  • ways to lose weight fast veg style
  • ways to lose weight fast for dummies


Using those techniques, you can give your personal touch to your chosen keyword Title(H1 tag) without penalizing your SEO.

You should use the plain keyword as your URL because, regarding URLs, the smallest the better.

These small tips will make you one step closer to understanding how to get on Google search top pages.

If I was using this keyword on a post, I would choose:
URL – fast
Title – Easy ways to lose weight fast

How to Get on Google Search? Good content!

Do you know what really makes the difference between good and bad content? Good content will keep your visitors on your website, it will create engagement and interaction! Bad content will result in a high bounce rate, hurting your ranking. Learn how to create good evergreen content, content that is good today and is suitable for the following months, even years to come. Achieve this, and you are halfway to knowing how to get on Google search.

How to Get on Google Search good content

Do you use your images properly?

How to Get on Google Search? Making good use of images will not only improve the look of your website by giving color and making it more appealing and easy to read but will also help improve your SEO, resulting in a better site rank.

One thing you need to be aware of is, that a lot of images on the web are copyrighted, so when you choose an image, make sure you using copyright free images so you won’t have problems later.

Using images will also improve your SEO, just make sure you use the “alt tag”, you could use your exact keyword (same as title) and another related keyword in your different images “alt tags”.

Another good tip is to keep your images small in file size, it can really make the difference when browsing your website.

How long are your posts?

There is a lot of discussion about this topic, but the outcome is basically the same. we should care more about quality over quantity. For the regular John Doe that wants to learn how to get on Google search top pages, the answer is, aim for minimum 800 word and optimal 1200- 1700 words per post.

If you check the top websites they probably more than 1200 words per page/post and with quality content.

Will embedded videos affect your rankings?

The answer is yes! We are on media era, so if you want to rank on the first results you should have videos on your posts related to what you are writing about.

Is a good principle to have a youtube channel named same as your brand or website and regularly upload videos there from reviews you make or can be presentations to easy up the reading, how to lessons, etc.

Let me show you how to get on Google search top ranks with youtube videos, the tip here is to name your videos exactly with the name of keywords you are trying to rank.

Taking the example above, if i had a youtube channel related to weight loss, I would upload a video there with the “name ways to lose weight fast” and embedded on my weight loss post.

By doing so it would boost my rank on that particular keyword. Having a youtube channel can also create additional traffic to your website/posts if you place a link on your youtube videos.

What is keyword stuffing and how to prevent it?

Keyword stuffing is repeating the same words or phrases in an unnatural way. Taking again on the weight loss example: We sell natural weight loss pills. Our natural weight loss pills are made from handpicked berries. If want to lose weight buy our natural weight loss pills, you won’t regret it! Please contact our weight loss specialists at

How to get on google search without overloading my post with the keyword I want to rank? The best way to avoid keyword stuffing is to write naturally creating good content that will meet your reader expectations. Keywords should be featured in your content but they should not be placed out of context.

Personally, I try to keep my keyword density within 1 to 3% of my writings. I also try to use LSI keywords, as known as semantic keywords. Basically, they are synonyms of the keyword you are trying to rank. Again picking up the weight loss example I could use burn fat instead and not overload my posts with the same words.

Again, picking up the weight loss example I could use burn fat instead of weight loss, that way I would be using an LSI keyword.

What tools can I use to aid me?


This awesome tool will tell me exactly how many searches people do on a certain word or small phrase, and how many websites are ranking using those same keywords.

Do you know why this turns out to be invaluable information? Because it will allow me to write content, targeting for keywords with a certain amount of searches and with low competition, what i like to call, low hanging fruit. With this tool, I know what people search for helping me create my content.

I can tell you by self-experience that learning Learn how to get on Google search top pages is a lot harder without a similar tool.

Jaaxy is a great program that you can try it for free and do 30 free searches.

 How to rank on Google Search

As seen above, (red arrow) the keyword “easy weight loss diets” has 114 average monthly searches 138 websites ranking under that particular keyword and an SEO of 96 wich’s is pretty good. Aim for keywords as near 100 as possible if you want to rank high on Google.

Now notice the keyword “easy weight loss diet plans” (green arrow), pretty much the same amount of monthly searches 120, same SEO level 96 but only 42 competition. This particular keyword would be easier to rank high on Google because you have a lot less competition. If I wanted to write an article about weight loss I would choose this one.

