Top 10 Home and Garden Affiliate Programs for you To Promote

Home and garden affiliate programs are growing as people become more conscious of their health and the environment. 

According to Garden Research's 2018 gardening study, 77% of Americans engaged in-home leisure and gardening activities. Indeed, Americans spent more than $47.8 billion on gardening that year alone.

In this post, I'll discuss the top 10 home and garden affiliate programs you should check out if you want to earn more money with your gardening blog or any other traffic source. So, without further ado, let's dive into this post and get down to business.

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Succulents Box

Succulents Box Affiliate program

Succulents are commonly known as cacti, the tiny prickly plants found in dry environments. So your guests can buy everything they need to grow succulents at home directly from the store or have a package of delights delivered to their door every month.

And the best part about gardening with succulents is that they require very little upkeep. They're the polar opposite of, say, a bonsai tree, but they're not nearly as popular. But you can alter that by spreading the word about this initiative.

As a gardening affiliate marketer marketing this program, you will earn a 10% commission on all referred sales.


Commission: 10%

EPC:  $9.96

Cookie: 30 days

Garden Tower

Garden Tower Project Affiliate program

So what if you want to start gardening but don't have the physical area or dislike hydroponics? Why not go vertical with the Garden Tower Project instead?

This is a stackable tower comprised of interconnecting parts that can grow 50 plants or veggies in just four square feet of area. Your guests may try to figure out how to make their vertical garden out of plumbing materials – it's a real thing.

Alternatively, they might purchase this paint-by-numbers vertical gardening solution instead. The cool thing for you is that each Garden Tower costs $359.

So you might earn up to $57 each sale, while their average commission payout is $35.56, which is still far from terrible.

There's also the chance to profit from their two-tier commission structure. Vertical gardening is something that most gardeners try, so you have a huge audience to work with.


Commission:  16%

EPC:  $75.96

Cookie: 60 days

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Botanical Interests

Botanical Interest Affiliate program

Heirloom and organic seeds may appear to be a new concept, yet Botanical Interests has been selling them since 1995. That makes them a pre-Internet company.

Their seeds are unique in that they are not sold in conventional stores and are entirely untreated, i.e., non-GMO. Your visitors can also select from any of the 600 types available, ranging from common garden veggies to sunflowers.

Each packet of seeds includes instructions, so even if you're a complete gardening novice, you'll know how to plant your seeds correctly. They also have a gardening blog with valuable information, such as 10 crops that grow in 60 days.

This offer differs from the others in that it pays dedicated gardening bloggers a 15% commission while all other affiliate publications receive a 5% reward.


Commission:  15%

EPC:  $34.33

Cookie: 45 days


AeroGarden Affiliate Program

As much as they would like to, not everyone has a garden that can be converted into an urban "farm." However, with some indoor gardening technology, an AeroGarden hydroponic system can help you overcome that obstacle.

These systems let you produce almost any type of vegetable you want using only water, light, and a nutrition solution. Each "pod" is also intended to blend in with modern residences. But this type of gardening technique is effective and has been utilized for decades.

At the very least, an AeroGarden would be an excellent project to demonstrate to your children that food does not simply materialize on shop shelves.

They also offer a gardening blog to aid you in becoming self-sufficient. Hydroponic gardening is not inexpensive, which is likely why the EPC for this program is so high.

As an affiliate, you will be paid 7.5 percent of all sales you create. And, given that their top-tier items cost nearly $800, you should earn roughly $60 every sale.


Commission: 7.5%  

EPC:  $86.85

Cookie: 40 days

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Urban Leaf

Urban leaf affiliate program

Indoor gardening is not a new notion. After all, most homes used to have some form of the window box with herbs or flowers blooming in them.

But those behaviors ceased as our culture shifted away from self-sufficiency and total consumption.

The creators of Urban Leaf resolved to do their part to teach people how to cultivate at least some of their food once more. But this time, there's a twist: you build your indoor hydroponics system out of an empty bottle.

And they're so sure of their wares that they offer a 'Green Thumb' guarantee: your plant will either grow, or they'll replace it or reimburse you. Their grow kits are also relatively inexpensive – they're at the impulse buy level.


