How to get cheapest domain name registration

My father used to say, son the secret for getting the maximum profit is never on the sale, is always on the buying. Taking this in consideration and since we are trying to make some money online, we better better start cutting on the cost, especially the fixed ones. But, there are certain things that we really need for a online business, and one indispensable is of course, the domain name! We need a strong domain name for our website to succeed, so you better start searching the available .com or .net domains, certainly they are the most common domains, but are also the most saturated ones in terms of availability.

Grab a piece of paper and open

Go for “domains” then “register a domain” as shown below. Time for a brainstorm now, i suggest trying several domains before picking one up. Remember write them all down (the available ones) then before you buy any, start cutting the ones you like less, until you narrow them down a bit. Now is time to choose, keep in mind that a domain can be branded or keyword based, in our days is a matter of choice because website content is what really makes t difference regarding SEO.

For this example i chose the “” and its available.

Next step is to register at the best price possible, check bellow.
cheapest domain name registration

i love to make money online

Here a list of the  cheapest domain registration companies out there, keep in mind that most of these “cheap domains” can only be purchased once per client, because they are online campaigns to collect custumers. Choose wisely! You can get those as low as $0.99 (plus vat).

Once you add to cart the domain you trying to purchase, head for checkout, now you will notice that price changed, this is because they assume you want to buy it for 2 years and select a lot of other stuff. Just uncheck all of the extra stuff and select 1 year domain purchase and that’s it, you check out a $1.00 usd domain.

free hosting and domain

You can forward them later to your hosting company by changing the dns configuration.

Get those cheap domain names :

Here you have a domain comparison tool when you ran out of domain sale campaigns:


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