In this post, I will share with you 3 secrets that will take your email marketing to the next level by allowing you to create good open rate email campaigns.

If you manage to boost your email marketing open rate, it means that you will have more prospect clients at the end of the day, more conversions, more $$$ in your pocket.

The secret to improving the open rate of your email campaigns is to make them STAND OUT from the others, how? That’s what I’m going to cover the next couple of lines.

Most people think email marketing is outdated, you know what? They are WRONG! Email marketing is still KING when it comes to monetizing our online business. 

Advanced email marketing techniques such as segmenting give marketers a lot of control in how they grow and interact with their subscribers, boosting the conversion rates over the top. 

MailChimp made a recent study about segmented email campaigns, it boosts the open rate in 14.31% and click-rate 100.95%  when compared with non-segmented email campaigns.

This is the reason why most of the successful internet marketers use it at full steam.

Good Open Rate Email Campaigns


What is an email marketing campaign?

An Email marketing campaign is an act of sending a series of emails with the intent of promoting a service or product. 

Usually, marketers use a well know technique of giving before asking, the idea is to build trust with their audience before presenting the product itself. 

Let me give you an example:

if you go on a walk and get approached by someone “throwing things into your face” almost bullying you into buying something from them you are probably gonna step away even if something caught your attention. 

On the other hand, think about reciprocating, what if someone that you weren’t even expecting gives you a gift for Christmas? Wouldn’t you feel obliged to provide him with a gift as well? And most probably on the next chance, birthday or Christmas you will.

It’s the same thing with email marketing campaigns, you create a series of email on the first 2nd or 3rd emails you provide value, and then on the 3rd or 4th emails, you present your product/affiliate link. Hence and repeat. 

Now you must be thinking, how can I provide value? Well, that will depend on how you get your email subscribers. 

#1 Secret About Good Open Rate Email Campaigns

Create compelling titles/headlines

I know it sounds easier than it is, with practice and a little help it can be done. For that, you need to use power words and be a little irreverent/different/original in the way you build and your titles.

Check this excellent headline analyzer, it helped me a bunch when I was starting creating my first campaigns. 

Good Open Rate Email Campaigns headline analyzer

Back to the example, let’s say you got your subscriber from an email opt-in you have in your fishing blog. A great follow up email series would look something like this:

1st Email *informational email*

Title – [Even Tunas Like] My Secret Sea Bass Lure

Body – Where you would talk about how you created an excellent homemade lure and how people can make it as well just by gathering a handful of natural herbs. Keep it short, natural and engaging.


2nd Email *informational email *

Title – 3 Spin Techniques That Will Turn you a Predator

Body – Describe the 3 techniques, how and why people should do it the pros and cons of each one

Try and use short sentences, breaking down ideas and use * $ # & %, yes symbols, the use of odd characters break the thought of “too many words.”

3rd Email *informational email + subtle approach to affiliate product*

Title – Th!S Will Be The Ultimate Fish Hook You will Ever Need

Body – Hey, guys, I had to share this with you, remember my homemade lure? I just found an incredible fish hook that combined works as good for sardines as it works for a monkfish! How cool is that!?……

Then, elaborate a bit more, storytelling also works great at this part of the email.

4th Email – *product promotion email with affiliate links*

Title – *Dynamite Fishing* The Fishing Rod of Power

Body – Hey, the other day when I was fishing on my boat and lost my favorite rod, at first, I went over the roof, but now that I think of it, must have been a blessing. 

Since that day I’ve been capturing so many fishes, it feels like I’m fishing with dynamite!

And the best of all is that it wasn’t even expensive.

If you are on the lookout for an all-around fishing rod, make sure to check my brand new “fancy pants, Fishing Rod of power,”


Keep pumping out those emails, use your creativity, remember to send two or three educational/value emails then one sale email. Hence and repeat!


#2 Secret About Good Open Rate Email Campaigns

Make your titles 
visually stand out from the rest, either by using images or symbols.

Our primary goal is to make people open your emails, but for that, we need to draw their attention, check the image below for some examples.

Good Open Rate Email Campaigns

Good Open Rate Email Campaigns


One great tip I can give you is to scavenge through your mailbox and see for yourself which subject lines look more enticing to click through.


#3 Secret About Good Open Rate Email Campaigns

Build super relevant email lists. 

In your website, you can and should have several email campaigns. Most of the email marketing automation programs allow you to build and run different campaigns and by using tags, you can switch and even interconnect subscribers from your email lists.

Let’s say you have a website about hardware, on your homepage you can have an opt-in to invite people to subscribe your mailing list where you mainly broadcast your new blog posts and news to their inbox.

But let’s say you write a blog post about a gaming graphics card review, you can then create a different opt-in to invite your readers to a specific email list (not your homepage subscribers) where you will broadcast only emails about gaming gear like graphics cards, high-end monitors and mouses, etc.



Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most efficient monetizing channels out there. 

Every internet marketer out there should have two priorities, the first one is to write good content to attract organic traffic, and the second one is to build a relevant email list.

Remember, once you have your campaigns up and running make sure you apply these 3 little secrets to keep up the good open rate email campaigns.

If you guys want to add something to this post, or just share your thoughts, feel free to drop me a line on the comment section.  

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