Commission:  25%

EPC:  $28

Cookie duration:  90 days

Seeds Now

Seeds Now Affiliate Program

You may be unaware, but there is a rising self-sufficiency movement. Some refer to it as GIY (Grow it yourself) or GYO (Grow your own), but the goal is to learn how to plant, nurture, and harvest your food.

These gardeners will always require the best non-GMO seeds they can get their hands on, where SeedsNow comes in. Without delving into the controversy surrounding GMO seeds, the reality is that GIYers desire organic seeds (also known as heirloom seeds) and are ready to pay a premium for them.

And it just so happens that SeedsNow's online store includes hundreds of different seeds for all kinds of herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

This program has a lot of activity and a good EPC, but affiliates also get a 25% commission on anything they sell.


Commission:  25%

EPC:  $28

Cookie duration:  90 days

Click & Grow

Click and Grow Affiliate Program

With the Click and Grow hydroponics system, you select one of the 45 available veggies or herbs, purchase the pods, and place them in your Smart Garden.

Then plug it in, and the widgets inside ensure that your new indoor gardening crop receives all of the light, water, and food it requires, when it requires it. And you can do it all from your kitchen countertop — you don't even need a balcony.

Without hiring someone to do your labor, this is as automated as gardening gets.

Affiliates are given a 10% commission on all referred sales, and there is a reasonably valid 7-day EPC to work with.

Gardeners, GIY lovers, and people who desire a new hobby/the clout of boasting to friends about how "green" they are are all potential markets for these products.


Commission:  10%

EPC:  $24.12

Cookie: 45 days

august2021 Commission
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It has worked for me for the past few years, and I strongly suggest that you give it a try!
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Forestry Suppliers

Forestry Suppliers Affiliate Program

All gardens are not made equal.  Some are simply larger than others. And in those cases, your standard gardening tools and equipment will not suffice. As a result, you should opt for a company like Forestry Suppliers instead.

They sell everything from ground protection mats to bulk herbicide and all of the standard gardening tools and accessories.

This is a specialized program inside the gardening niche, but there is much potential if you promote the correct products to the proper demographic, i.e., those with huge gardens.

It also implies that, even though the target audience for these products is relatively tiny, affiliates in the gardening sector have tapped into it.

A 3 percent commission and approximately $40 for every 100 visitors you send their way is an excellent value.


Commission:  3%

EPC:  $40.76

Cookie: 30 days

Power Planter Australia

Power plant Australia

Gardening may be enjoyable once you've done all the hard work, such as digging out compacted soil and developing a nice set of blisters.

You may also utilize a Power Planter to cut down on the digging, sweating, and swearing of getting a garden ready to plant. An Australian created this gadget because the only thing worse than digging up compacted soil is digging up bone dry compacted earth.

The Power Planter essentially digs through this obstacle. It's an attachment for any 18v drill that rips a hole in the earth suitable for planting flowers, fruits, and veggies. You can even use it to drill watering holes for trees during scorching summers.


Commission:  15%

EPC:  $121.62

Cookie: 30 days

Hoss Tools

Hoss tools affiliate program

Hoss Tools' purpose is straightforward: to assist you in growing your food. You've turned into an urban farm, whether it's on your balcony or a lawn spot. They can also give you all you need to start and then continue.

From wheel hoes and seed planters through seeds, drip irrigation systems, fertilizers, food preservation devices, and pest control solutions.

And you're not just getting cheap knock-off international gardening tools; their equipment is handcrafted in the United States, with Amish-crafted wooden handles.

They also have a gardening blog that is routinely updated with plenty of gardening information on everything you'll ever need to know about growing your vegetables.

Their website may be unappealing, but the quality of their items speaks for itself. This program rewards affiliates with 10% of the sale price. With an average order size of $101, you can earn $10 for every transaction.


Commission:  10%

EPC:  $47.95

Cookie: 30 days

Final Thoughts on Home and Garden Affiliate Programs

Here are the ten best home and garden gardening affiliate programs I could recommend.

This niche's breadth shocked me – there are other sub-niches you might target here, such as vertical gardening, hydroponics, and even indoor herb gardens. Another factor is that home gardening is becoming its industry, which means a larger audience.

Payouts vary significantly from program to program, but you can always combine offers from numerous advertisers on your site to balance out your affiliate income.


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