Wealthy Affiliate

This great entrepreneur community is like an online marketing university where you can learn everything you need to succeed online. If there is a place on the web that can teach you how to get on Google search page 1 is Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a keyword tool similar to Jaaxy that you can use for free if you are a member and a set of online courses that allow you to earn as you learn. If you want, check this how to become affiliate marketer and learn more about wealthy affiliate.

Have you learned how to rank your site on Google Search?

The best way to reserve your place in the first google page is by having great, useful and engaging content on your website/page/post on a regular basis. As your website age it will become easier.

Once you get your posts published according to this rules, you will have learned How to Get on Google Search first page.

7 thoughts on “How to Get on Google Search Engine? [SERPs]”

  1. Could you better explain the H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 headings? are those in the actual post? Am i supposed to be targeting different keywords throughout my posts? I have learned a lot about finding low competition keywords and how to incorporate them but if i can be targeting more than one keyword per post that would be fantastic. Thank you for your information it will be used wisely.

    • Hi Keith, we always use a lot more than one keyword per post / Page without even knowing it. Thing is if we choose easy keyword to rank with, we will get to page one faster.

      H tags should be used from an importance perspective being the H1 the most important and the H6 the less important.

      Imagine I’m writing about a Pizza shop and i find a low hanging fruit keyword “pizza diavola” I will write in lines now what i would do with the H tags.

      H1 tag AKA post title will be “pizza diavola”
      I now write a couple of paragraphs about the pizza shop itself as an intro.

      H2 tag “Pizza diavola make it yourself”
      Now i write about where i got the recipe from, how much time it takes to make it etc.

      h3 tag “what ingredients to use”
      To make this pizza diavola i use pepperoni blah blah ….

      H3 tag “secret sauce”
      This sauce that i use in pizza diavola blah blah…

      h4 tag “do you like it extra hot?”
      Spice up your sauce …. blah blah…..

      H2 tag What to drink when eating pizza? (I changed the subject so I’m back to H2)

      H tags are very important for on page SEO get used to it, its a big step in learning How to Get on Google Search.


  2. Nice article! I love it!

    Did you know that all of the techniques you mentioned are also really good ways of creating an accessible website for visitors with disabilities? The better you structure the easier it is to navigate with assistive technology. It’s a real growth market! If you think about it, the most common visitor to your site, or any site is a blind, deaf being with the cognitive ability of a 5 year old – Google!

    I’m really happy I came across this post because it hits home with me – promote better content makes the web a more inclusive place for everybody! Now if only I can get better at getting to the first page of Google …..

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Dan,

      When I wrote the article I didn’t had that in my mind, but now that you mention yes, I knew it!
      I even have a client that works in a wine company as a commercial and he is 100% blind. I talked to him on phone and exchanged emails very often and I had no clue of his condition.
      Creating good content but also well-structured websites is a must for anyone that wants to learn to get on Google search top pages.

      Thanks for your great comment!

  3. Good read to go deeper into how to structure a post to rank better with Google.
    I’m a little unclear on H Tags. Are you referring to these as tools to outline content, or are they actually software-triggered tags?
    It makes sense to me as an outlining tool, but I’m not sure if you mean beyond that?

    • Hi there,

      A H tag is a HTML code that you can and should implement when writing a new post with wordpress.

      Just click on the “paragraph” drop down menu and you will see Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on… Those are the “famous” HTML H Tags 😉

      They work as a hierarchical outline telling search engines what is more important.

      Hope this helps 😉


  4. You are so right about the power of images. I personally use the images from the affiliate program I am a member of, one being Amazon. You are allowed to use their images by embedding them into your web post if you are promoting their products. Then like you say, use the alt tag to make your images rank-able.

    Whenever I create a post I assign my title’s keywords into the alt tag of my top image, it’s surprising how many times I reach near or at the top of the images in search when you type in my title’s keywords into the search bar. Powerful stuff, especially when you have a very visual niche like mine.

    Apart from the H1 tag for the title, are the H tags more rank-able the larger they are or doesn’t that matter?
    I just use the H3 tag in-among my posts but haven’t considered placing the keywords into the headings.
    Thanks for you high ranking article,


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