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The earn money at home folding or stuffing envelopes goes way back, but, if you ask me, there is not such a thing as free legitimate stuffing envelope jobs. By self-experience, I will tell you why! Along the years many of us have seen the folding envelopes recruiting ads on newspapers, flyers and lately on the internet, the problem is, are those legit? Like in everything we can’t tell 100% sure, might be some “good guys” out there but most of them are pure scams.


Traits of the victims, the ambitious

There is two distinct type of victims and scammers on this scheme. The first type of victim is a naive but ambitious type of fella, probably a college or early university student trying to make some money on the side.

Most of the times this type of victim never had a job, and the money they have is what saved from monthly allowances. This sort of victim will fit on the type of scammer that asks for money on the add itself. Yes, there are some scammers that ask around 50 bucks on the add claiming it’s for an administrative and/or logistic initial fee. People send them the money and wait for the 1st package to arrive, guess what? They just got ripped off and no package will ever arrive.


The ones in need

The second type of victim is usually a person in a bad economic situation. Probably a long-term unemployed or a retired person desperate to get their hands on some fresh money. These fall for the type of scam that promises a very good revenue per stuffed envelopes packs. They only ask for information like name, address, mail or phone number.

These scammers will make themselves important and often don’t even reply to the victims for some time. At this stage they act like they are busy. At some point, they will contact the victim saying they were selected for the job.

Next step is to pay an initial fee for shipment costs and a special envelope folding machine to keep up with a certain daily production. Thing is, they say this in such a natural way, and like if they didn’t even need anyone that people quite often fell for it. Obviously, no one will get nothing but a blow on the monthly budget.

Free Legitimate Stuffing Envelope Jobs scam

Now think with me, this kind of makes sense, like if someone is willing to pay others to fold envelopes, investing in ads promoting “free legitimate stuffing envelope jobs”  for all these years, its because there is a massive market demand and they profit even paying us!

But in another hand, hey i see this add for almost for 30 years now, if this was profitable business im pretty sure some specialized companies would have appeared in the market with gigantic folding machines delivering mass production for those in need. If that didn’t happen, imagine why…

Why are Free Legitimate Stuffing Envelope Jobs a scam?

Because there are illuminated people trying to get rich by ripping others off. Their idea is to lure those in need of money to their shady schemes with promises of high gains for few hours of work. Then, when you least expect, you get cornered and instead of getting better, you end up being ripped off from the last money you have on your “purse”

I never get tired of saying this, be very careful when you find a make money from home opportunity that kask you money upfront. Anyone that runs a legit program or business to make money from home, will never ask you money upfront.

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You will have the opportunity to see and try by yourself if that program suits your expectations. Legitimate programs know a certain % of people stay after the trial, mainly because they believe in the quality of the product they are selling/promoting. All they want from you is you to try out their product.

If you looking to a legitimate way to make money from home, forget the free legitimate stuffing envelope jobs and check out my #1 online job on my  Top 5 Work Home Jobs list, its free to join and gives you a lot of valued products if you decide to stay after the 7 day free trial! Another very important thing is that no payment or credit card information is required. Basically, the way all programs should be.


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6 thoughts on “Free Legitimate Stuffing Envelope Jobs”

  1. Wow. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t come across any of thesee offers before but I am glad you have pointed them out. I will be wary of such suspicious offers. Is there no end to these people looking to scam others? Smh

  2. I enjoyed reading your short article. Good points in there, except for a little confusion. I clicked on through hoping to finally find a LEGITIMATE envelope stuffing job. But then, none. But you’re right, they are scams.

    My usual question is, when finding a work from home job, why would someone looking for a job pay money to his supposed to be employers? That alone spells something’s not right.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Hi Gomer,

      You got it right there if someone sees an add saying JOIN NOW – free legitimate stuffing envelope jobs, if that person applies to that job, that person will be performing working for another, so, she or he should get paid for doing it, not the other way around.

      Quite often people browsing the web searching for a part time income is because they are desperately in need of money, they are the first to fall for these sort of scams.

      Best of luck to you


  3. I agree there simply is no such thing as a free legitimate stuffing envelope job. That scam has been around for ages and preys on desperate people.

    I understand why people need to earn more money. There is no end to it, but they need to think first. The internet is the greatest opportunity most of us will ever have to be financially independent, but stuffing envelopes ain’t going to do it.

    Where can someone learn how to really make money online?

    • Hi Gary,

      You really hit the bull’s eye there! Internet is a great place to earn money, we can’t just believe everything we find, like for example free legitimate stuffing envelope jobs.

      If people really want to succeed online they have to keep in mind that they won’t be earning money overnight! There is work involved, specially at the beginning.

      First step to earn money online is to Understand the Online Make Money Process, a process that worked in the past and will work in the future. The only place that i know of where you can learn all you need to succeed online is wealthy affiliate. Easy follow, step by step training that you can do at your own pace, scam free and a great caring community.



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