Is affiliate marketing a business?

Is affiliate marketing a business? Many of us have heard wonders about affiliate marketing,  some say it’s great, others say it’s a scam, and others may even think it’s a myth! But is affiliate marketing a business as they say? The answer is yes, it’s the most flourishing type of business you can find for the next years to come.

What is marketing about?

Marketing is a set of techniques and methods with the purpose of increasing sales, taking into account four possibilities: price, distribution, communication, and product.

Internet marketing is nothing more than an approach that uses the internet and other digital media as an instrument to achieve its goals.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a person who promotes/discloses products or services and in return is rewarded when its disclosure results in a pre-defined action by an interested person. For the most part, is a sale and the compensation is made in cash.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves more than just advertising and selling products, it also requires developing relationships with people interested in the niche market you work with. Developing this relationship in a professional manner is very important to convert your visitors into buyers.

In Resume: Affiliate marketing is to promote or professionally advertise products or services of a company to which a person is affiliated (seller). In exchange, that person is compensated if a purchase or action is taken by another person (buyer).

This business model was born in the United States at the initiative of Amazon, the largest bookstore in the world. This business strategy went so well that it quickly became one of the best ways to make money on the internet.

There are some reasons why affiliate marketing is booming year after year:

  • Requires low investment to start
  • Is available to anyone
  • You can work part-time or full time, it’s your call.
  • Once you get it going can grant you passive income

Unlike other businesses, affiliate marketing is great for all involved parties.

  1. The marketer helps both the seller and the buyer because he is promoting a product he doesn’t own.
  2. The seller has a free promotion of their products and the only expense he may have is paying a commission to the marketer if he actually sells so it’s a WIN-WIN situation.
  3. The buyer gets often the best deal because he is browsing the web for a specific product and he will stumble into reviews, opinions, and unboxing of the products they are interested in.

Anyone can do it, just need a computer, internet connection and iron will. Remember you will not be making money overnight, but if you want to become an internet marketer, you need, like everything in life, to learn before doing it.

If you want to learn how to become affiliate marketer you can check my #1 recommendation. A place to successfully become an affiliate marketer because you will have at your disposal all the tools, assets, and lessons you will ever need.

No, in order to succeed at affiliate marketing you must have self-discipline, self-motivation, and perseverance.  All this is needed because you will be working for yourself, and setting your own working hours.

Ask yourself the same questions every day,  is affiliate marketing a business for me? Do I want to be an affiliate marketer? How much would I be happy to earn per month?

You won’t succeed unless you take your business seriously, set goals, and push yourself so one day you can earn as you sleep.

Yes, you can and you have two distinct options, learn it all by yourself by surfing the web, reading articles, or buying a magic ebook that will turn you into an internet marketing guru overnight!

Or choose the safe way, scam-free, by joining the wealthy affiliate program.  Learning things like creating your first website, creating relevant content, researching new products, making reviews, marketing campaigns, choosing a niche, and most important of all, monetizing your websites/blogs. All this can be learned in an easy-to-follow step-by-step course given by the best in the business.

Keep in mind that you won’t become an expert internet marketer overnight. Forget about those banners you see on the web claiming you can make $1.000.00 in a couple of days. For an inexperienced marketer, is IMPOSSIBLE!

I have a golden rule that has prevented me from falling for those shady internet schemes. I don’t join any program that doesn’t allow me to try it out for free.

Yes, it is, affiliate marketing industry is raising year after year. According to a recent study, the affiliate marketing space has matured and is driving sales for advertisers of all sizes. US affiliate marketing is expected to rise 10.01% yearly until 2020 to an estimated $6.8 billion industry. That is why is literally possible for anyone to become an internet entrepreneur for the next 5/6 years.

Even with all these facts,  it will be always people wondering if affiliate marketing is a business? Is more than a business, is the 21st-century gold rush.

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