How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

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Hi, again, I’m Pedro I have a computer as long as I can remember and I’ve been working with the Internet since 1998. Because of this, I was very skeptic about joining WA. I thought I wouldn’t have much to learn from any online program. I WAS WRONG! After all, I knew nothing about affiliate marketing, WA taught me How to Become an Affiliate Marketer.

Now that I look back, I’m glad I thought hey, it’s free to join so why not give it a try?

Can you believe that I learn new things every day? The diversity and the quality of the training, the tools, and the support offered at Wealthy Affiliate made my online success scale another level! It’s the perfect place for you to learn how to become an affiliate marketer.

Why do I find Wealthy Affiliate Awesome?

I will cover just the main aspects of this platform, that helped me so much. If you want to learn all about it, read my wealthy affiliate review.

Step by Step Training

By creating a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have at your disposal a full course that will teach you how to become affiliate marketer step by step. 

These easy to follow lessons will teach you all you need to know to succeed at internet & affiliate marketing at your own pace, which is awesome.

Another great thing I love about this platform is that you don’t need any sort of tech skills, you can create your website with a few clicks literally under 1 minute.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Live Video Classes

The internet is constantly evolving, and because of that, there is no better way to stay up to date with new trends and information with the weekly live webinars.

The best thing about attending the live training is that you can listen and interact with the official WA Affiliate Coach. Ask all your questions and doubts LIVE, can you imagine that? Is like having your personal affiliate trainer.

Another great thing is that you can watch the replay later. All videos are saved on a huge database where you can access them anytime you want.

27/7 Live Chat

Community live chat working 24/7. Here you can talk to real people, ask question, brainstorm, help others. You will find real online marketing entrepreneurs, successful people willing to share their experience and help others achieve their level of success.


On wealthy affiliate, you have hundreds of tutorials. These tutorials/training cover almost every situation you might encounter when creating your websites and or content.

You will find invaluable information about search engine optimization, online marketing, email marketing, tips, and tricks to get your online business rolling.

It’s undoubtedly a great asset to those that want to learn how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Jaaxy The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

By joining wealthy affiliate you have access to Jaaxy keyword tool. This awesome tool will let you search for certain words and shows a report of how many people that search for that particular keyword per month, how many websites are ranking for that keyword and how difficult it will be for you to rank for it.

Back then we would be left in the dark. The advantage of using such a tool when creating content is directing your posts and pages to the proper audience by giving them exactly what they search for.

Not to mention that you are much more likely to reach google and other search engines first pages because you will be targeting specific keywords.

jaaxy keyword research tool

Powerful Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate provides awesome hosting service. With your free account, you can host up to two totally free websites and even get a .siterubix subdomain.

It takes literally a couple of minutes to set it all up and get ready to go! Free WordPress templates, SSL certificate, easy site builder and great support service. Try it for free.


Get Help From Real People

Stuck on the training? Having difficulty completing any type of task?  Want to exchange thoughts, need to brainstorm? The awesome thing about the Wealthy Affiliate community is that there is always someone on the live chat willing to help you.

Like minded people with the common goal, learn how to become an affiliate marketer

Get Feedback on Your Websites

Get feedback on your websites from real people like yourself but also from experts on internet & affiliate marketing.

This site feedback will give you great information, tips, tricks and ideas that you can implement.

Ideas on how to improve your website either from the user experience point of view, esthetics, search engine optimization. You will also get suggestions for ways to monetize your websites.

The result is to get your website getting better by the day.

Create Your Own Network

Follow others and get some followers! Create your own network of like-minded people on Wealthy Affiliate. This will grant you access to great information in first hand.

Every time someone on your network publishes a new post, a training or tutorial you will get notified. 

In WA community members create content constantly, you will be amazed in what we can learn from each other.

What people say about Wealthy Affiliate?

How to Become Affiliate Marketer

How to Become Affiliate Marketer

How to Become Affiliate Marketer

How to Become Affiliate Marketer

If you are looking a way to boost your monthly income, if you looking for a hobby to make money online either for vacations, pay your school, mortgage or any other reason you may have this is a great place to be. 

If you are looking for a quick fix, an overnight money making solution, stay away from this platform.

This is for people that want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer! People that are willing to take the plunge to build a passive income online business from scratch.


Remember, you don’t need any fancy skill to start, the only thing you need is the willingness to take action!






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        • You can even earn as you learn how to become an affiliate marketer

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